Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 20th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pandit ji asks the goons to count the money, it is double. The goons assure them it is done. Cabir comes to the goons who say they are ready.
Dhruv reads a note with a new guitar and takes the guitar, wonders who would have given it and goes. Nandini comes and reads the note, she keeps it in her purse, looks at Manik and takes him aside. Manik says what is she doing, she says Neonika is everywhere so she has to be a bit careful. She says to Manik she wants to tell him something, Manik asks really, here? She says not that, he asks what then. She says it is a very sweet gesture, that guitar. He doesn’t get it. She says she can see it in his eyes, he holds her arms and asks what can she see. Nandini says Manik! You need patience. Manik asks patience, for what? Aaliya and Mukti were waiting for their romance to end till now. Mukti says Nandini has changed Manik a lot. She looks at Aaliya and says I am really sorry. Aalya says it is true, they have all changed.
Pandit ji comes to Nandini and asks what she is doing here, she must be focussing on music. Manik says alright, Nandini Pandit is right, you must relax, calm down and be ready for performance as Pandit’s hopes are associated with her. Pandit ji asks Nandini to go and tune her instrument. Nandini goes away. Manik says to Pandit ji that finally it is over.
Navya’s mom takes Sunny’s measurements, he thinks where is Cabir and Navya. He murmurs it is better he runs away. Pandit ji was also there. Sunny runs to washroom, calls Navya and asks her to come home. She asks what is it, Sunny says her mom is planning their true wedding. He asks Navya to come home, else he will tell her everything.
Manik was in the changing room, he gets a call and tells the other person that driver will pick him. Neonika comes and asks why she is having a feeling that he is fooling her. Manik asks what? Neonika asks why he was hiding from her in the changing room, when he was with Nandini in the changing room. Manik asks how she knows he was in changing room. Neonika says she got the reflection of his brogue. She hands it to him. Manik calls her an ACP, this is a good job. She asks why he is befooling her. Manik asks is she afraid of Nandini. Neonika asks him to stop he rubbish. Manik says there are a lot of people wearing brogues designed by her designer, and shows her a box full of brogues. He says this isn’t mine, then tells her that his plan is running perfect, don’t spoil it. He only has one regret, somewhere down the line he is going to make her happy. Neonika leaves saying he must live this regret.
Mukti and Aaliya follow Nandini. Mukti says to Aaliya that they have not much time. Aaliya asks Mukti to scream, she does and tells Nandini there is a spider on your bag. Nandini throws it away. Aaliya picks it and tells Nandini she checked, it isn’t there.
Pandit ji comes to Dhruv and appreciates him. Dhruv says he is thankful for his gift, Pandit ji asks which gift and asks him to tune his new guitar. Dhruv recalls Manik considering him as guitarist. He asks Pandit ji some time.
Mukti and Aaliya text Manik to come out from Nandini’s phone. He was about to leave, Dhruv comes in and hands his guitar back. He says may be this guitar’s string would break on the stage, as he can understand his tricks well. Manik says he knows the most about him, what he thinks and what not. Dhruv tells him to keep his guitar, he is getting late for performance. Manik drags Dhruv back and hugs him. Dhruv let him apart, Manik says this guitar is for him, new him. He is going to do new today, all the best. Manik says he used to understand him without speaking, why not now. Dhruv says he isn’t understanding him inspite of saying, he has told him to stay away from him. Manik says he does, he won’t be near him again. Manik says he never wants him to be a bad person. Dhruv looks at him. Manik says may be getting him back makes him do this again and again, now no more tricks, nothing. If Dhruv is happy without him, he won’t take it back from him. He says all the best to Dhruv and leaves.

PRECAP: Manik was being beaten when Dhruv comes and asks them to stop it, he knows this isn’t real. The goons start beating Dhruv as well. Mukti comes in between to rescue, they throw her away while someone comes to support her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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