Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 18th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 18th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik says to chacha ji that after so many reasons, Nandini must be something other than friend. Chacha ji tells Nandini she can openly smile as it is allowed. Nandni smiles wide. Chacha ji goes to get taxi. Manik stops him and offers to drop them. Chacha ji says he paid the taxi for waiting, now his money will go waste. Manik says alright, he will come out with chacha ji. Rishab goes to take water.
Navya tells Cabir he really wanted to help Manik today. Cabir asks who told her to help him, he assures her that he must be joking. Harshid watched them together, he says wow, Cabir and Navya together. Cabir says it has been long he ran away, a lot has changed exept that Harshid shoud stay away. He stops Navya, Navya says to Harshid he left, not her. Harshid says really, a lot has changed even that Black and while Madhubala.
Manik asks chacha to take extra care about Nandini, chacha says he will his chachi to sleep with her. Dhruv watches them together and hopes Nandini is fine, he heads to go when his head band with the wall and he loses his balance. There Rishab also feels the same, and has an attack. Dhruv thinks whenever he comes to Rishab, he feels like his attacks. Manik bids bye to Nandini, she smiles at him and leaves.
Cabir comes home and asks Navya for money. Navya happily brings him a bowl of bhujiya. She says she wanted to thanks him, she never thought he will support her and her child. She shows him the bulge. He says yes, it can be seen. Cabir asks has she thought what she will do about the baby. Navya says she will bring him up with much love. Cabir says they are just nineteen years old, they are really unsure about their own future. Navya was excited and asks what does he suggest. Cabir seriously says she must give the child for adoption. Navya drops on couch and says how he can say this even, she can’t.
Nandini thinks about how she slapped Manik today. Manik comes out and texts Nandini to come out. She does. They both say sorry together, Manik says for the slap. Nandini asks why is he saying sorry, he slapped her because she was panicking. She says I am really sorry. Manik says it’s ok. Nandini comes to him and holds his face asking if it hurts. Manik says it is awesome. Nandini tells him she doesn’t know what she said today, she is extremely sorry. Manik was about to hold her, then takes his hands away. Manik says he knows she did it all because she wanted to touch him, he has come to know about her naughtiness. Nandini punches him on belly, he says that is interested. Nandini says she doesn’t think she will be able to sing now, or be able to play Veena. Manik tells her that it isn’t easy to throw music away from your life, he is sure tomorrow would be better. He asks her to promise she will think about better only, she does. Manik says alright, meet in college. Nandini nods, Manik asks her to say yes. Nandini says yes. Manik says bye and turns. Nandini turns away and stops. Manik opens the door of car, Nandini turns to look at him. He rushes back to her and opens his arms asking her for a hug. Nandini turns away shutting her eyes, then looks at him who was standing with his arms open. He smiles and was about to give up, then says I understand, good night. Nandini goes to him between his arms and holds him, placing her head on him. She sets apart after a while.
Dhruv promises the doctor to be there in time. He turns to see his mother, smiles and says he got an appointment. His mother asks going so far is important. Dhruv says he has been struggling for years, this is his first hope. His mother asks if he told Manik. Dhruv says he already has so many problems in life, this is what Dhruv has to do alone.
Neonika was at home and plays her video of interview as Manik comes home. Manik says she is being too predictable. Neonika asks if he is still not happy. Manik says she had no option. He asks her not to mess again with him. Neonika says he is right, she shouldn’t bother about Nandini because she already know what their love story head to. Manik asks what? Neonika says one doesn’t get true love at nineteen, his so called love won’t last forever. Manik says he pity her, she has been trying to understand the emotion she never felt. Love is beyond her. Neonika smiles and says wow, he seems to know a lot about love. His actual challeng will begin, Nandini is just an experiment for him and he will soon get the results. Manik says he should tell the result, he says Nandini turned a Monster Neonika created into a Human. Neonika looks at her.

PRECAP: Nandini finds a board of missing you, Manik was smiling besides it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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