Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 15th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Madhiam says that why are they so blunt faced but they will not get the jam room even today because it is booked. He does not listen to what Aryaman is saying then suddenly Mukti says that they want him to be their lead singer. He thinks that they are cracking some joke and laughs while making fun of them. Then when he realizes that they are serious he says that the other boys were also begging him tossing with them but he is a one man band and does not like to work with anyone epically with them who hae him and then he asks them to get out. Aryaman says that it is a live performance which wills benefit them and also him but he leaves.
Mukti and Aryaman are thinking tirelessly Aryaman asks her to sit down and they will think of something. He says that he will make a plan but she requests him to not think and let her handle it suddenly Aaliya comes and asks for the verdict. She then goes to get Dhruv and asks some students as to where he is. After finally finding him he says that he wants to be alone so she should go back but she sasy that she came back just for him and wants him to not give up and remain strong.
He receives a call from the manager who says that the sponsors want to hear his song and he has to come the next day to present it so he should go and practice.Aaliya asks him as to who was it but he does not says anything. Then Aaliya says that someone also rejected him he gets confused and asks who was it she then says that it is him who is not listening to her.
Nandhani is smiling then when Mukti says that why she is smiling she says that she does not want Maddy to replace Manik. They all get angry and sasy that when she brought Cabir’s replacement she did it so easily but she has to realize that both of them are as equal to them and cannot be replaced. She says that she will talk to Maddy on last time and leaves.
Nandhani is typing and suddenly sees Manik who s angry she says that she is only finding his replacement because of his friends but he does not say anything and disappears. She gets a call from Aryamann but she tells him to call back because she is in a hurry.
Maddy is listening to his music then suddenly a txt comes and then when he goes to open the door he finds Nandhani standing there. Maddy tells her to go and says that he will not help her or his friends but she does not isten and says that he has to perform and they not only need his voice but himself. Maddy says that he does not hate him but will not do anything. Nandhani sasy that why is he so stubborn and did he never had any friends. Nandhani asks him that and he says that he took an oath because his friends betrayed him. They had to perform and his friends got scared because of his Jd and left he says that they betrayed him and so he had to dis qualify from the torument. He tells him to get lost and also pulls her but she doesnot go and also says that he is double standered. He says that why does she not understand that he wants her to leave. She says that why does he not want to give himself a chance.
He will come tomorrow morning and everyone will be there.

Precap: Nandhani and Aryaman are searching and she finds the bracelet she gave to Manik. she says that why is it so far from the crash site and thinks that someone must have got him.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Seriously yaar y dhruv gets angry so easily now a days! I love old dhruv the shy boy…..

  2. Last part was not lyk this I mean nandu again dreams bout manik standing in front of her and suddenly he again vanished and she says something… sry but I didn’t heard it

    1. @Minnie
      Hey sis..
      I have replied to ur comment in yesterday’s update..
      ..do check it okey…..
      Take care my cutie pie….?☺

      KYY2 rockss

    2. hii di ! ??M fine di….wbu…I didn’t saw u yesterday’s swaragini pg…. U too take care bye for now gtg…. will talk soon…. sweet dreams

    3. Me too well n gud….
      On 14th October written update of both kyy and swaragini…. Please do check it my cutie pie… Bye tc☺☺

    4. Ohk jenny di I see it for sure….u cmg here ??u too take care my shweet sisy

  3. Manik is back. Plz show him soon. Waiting parth.

  4. Missed d epi 2day! Gotta watch it soon! Esp. Maddy…love u so so so much!! Will miss u yuvi…not really but will miss u playin maddy…evry character u played is so intense!! All d love for u yuvi…keep shining in my world…My World’s King! ¥(_)\/[email protected]…. love u lots ♡♥♡♥♡

  5. Guys someone tweeted that richa mam us back coz of parth…. he’s first condition was that only……

    I hope its true for me richa mam’s MaNan are bestttt…..

    Ps: aur bhi bolna hai vo baad me
    Ok thanks bye… tmrw is going to be badd day for….. and I forgot only today is Thursday…. aiyyappa…. jaldi jaldi kyy Friday ko bhi lado….

    1. Hiii sissy!!! That convo u posted!!! Srslyy! It was hilarioussss!!!
      Was missin u so………??
      Acha……now byeee!!! Gtg!! Miss u loadsss!!!! Byeeeeee??
      Ky2S2 rockkzzz

  6. watin to see u manik…. lov u so soooo sooo much manik?

