Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Navya and Nandini come out of auditorium. Harshid asks her how is her shoes. Harshid was hearing this. Mukti comes behind him and asks he s still spying. Harshid says he can’t leave his past but he doesn’t want to screw any more. Mukti asks if he is taking philosophy classes. He tells Mukti that he came to check if Navya wore his gifted shoes. Mukti asks Harshid to stay away from Navya as she is pregnant. Harshid says he knows she is going to be the mother of his child.
Navya tells Nandini Harshid also gifted her with chocolates. Nandini says she knows how he is, when Aryaman comes there and tries to talk to them by asking if this handkerchief is their? Nandini says there is nothing in his hand. Aryaman says to learn hindi he is watching movies a lot these days. Navya says he is watching wrong ones then, these ideas have gone old. Navya takes a leave from Nandini. Nandini thanks Aryaman for all he did. Aryaman says thanks god he helped her, because he needs her help now. He asks about Aaliya, Nandini says why? He says she showed him the whole college, he wanted to thanks her. Nandini shows him the way, Aryaman takes the chocolates from her and leaves.
Manik tells everyone Dhruv is going and has reach airport in an hour. Mukti asks where his bags are. Dhruv says his mom is coming to pick him and she has the luggage. Mukti reconfirms he is going for workshop? Dhruv says obviously, where else he would go? Cabir says firstly he didn’t tell them about workshop and now he doesn’t want them to go. Dhruv says there is nothing like that, its just that his mom wanted so. Everyone hugs Dhruv except Aaliya. Dhruv says bye to her, and take care. Aaliya says bye. Dhruv says bye to Manik and leaves. Manic asks will he go this way? Good bye one last time, they all come to a group hug, Cabir calls Aaliya in too.
Navya comes to Nandini, Nandini says he took her chocolate. She tells Navya to stay away from Harshid. Harshid was on stairs and says some people never change, like his friend Nandini who never stays back for advising others. He thanks her for taking care of her. He gives Navya a book on pregnancy. Nandini asks how he got this idea, did he google it to make a pregnant girl happy? She says next is going to be a foot massage. Harshid asks Nandini to stop it, he cares for Navya. He asks Navya to come with her alone, he can’t justify anyone. He takes Navya’s hand but Manik holds it. Harshid leaves Navya’s hand. Manik says so he is actually, seriously back. He takes Harshid, dragging him and asks Navya to follow them. Harshid asks where he is taking. Manik says to court, to register their marriage. Harshid tells Navya weddings don’t happen so easily, first they have to file and application and wait for a month. Manik says he has a lot of excuses, by now Navya should understand what is good for her. Navya tells Harshid to go away. Harshid says one day she will realize that she needs a father of her child. Manik smiles at him and says bye to him.
Nandini says to Navya did she see how Harshid got restless when Manik talked about wedding. She says she saw Manik sided her, she goes to thanks her. Manik says she didn’t do it for her, he can’t just stand her. Nandini says he is like that, he doesn’t like his appreciation. Navya understands, then comes to Manik and says this is what she is going to do for him, leave them alone.
Manik says to Nandini that sometimes her friend gets sensible and knows he wants to be with her. Nandini says it appears he was finding ways to be with her. Mukti tells Cabir and Aaliya that it is funny watching Manik. Aaliya asks is it an effect of side effects of love. Mukti says why side effects. Aaliya says there is a lot of tension between them. Mukti says there is tension between her and Dhruv as well, she could sort them with a little effort. Aaliya stands to leave saying she doesn’t want to discuss about it. Aryaman comes there and asks if he can disturb Fab5. Aaliya says he has come on perfect timings. Aryaman gives her chocolates, Aaliya says these are hers as she has a full box of it. Aryaman gets offensive such chocolates are available abroad. Aaliya says she specially ordered them. Aryaman hurries to take a leave. Cabir says he is a bit weird and came to give chocolates only.
Nandini asks Manik where he is taking her. Manik shouts angrily, that’s it. Manik says she broke his heart. Nandini says I am sorry, what I did. Manik laughs and asks to look at her face. He asks if she trusts him, then why asking, just come along. He asks her to come inside. She enters the auditorium where orchestra was set on stage. Manik goes to take guitar and plays with it. He asks if she remembers they had so many memories, they sang together. Nandini’s mind flashes back with all the times they had performed together. Manik says I think music got us to meet. He says the best part is, when she sings. He says he can see her for hours when she is singing. She smiles. He says he knows today situation is that she has a bad dream, but they should make a hundred good memories for each of the bad memory. He says she has a problem with Veena, don’t touch it. Let’s try a new instrument, he asks to show it to her, comes behind her and places his hands on hers as he plays with her. Both look at each other.
Pandit’s memories flash in Nandini’s mind, she opens her eyes and runs out at once.

PRECAP: Nandini says this all is difficult for him. He says doesn’t matter to him, she can take time to decide. She says she has decided and is going to Goa.

Update Credit to: Sona

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