Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 27th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini hits Manik on breaking the promise and his hand gets pricked. She feels sorry and takes it out and feels as much pain as Manik. She sees the blood on his finger and sucks it up to stop the bleeding. Manik looks at her and says that you won’t be able to keep this angry mode for long.
On the other hand Muktii calls Aliya and confirms that Harshad is here. Construction is going on and one of the workers drops a rod and is about to hit Aliya. Aliya is looking the other way but is saved by Aryaman. He says that I am sorry as I was not able to save your belt and asks if it was expensive. Muktii comes running as she is standing only a little far.
He tells Muktii to calm down and everyone comes running for help. The man comes and apologizes for his mistake and Aryaman forgives him and tells him to continue. Manik thanks him and Cabir says that Arya you have made habbit of saving us. Arya says that maybe he is lucky as he keeps on helping the Fab5.
Out of this Nandini asks Arya of what he is doing here? Arya says that it was written on the college notice board about a classical music workshop in manglore so he is going there. He asks everyone if they are going there as well. Cabir says that tell us if we are here because of the workshop or the workshop because of us. He further says that since the road is broken so let’s just goes and chills over there.
Manik and Cabir arrive at the reception and asks for rooms to stay. After a few seconds the receptionist says that there are only 3 rooms. Manik says that there are the eight of us, however Cabir says that we can share rooms. They decide to stay and the order in which they will share the rooms. However there is no room for Aryaman. He agrees on leaving when Manik stops him and says that we’ll figure something out.
Then they hear Harshad’s voice who says that I can help you out with the room problem. He says that Aryaman you can share the room with me then you are most welcome. Manik stares at Harshad and Harshad says that before you ask me, I’ll tell you of what I am doing here. He says that I am going to Manglore just for the workshop. Manik walks up to him and says that in that Aryaman we do have a room for you. Manik says that this is because Harshad is going back to Mumbai as his name is not on the list.
Harshad says that come on Manik, your name was also not on the list but still you are going so how can you ask me. Aryaman steps in and asks Manik to calm down and says that Harshad is right, I’ll share the room with him. Cabir says to him that you have helped us twice so I’ll give you free friendly advice, sharing something with Harshad is a bad idea. Manik speaks up saying that I’ll share the room with Harshad. Cabir asks Manik if he is serious and Manik replies saying that I need to know what he is up to.
Manik says that I am sure he’ll agree to that, he looks at Harshad and says that why the change of expressions, did you get scared. Harshad says that why would I get scared as I have nothing to hide. Harshad says that in fact I am really very happy that Manik agreed and he’ll soon come to know that I am no harm to you guys. Cabir says that we’ll know about that soon and leaves saying to Manik that take care of Harshad. Aryaman says that its getting hot over here so we should go to our respective rooms.
Manik gives the receptionist his car keys and tells him to drop the luggage in his room which is currently in his car. Nandini is also standing there and asks the receptionist for another bed in her room. Manik uses his finger which was hurt and Nandini holds his hand and says that how much more will you hurt it? Soon the receptionist comes and tells Nandini that she can go to her room and the bed has been arranged.
Later Manik comes upstairs and in the room and an argument between him and Harshad starts over for the bed. Manik says that if someone tells me not to do anything I make sure that I do exactly that. He puts his bag on the bed.
Navya is sitting on the bed and talking about the trip and going with the Fab5. She said that it is a totally different feeling today then to the day she arrived at college. Nandini finds a bandage in her bad and tells Rishab to stay here and she’ll be back. Navya asks of what is wrong and Nandini says that she’ll come and tell her about it.
She walks through the corridor but then stops realizing that Manik is with Harshad. On the other hand Harashad says to Manik that this reminds me of the 5th grade trip. Manik says that after this you got so scared that you hid under the bed after it. Harshad notices something under the bed and puts Manik’s bag on the other bed. Harshad smiles and says that I have better use of beds here. Manik says that who will not know better than him. Manik says that can he not continue the bed topic here .
Manik sees a string and asks Harshad if it’s his, Harshad says that they are his tags strings. Manik asks of where the tags are and Harshad says to stop interrogating him as he has been really nice to him. Manik sees another string and bows to get it but gets a text. He gets back up and Harshad asks if there is anymore interrogation to be done and Manik says that not as long as you behave.

Precap: Nandini is playing the guitar and Manik watches her and smiles, suddenly when smoke appears and she panics.

Update Credit to: Sona

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