    1. R u manisha bansal from twitter? kaisi yeh yaariyan rocks

  7. Nyc episode!!! But wen will manik come?????? M soooo sooo eager to watch him n myyy MaNan!!!!!!! ????

  8. shifa(shakira)

    i too anu

  9. Waiting for manik….

  10. Aya re aya nandu ka chautha sapna aaya ?????
    Aiyyappa apne hamare sunle manik na sahi uske bhoot se hi kaam chala lenge ??

    Seriously yaar pehle i used to count episodes and now m counting dreams….

    Wow kya din aagaye! ??

    1. Haan na yaarrr!!!! Main roz pray karti hun ki kab manik aayega n writers r lyk!!!!!!!??

  11. Srsly pradi…they r testing our patience!! MaNan dekhe bina kya haal hua hai… Guys abt that promo…i saw maddy seeing manik…it looks so! N yeah…dhruv gets affected too fast!!

    1. What Maddy saw manik in that promo??? O will see it once again then…. but on a serious note if they continue this na then All mananholics will kill them for sure ???

  12. shifa(shakira)

    anu,prads u r’s dp superb

    1. After all it has to be na di its MaNan so it has to be superb ?

  13. Gunnyt lovelies!! MaNan dreams/parth dreams/niti dreams/kyy dreams/CaVya dreams/dhrulya dreams…but yuvi dreams is reserved fr me… Gn…advnce gm

    1. Sure. Bt m in MaNan dreamland.

  14. shifa(shakira)

    hlo plumpyy.kyy2 rockz

  15. Dialogue of the day !
    ?Aryamann: nandini main un ladko mein toh nahi hu na jinko tum bro zoned karte ho ?

    ??We(fans):ha beta ab tumhe jake baat samaj mein aaye!

    ???Taliya taliya ???

  16. ROFL! Awesome pradi!! Bhai-behen!! ArNi!! KarNi!!

    1. I love karni….! they both are just fabb!! ?Wbu?? But now toh they have unfollowed each other ??

  17. It’s a request to telly update team.. can u please give us written update of Big F…. PLEASE.
    Big F is episodic show telecast on MTV only on Sunday.

    I will be very thankful to u. 🙂

    1. U posted on wrong place ! This is not the right place its only for kyy dear…. go on contact us section and request there

  18. When they say SPACE has only one jam room ????

    Then where Nh3 used to practice.. huh
    Bolo bolo……

  19. Gawalo? dil tham k baitho aur apne dil ko sambhal k rakho… kyunki… kyunki… areey pehle neche ka padho toh sai fhir pata chalega na… ????
    Plump were u talking bout this promo ??

    Fab 3 and aryamann and Maddy performed and everyone congratulated them when they heard guitar music and everyone baffled
    Nandu: madhyam kya yeh tumhari trick hai
    Maddy: no man

    Everyone started searching for the person

    Scene parted while manik performing and everyone searching

    Hayyy mujhe toh badi khushi hui dunno bout u all……!!! jaldi jaldi dekho yeh promo guys…!

    1. Even Maine padha yeh!! Mera dil toh second tym padhne k baad bhi nhi thamrha!!! ??

      Prads…….u didn’t reply me above…

  20. shifa(shakira)

    hlo guyz.kyy2 rockz

  21. Hiii prads how are you??? Ky2 rocksss manan uhmmm

    1. Excuse me!!??? I dont kno u OK

  22. Nope pradi!! Its d old one which i saw! So d new promo is out!!! Wenever MTV is on na they wont show d promo at all…m sure i’ll watch d promo on monday… Gosh! Its gonna b super interesting!! But d old promo wala epi is nt yet aired so d latest promo wala epi will b lately aired i guess… But i hope im wrong! Hope the epi is aired soon!

    1. Ya plump even I hope it will air soon yaar otherwise I won’t be able to watch kyy peacefully my exams will start soon ???but do watch it soon huh… manik was looking freaking hot!! He was wearing black…..!!! Just too much hot to handle…!???after watching that promo elephants started playing volleyball in stomach only!

    2. I mean u watch the promo watch

  23. when will they show manik…..waiting for manika nd maddy convo………. btw to all kyy fans…….whom do think is more cute and whom do you like more??? maddy or manik………for me its manik………….

    1. Hayyy saisha… musibat mein daldiya….both are too very much cute, hot, handsome, stunning, freaking awesome!!
      But m toh more parthian than yuvian… so for me its parthuu…!!in both terms character and also real life! Parth’s wink ?goshh Any damm girl will fall for it….. his smirk…. OMG killer…. his jawline…..!! ???In short I like Everything of parth excluding his so called professional relation with doll…. but m OK with it coz now I left pani shipping…..its wrong…. opps galat train mein chale gaye. Hehe….

