Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 26th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini asks her why he is telling her to attend Pandit’s class, when he always forbid her to do so. He says yes because, I can’t see losing. She asks who? He says Dhruv. She says what will matter to Dhruv if she is there or not. He says I don’t know, and sits back on stairs. He says Dhruv is his friend, he will be alone if she doesn’t perform and he will think I haven’t allowed you to perform and it will make it more complex. Nandini says she doesn’t understand anything. Manik says she doesn’t understand, she must stop thinking; Dhruv is his friend and will definitely come back. Nandini says he doesn’t talk to them, Manik says did she see he came for Mukti and everyone. Nandini says he came to call her, Manik says he is a bit shy, he was worried about Mukti but didn’t show it there. Nandini says she doesn’t know anything about Dhruv but… Manik stops her from saying anything and says he knows what Dhruv thinks.
Mukti and Aaliya were upto campaign preparations, Navya and Cabir were also there. Mukti asks if the public will support them, Aaliya says they definitely will. Cabir tells then he got a green card to promote their campaign, hugs Mukti and goes to station. Manik gets Cabir’s message and tells Nandini about it. They all as well as Dhruv listen to Cabir’s show. Cabir says that they will no more bear this nonsense, nobody is allowed to judge the girls by the clothes they wear. The campaign is called It’s not us, It’s you. The girls hug each other, Dhruv stands still. Manik says to Nandini that it was a good start, the campaign is on. He forwards his hand, Nandini shakes it.
Cabir comes out of recording room and hopes for momentum from this campaign. He gets Navya’s ten messages as well as calls; they said he must not come home. He says it is his home he will go home.
At night, Manik calls Nandini and tells her he is on her terrace, she must come there soon. She says if chichi ever catches us, they will be in trouble. He asks her to come up and plan something for tomorrow. She says tomorrow is the campaign day, he says its about her singing practice. She says she doesn’t want to do the practice but he says he came up with much problem, come up with the bed sheet.
Navya’s mom was sleeping on couch, she whispers at him to go away but he makes noise and wakes her mother up. He looks at Pandit ji, and is shocked when Navya’s mother calls him as Damad ji (Son In Law). They argue with each other, but her mother hold them with ear and make them sit forcefully. Cabir says he can’t marry her as he is a gay. Pandit ji leaves, Cabir asks Navya to tell her. Her mother asks what does it mean, but Navya says it is better she doesn’t know.
Nandini asks Manik if he came for Dhruv, he says why else would he come. She says right, why else would he come. She feels tonight that her hope will get a victory, as they both are thinking together. He says she said they will perform together in fusion concert, Nandini says she knows he will do anything to perform with her in fusion concert. He smiles, and plays guitar and sings the song. Nandini also sings with him. After the performance, Manik says that was nice, now Pandit won’t throw her out. He says when in class tomorrow, she must imagine him to be there. He will be around as he doesn’t believe that Pandit. Nandini asks him to focus on campaign, Dhruv would be there and nothing will happen.
In the class, Pandit ji says to Nandini that today she won’t let him down in front of her Amb’s that he couldn’t teach her anything. Manik was there outside the door, Dhruv watches him there. Nandini notices Dhruv then sees Manik there. She smiles, he bids her luck. Nandini tells him to go, Pandit ji asks what happened. She says nothing, Pandit ji asks Dhruv to start now. Cabir says to Manik outside the class, that he is smart enough to be able to concentrate on the concert as well as keep an eye on Pandit too.
Nandini doesn’t sing well, nor is she able to synchronize her instrument. Pandit ji stops her, he comes out and asks Manik and Cabir this is the reason of her bad performance. Manik says her way of teaching is too bad. Pandit ji leaves, Nandini comes out. Cabir asks why she sings so bad today, Manik says they had practiced last night so what happened. Nandini says last night he was singing with her, today she was lost. Cabir tries to tease but Manik tells him not now, he leaves with the poster. Nandini says sir hasn’t thrown her out, but he didn’t say something too. Manik asks is it hope.

PRECAP: In the bar, Sooraj says to Mukti that she is shameless that she has come here again, Manik has a fight with him. There is a Britisher who comes to tell media she supports Mukti.

Update Credit to: Sona

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