Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 18th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 18th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Manik comes towards Nandini, shattered. He asks how he can say that, it is friendship; he says I suffocate him while I have always… He wipes his tears and says this is my mistake, I have no idea what he was saying and I know nothing he is thinking. I should have figured it out, I have lost him. I have lost beautiful thing, the most important thing. I am alone now. He kneels down and cries. Nandini sits beside him and says she is with him, she is his friend. She hugs him, he cries badly and hugs her back as they stand up. She tries to console him, wiping his tears and kisses him on forehead. He hugs her tight again.
Cabir drives Mukti and pulls up the car. He opens her side of door, she resists and jerks his hand. He asks if she is sure. She says yeah and moves a few steps ahead, gets instable and turns back. She asks him to go, he asks her to go ahead he is going. He goes the other way from his car taking his mobile. Mukti calls Rocky and asks him to come there.
Manik lay her head on Nandini’s lap, she tries to cheer him up. Manik says he showed anger on her, he is sorry. She smiles that there is hope, he said sorry for his anger for the first time and that means there is hope. He looks away.
Laughing hard, Mukti and Rocky come to the room. She exclaims that this room is so dirty. Rocky switches the normal light with a red bulb and tries to take advantage of Mukti.
Manik’s phone rings, Manik was asleep. Nandini answers it. It was Cabir who thanks her being with Manik. Cabir asks her to tell Manik that Mukti behaved that way because Abhimanyu is again missing. Manik opens his eyes at Nandini’s disbelief. He asks Nandini to take care of Manik. Cabir thinks now he must ask Aaliya. Manik sits up and says Oh God, Mukti is in love with that Abhimanyu and he keeps on hiding again and again, and what she called the true love, where has that love gone now? Nandini says love is that you want the least pain to be given to you lover, Abhimanyu might not want Mukti to see his death. Mukti will be angry, but she won’t cry and try to move on. Manik says she finds positivity in even every negative thing. Nandini says that there is positivity in every negative thing, we have to find it only. Manik tests about her positivity, he asks what was positive about his and Dhruv’s fight. Nandini was hopeful that may be their friendship gets stronger, he must call him and talk to him. Manik says he doesn’t want to talk to him even. Nandini asks to try. Manik agrees but he says he will call from her phone. Cabir watches his phone ring as he sat on his bed, but does pick it up. Nandini asks Manik to keep trying, and not give up. He dials again. Nandini asks him to try once more, Cabir asks what is it Nandini. Manik was speechless, then he says this is me buddy. Dhruv says he should have understand he will try to talk to him like this. Manik says he must atleast talk to him. Dhruv shouts why he should speak. Manik says he should pour everything, whatever he is angry about should come out. Manik asks him to meet for once. Dhruv says he will sleep really well tonight, what was in his heart came to everyone. Manik asks what about me. Dhruv says he is still being selfish, Manik hangs on. Nandini asks Manik to give Dhruv sometime, he will call him back. Manik hopes so.
The next morning, Mukti wakes up and is shocked to find herself in Rocky’s room. Cabir’s words echo in her mind. The boys outside his room in hostel called upon Mukti what was in Rocky that she didn’t find in them and follow her, teasing. Mukti was irritated badly, and runs inside a room.
In the college, Manik looks for Dhruv thinking where he is. He gets a call, he says he knew that he will call. Dhruv asks him to meet in audi in ten minutes. Manik says sure he will. Nandini comes and asks if Dhruv met him. Manik smiles, takes her to a side. She asks what happened, he was happy and asks does her hope always win, generally. She asks what does it mean. He smiles and takes her along. In the audi, Dhruv was there. Manik takes Nandini to him, he was happy and hugs Dhruv. Dhruv doesn’t hug back. Manik looks discouraged at his face.

PRECAP: Pandit ji introduces Manik to Dhruv as their new partner to Fusion concert, he has replaced Manik Malhotra for the concert.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    U r frnds aare gud u dnt need to shw ur trst now! I think ur frnds nvr noticed wht really u aare

  2. And I trust my frnds nd they trust me….not dat easy….kyy family is not a fool…….u hv seen nthng of our solidarity nd mutual trust

  3. No ammy nt us!
    Ye kafi thi….,,, ur frns bttr den me…..me bettr den u!!!!

  4. And yes I knw my frnds r good…..dats y m 100% committed to Dem……maybe they really ntcd wat m I dats y….

  5. Hmmm i can see that…… for hiding u need othr updates

  6. No baby ur frns nvr noticed wht u r..???

  7. So you wanna join kyy family r wat……u seem to fond of my frnds I see

  8. Yes if ppl lyk ? gio after us…..hidding bttr option day dying…..
    U a gal r boy??and smhw I feel u wid those jerks to harass us all the way

  9. Thn wait thm to ntc……they r not blind

  10. We hv had enough of this fr two mnths…..
    Ppl after our pics lives……everything………u atleast dnt gv fresh troubles

  11. Facing prblm!!! Grt thing
    hiding!!! Losers
    nd if u think i m with them then think
    but i nvr heard their names!

  12. Engh i ws nt here to gv trbls

  13. I dnt want anymore troubles……it had been too much fr us
    I told u in the bgng….no links posted cause we dnnoe %%%…….
    No one frm us knw him….

  14. Ohh yes…..if ppl fllw u up to ur house….say dat he loves you…..u too dnt thnk it trouble
    Gv me the definition of trouble thn
    Evn unknown ppl hv our photo grid
    So wat else is called trouble??

  15. Wat do u thnk….we in less problem…..chck kyy cmnts thn..
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  18. I thnk u went away……
    If u read the cmnts……thn u knw it…..
    R else I dnt hv the energy to explain thngs to u…..
    I ve sm real bad ppl to face wid

  19. And really all dat glitters not gold……we understand it very well….

  20. Strange abhie tak maths sir nhi aya….

  21. Ammy agar tum bolta qi mein nahi bata sakta carron kaun tha,,,…mein force nahi karte! Tum jhuthi kaha na ghussa aate…tum bura nahi pata bt tum way kiddish
    okay sorry ab samjha yake mnts pada ke b baad main
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    Am.aorry i told a lott to u na..;;

    bye will nvr come here
    bt i only tried to help her

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  23. I too dint wanna hurt you r anyone…..our pleasure if u join us….
    We really facng serious problems…..evn my pic is also in der hnds……
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