Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Manik says that you are just making this hard for yourself while Nandini says that this is all very new to him and she doesn’t know how to deals with it. Manik asks her again and again if she had a friend like him before just to taunt her. However Nandini pushes him back and then they hide behind another bookshelf to avoid the librarian. Nandini holds Manik and so does he hugs her.
Muktii says to Abhymanu that boys come and it doesn’t affects her. Abhymanu tells her to remember that and tells her to be happy with herself. Muktii says that she doesn’t advice from an idiot and is about to leave when Abhymanu holds her and says that I am really sorry for hurting you. He kisses her in the head and apologizes again to her. Muktii says that you don’t deserve me, she steps back and walks away. Taking some steps she looks back, wipes her tears but goes on.

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Manik asks to Nandini to what the instruments are for and Nandini explains that she has to get them as she has been ordered by the principle. Manik sits on the table and mocks Nandini on her height. However he asks of what she is going to be doing and Nandini says that she would be busy in the workshop and you will be busy in the album. Manik says that it is tight deadline while Nandini says that you should just shut yourself and you can properly find a way.
Manik explains to where the Fab5 is going and says that it is like your idea. Nandini says that it’s ridiculous as Soha is always up to something. Manik says that he can’t understand to what the problem when Nandini says that you won’t go to Soha’s farm house. Manik says that he is not going with her on a honeymoon all of us are going. Nandini says that go where you want but don’t come running to me when you get in trouble. Manik says that I am not a kid and I am not coming to you anyway and says that we are going to go there and make some music and nothing else. He tells her to have faith and if not than keep imagining the things that can happen.
Soha is packing the guitar when she starts to hallucinate about him. Walking by hears her says that what does she even mean. Soha keeps on talking to Manik saying that I can’t wait to reach there and what do you think I planned this trip and lets a night to remember. Nandini hears this and says that she is sick and I have to warn him otherwise something could happen.
The Fab5 is sitting in the café ready for the road trip when they hear Cabir’s mother shouting for the waiter. Cabir goes and asks her of what she is doing here and she tells him to go and get his sandwich. She than says that are you a waiter as I thought that it’s what you are doing nowadays. She gives him the mail and Cabir says that I got the job of a bartender. His mother scolds him and Cabir says that I told them to send this letter to Manik’s house.
Muktii says that why are acting like this as you were so cool. Manik says that he took this job for you while she can’t understand any of them and keeps on scolding him. Manik explains to what the Fab5 is up to and says that we are going to make history. Manik says that you should be impressed and this doesn’t need and address to check. Manik says that we are not friends we are family and so does Muktii and says that if you need prove we can give one. She announces about the album to everyone standing there. Cabir’s mother soon leaves and while the Fab5 takes a group hug. Nandini standing by was about to say something but she leaves.
Soha is in her room when a woman comes and tells her about the update. Soha starts to talk on the mirror with Manik. Nandini on the other hand is saying that she should not Manik about this as with the Fab5 they don’t anyone. Nandini falls and her dress gets torn when Manik comes and helps her. He asks of how does she manage to do it either getting her clothes burned or torn. Nandini says that what is the big deal for you as you told me once that Muktii and ALiya wearing such clothes. Manik says that it’s no big deal for me but is for you. He stitches her clothes and says that I only came to say bye to you before leaving. Nandini tells him to take care while Manik says that you are the one who needs to take care. He shakes her hand and leaves. Nandini wonders if she should tell Manik about the psycho Soha.

Precap: The Fab5 is leaving when Nandini tries to get in the back trunk. She fails but succeds the second time and Manik notices the trunk open. Dhruv goes and checks and says that I need to adjust the luggage to close it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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