Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ritihima says in police station she doesn’t know what Manik is talking about. Manik asks what happened to her, has she losted? Rithima looks at Pandit, Pandit smiles. Manik says he had called her from Ranchi to speak about them. Rithima says she was called by Pandit ji for attending fusion concert and after the concert she went to hotel. She says Pandit ji is a good teacher as well as a person. Manik goes and holds Rithima, the inspector stops him. The incharge station asks Manik to stop it. Pandit ji tells he doesn’t know what is going on between Manik and Nandini, he doesn’t know where Nandini come into his garage from. He was going to sleep when he heard some voices from garage. The inspector and lawyer informs Pandit that he may leave after some formalities.
Nandini stops Rithima, she tells her that whatever Rithima is doing is wrong. They have to save other girls from same harassment from Pandit ji what he has done to her and to Nandini. Manik also tells Rithima she doesn’t need to get afraid, they are all here. Pandit stood victoriously. Rithima runs out, Manik also leaves behind her but Dhruv stops him that Aaliya and Mukti would talk to her. Manik doesn’t stop. The media asks Pandit that his case has gone upside down, Pandit says this isn’t the first time a celebrity personality has been caught into a case of harassment like this, but nothing could be proven against him. He goes to magistrate inside.
Manik comes to Rithima and asks why she did this. They are letting Pandit have control again. Is she afraid of Pandit’s power and money. Rithima asks will he be able to return her reputation if he snatches her. She shows him the pictures on phone. Rithima cries that she was wrong 2 years ago, she came into what Pandit said to her she believed him and didn’t resist him like Nandini. She cries that she didn’t know Pandit have all these pictures. She tells Manik that Pandit is really powerful, he must let him go. He must be happy he has Nandini, safe and sound. Manik asks what about next target of Pandit, will she be safe. From now on, Pandit will be very courageous doing this. Rithima says they don’t have any proof, there was no one else there. Manik thinks about Aryaman and leaves saying we have.
Cabir comes to his mom, he asks why she started it all again when he thought he needed his mom back. His mom says she misses him and wants him to come back. Cabir says this isn’t the way, she isn’t ready to accept him the way he is. His mom says he himself promised to marry Navya. Cabir says he did this to save Navya and send her mother back so that Navya gets some time. He says this is a fake wedding. His mom says on one side he says he wants to save Navya then he says he is faking it. Navya hears this all. His mom said if he wants that Navya’s child is known to be illegitimate in the world. He knows what is the importance of family in a child’s life. His father was never with them, still his name was there but Navya’s child won’t even get that. Navya calls Cabir that they are getting late.
Cabir and Navya come to station and get to know about the development. The media asks Nandini if she would like to cover her face. Nandini throws the cover away and asks why would she hide her face. Her teacher Pandit asked her to do as he says but when she didn’t, he kidnapped her and this is the truth, she will stand by it. The media says she hasn’t been able to prove her accusations. Navya interferes that about half an hour ago, the media was with Nandini and now they get spice on Pandit’s side so they have changed team. Mukti says they must be ashamed of themselves. The men in power never change. Nandini says she will do anything in her power to punish Pandit Trilok Chirosi.
Neonika asks Harshid why he is back. Harshid says that is a surprise, no hi and hello. Neonika asks him to come to point. Harshid says he missed his family and friends. There isn’t anything important than that. Neonika asks if he wants her to believe this. Harshid says yes. Neonika comes closer to him and whispers in his ears to cut the grab, she knows him well that he won’t get any better. Harshid says he likes it about her, it is hard to tackle her because she knows him so close; it makes him wonder Neonika Malhotra came to meet him herself so what is she afraid of. Neonika says she doenst need to tell him. Harshid says she is right, he knows well that there is a secret that… Neonika says that he will take till his grave. Harshid says everything has it’s price, she has to do a small favour. He wants to get back in SPACE, after that he won’t bother her. Neonika asks how to believe him. Harshid says he has no choice.
Chacha asks Nandini to go back home. The inspector tells Nandini to leave the station. Nandini shouts she won’t go anywhere until Pandit is arrested. She runs behind him, stops him and says what he did to her, he can’t go over like this. Pandit says he didn’t do anything. Nandini says what about this bruises and cuts, Pandit says he didn’t do this. Nandini says she won’t let him go. Pandit jerks her saying if she would stop him. Manik holds Nandini, he says he will not go anywhere now. Pandit asks Manik if he will stop him. Manik says not him, Aryaman Kahnna wills stop him now. Pandit remembers their confrontation.

PRECAP: Aryaman hands the earrings to inspector. Manik says he has a photograph in which Nandini is wearing them. Pandit asks how would they know in dark that in mudfort… the inspector catches him how he knows she was kidnapped from Mudfort?

Update Credit to: Sona

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