Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik and Dhruv come at Pandit’s place. Pandit opens the door and watches Manik enraged. Pandit asks what he is doing here, Manik and Dhruv don’t answer and run inside, calling Nandini. Pandit says he will call police, Nandini isn’t here. Manik tells him to shut up, shouts Nandini’s name and run into the house. He calls everywhere. When he returns to the lounge, Pandit says he didn’t know he is crazy as well. Manik says he is crazy as well as dangerous and beats Pandit. Padit tells him composed that Nandini isn’t here. Manik was panting badly, worried and saddened. He looks at a basement room locked, then stares at Pandit.
Mukti and Aaliya pull up the car. Harshid was working out, Mukti comes to him ans asks where is Nandini. Harshid asks what is she talking about. Mukti asks him to stop his drama and tell where Nandini is. Aaliya also come inside. Harshid asks what are you people upto. Mukti asks what is he upto, first he saved Manik and Dhruv and now he kidnapped Nandini. Mukti asks how he came to know today was Manik and Nandini’s big day. Harshid is shocked to hear Aaliya and Manik broke up. Aaliya says like I told you, so much has changed. Harshid asks Aaliya if they need his help, Mukti asks him to stay away from them.
Manik looks everywhere in the garage, in the car and all around. Pandit peeks through a corner where Nandini was, Manik holds him with collar and beat him again asking where Nandini is. Dhruv tells Manik to relax. Pandit ji says he wanted to save Nandini from someone like him, but if she isn’t interested in her future why should he do it. Manik tells him to shut up. Pandit ji looks at the wardrobe moving where Nandini was shut. Nandini was getting restless inside in the dark. Manik pants and loses hope. Nandini moves vigorously, Pandit was alert. Manik notices some movement, but Dhruv asks Manik to let go, we have to find her. He takes Manik along.
Cabir and Navya were in the college. Cabir says where is Nandini and they couldn’t even find Pandit. Navya tells him about a baba and a trick, Cabir takes her non serious. Navya asks if he has another idea? He is speechless, she asks for his handkerchief. She ties a knot and prays for Nandini to come back; her name is Navya and Cabir. Cabir asks why she took his name. Navya says they had to take a strange name, and who could be more strange.
Cabir gets the group call of Fab5, they report that Nandini is nowhere. Manik says he is going to Neonika.
Cabir and Navya hear a sound and run for Nandini.
Manik comes to Neonika and asks where is Nandini. Neonika says she doesn’t know. Manik couldn’t control himself and says she knows what she is for him, she should tell him where she is. If a little harm is done to her, he won’t leave her. Neonika says she hasn’t done anything. Manik asks her to do something now, use her contacts or anything. Neonika laughs and says she told him he will come back to her. She asks why should she help him, because he insults her so often or cheated on her on Fusion Concert. Manik says because he will keep her so called respected image and black-mails her for Harshid. Neonika says he doesn’t have any proofs, Manik says Harshid has and he can be easily instigated to open up his mouth. Neonika gets offensive and asks he won’t do any such thing. Manic says he will do anything for Nandini. Neonika says she has to stop Pandit.
Pandit holds Nandini out of the wardrobe. She was badly crying. He makes her drink water, and dries her face up. He opens her up, she resists his touch. He says he has tied her because of Manik, she gotta believe him he must not have tied her had it not been Manik. Pandit gets Neonika’s call but doesn’t take it. She tries to run, he ties her again and asks him to listen to her. He says if she goes out now at night, she will get police. Nandini asks how can he do such thing, it was such a beautiful relation of teacher and student and he was Amb’s student. Pandit ji says this is why he did this, he chose her because he wanted to make her career. Nandni says his intentions had always been wrong, she couldn’t see his reality. Pandit says she was an idiot and now she must pay for it. Pandit’s phone rings again, he goes out to take the call.
Cabir and Navya come to a class to find Rithina there. She says Pandit did this all.
Manik thinks about all his promises to Nandini not to worry. Cabir calls Manik and tells him it is Pandit, he also tied Rithima here in a room.

PRECAP: Neonika informs Pandit that Manik has informed police and he knows Nandini is there with him.

Update Credit to: Sona

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