Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini is in the bus when she looks at a photo of Manik. She hears a car honk and its Manik with the rest of the guys. She looks away for the while and when turns to look again they are no longer there. Nandini says to herself that you are so stupid that now you are imagining things.
Everyone in the car is annoying Cabir as he finally decided to come. Soon Navya sees a dhaba and wants to stop. Manik also agrees as Nandini’s bus is also going to stop there. They sit on a table and order with Cabir still frustrated over something and Navya trying to convince Muktii and Aliya to eat something.
Nandini soon comes to the place and everyone smiles at them. Nandini comes and says that you are following me and broke the promise. Manik says that we came here first and are going for a musical workshop. All of them agree with Manik and he says that you are accusing me of breaking the promise. He invites Rishab but Nandini takes Rishab away and sits on another table.
The waiter comes and gives Nandini a few things and says that they have been ordered by the man sitting over there (pointing at Manik). Nandini drags Manik away and asks what he is doing. She is about to leave saying that enough is enough when Manik pulls her back and holds her tight. Nandini then steps back and says that I am mad at you as you broke your promise.
Manik says that take this anger excuse to someone else as I know that you need me the same way I do. Nandini murmurs something and says that I am not doing drama. Manik starts to annoy her and she runs away from him. Cabir on the other hand is bringing something for Navya while she comes and asks for what is wrong. Cabir explains of what is wrong with him as he lost his job but then says that don’t tell any of them and I will find a new job.
Muktii asks Aliya about Dhruv and Aliya when she changes the topic. Muktii then sees Harshad but as she shows Aliya he is no longer there. Nandini comes and sits with Rishab and tells him to finish it and then they’ll leave. Manik comes and gives the drink to Nandini saying that you need it to cool you down. He then tells Rishab to sit the others so that he can have fun.
Although Nandini doesn’t allows him to but when she asks for the bill he tells Rishab to leave silently. He tells Nandini to drink and says that the bill has already been played. Manik then goes and sits with everyone and starts playing with Rishab. Cabir mocks him saying use the brother to get to the sister. Nandini comes and asks Rishab to leave and as he pulled by Nandini he drops some salt in her face.
Although he apologizes immediately but Nandini can’t stop sneezing and says that she’ll go alone. Cabir says to Manik this is a war zone. Manik says that the more difficult the challenge the more the fun. Cabir says that let me tell her that when Manik stops her and says that don’t do that even though she may look small, but isn’t.
Nandini continues to sneeze when Manik gives her a handkerchief and she throws it away. He gives her another and she throws it away as well. Manik says that use it as I can use the same method which you used to divert my hiccups. Nandini then asks Manik to go back to Mumbai. He says to her that I would have called but I just can’t afford to…make amps angrier.
Nandini says that why would it make her angrier and Manik says that did I forgot to mention that your amps is carrying these classes. Nanidni can’t believe it and says that I can’t handle more drama in my life. Manik says that there won’t be any drama and I will handle it. Nandini says that you are unbelievable and leaves.

Precap: Manik and Nandini are arguing and she hits him with a stick. Manik gets pricked and Nandini helps to remove it from his hand.

Update Credit to: Sona

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