    2. Srsly……even I’m a Parthian…….I like like yuvi but not more than Parth……..??I just love his Wink and smirk…….its makes me blush!!…….every girl would want a cuttiee Like him??

  24. Both maddy n manik r cute…no doubt! Actually both cn make a gal lose her sanity… But for me its maddy…oops! Character dekhe toh its manik! Actors toh it has to b yuvi…cutiee… Btw guyz if u haven’t seen yuvi’s old pics toh just see humse hai liife episodes or his images…he looks just like a kid!! Cuteee yuviiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!
    Haven’t watched d promo yet…cold is on me n m havin ice cream…lol…i love ice creams!! Nanduuu…how cute that epi ws na…manik didnt kno which flavour nandu likes so he brought all d flavours. Nandu ws licking d ice cream with her fingers n manik just took her finger n licked it…. I miss MaNan too much!! CVs better show manik in reality this week…nai toh humara patience sachii mein khatm ho n

  25. Thnx fr d info pradi… Gosh!! Now even parth has planned to make all d animals play football in my stomach..no no whole body!! Aahh yuvi kum tha yeh bhi aa gaya…fr sometym parth ws absent…now both yuvi n parth hav decided to make me go completely mad evrywhr wid their black shirt!!!

  26. for the first time Maddy talked without attitude when nandu questioned him… plump jaldi jaldi dekho yaar… and srysly plump that ice cream scene was toooo much cute the way he was looking at her and then the bg music….. aarav promise plump my next dp will be of that scene……but m totally in love with my current dp… remember that scene how nandu took that white bed sheet on them and how that kiss was missed……aww that scene…. the way he said na matlab tumhe pata tha its for staff….me.ok ok bas hogaya
    U pakka must be wondering y I am talking too much…u must be thinking I have a lot of free time…. but i have too much incomplete work to complete and in this stupid tension m behaving lyk this ..hehe funny na… ok gtg enjoy in ur yuvi land….. I will go in my parth land….

  27. Prads anu remember me

  28. Are u freaking nuts athuuu how can I ever forget u…. never ever!!! ??U were my first tu frnd cum sis…!! Oh shit looks like m dreaming…. ???u came before also but after u won’t came only….! Did u talk to liya?? She comes on swaragini pg and v toh don’t even Have any source talking to u ?remember our old days… gosh how I wish I could go there once again…. for once at least I want to see our old group back the old happy days back….. I want u guys back athu…anu u remember our group name which liya gave….??I badly want us back…. i want u back yaar i want us back…..i still remember how v used to chat…..gosh seeing us no one could have said that v met few months ago and that too v never met each other in real…. but still…… i so badly wanted to have this talk…. letting out my feelings…….I want that old swaragini were once upon a time v used to chat… never ending talks. …leg pulling….. how v used to make 1000 comments by our silly talks mm.then asking each other did v had lunch dinner…. and I remember that dreadful day when fakers started getting jealous on our trust our frndship…. then how v were torn apart….

    1. I am always active in if.but u are not at all replying my messages.Miss u dear

  29. Well, the October 15th episode clearly showed a potential for Maddy&Nandini love:) Though, I obviously loved Manik&Nandini love (as I watched all 265 episodes:D) I did initially reject Maddy’s entry into the show (singing like Manik? lame!) he actually grew on me and his chemistry with Nandini does have some spark. So does Aryaman’s clear adoration. There is enough in play to make this an interesting watch: because even relationship-triangle track is far better than the evil/vengeful/psychopatic-supporting-character track, which fueled Manik&Nandini for far too long in season 1 (Harshad/Sona/Nyonika/evil-Aryaman). A good relationship drama is what I want. Not that ‘crime/thriller’ crap. And, as much as I mourned Manik’s departure from the show (and also Cabir’s), now I’m in the new mood. I’d actually like to give Maddy a chance. I don’t know what would happen if actual Manik should re-entry the show.. Maybe, in a way, it would be better if he would remained a ghost? Might sound unfair to the character, but might be what is deserved for Parth Samthaan, who did let the producers down. Thoughts?

  30. Yeah srsly pradi…that bedsheet wala scene ws just tooo cute!! N evn i love ur current dp! Hw nandu got navya’s call n manik says “perfect timing” under his breath was soooooo adorable + hasi in bg!! What’s d thing missin?? Nothin!! So lovely n adorable that scene is!! Aww love manan a lot!!!

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