Kaisa yeh isq hai ( Avneil fan fiction) Episode 25 , Realisations

      >Episode – 25<

Recap :- Neil investigates about Avni by sending Ali to her house with a hidden spy camera ; Naina sees a picture of Avni at Daksh’s room and gets to know about his evil intentions . Avni keep on trying to ask Neela but she remains silent.

Will Neela keep quiet and hide biggest truth from Avni or she’ll sacrifice her daughter ; Let’s see what’s gonna happen to this thrilling story , After all Daksh is going to come face to face with Avni .

The Episode unrolls at SUKOON GHAR , Inside the temple

NEELA is shown standing in front of Lords Sculpture and had joined her hands together , Her eyes closed .

Avni puts forward her arm over her shoulders , ” Ma! ” She says feebly .

Neela turns back ” I know Avni I’m doing wrong with you as I should not hide this from you ”

Neela ” Avni , Can you see there , There’s lord Ganesha , You know that for him no one is more important than his parents , You remember that story , Ganesha instead of going and revolving around universe , He took seven rounds around his parents , As for him , His parents are his whole universe .

Just like that you also love your mother more than yourself . ”

Neela : Possibilities , That what I’m going to tell you now could be one of the biggest ever truth for you in your life

Avni looks at her with questionable eyes

Neela comes to her and stands in front of her , ” You don’t know where’s your Ma ! , Your Naina Ma ! Right ” ” I want to know what happened with her ? ”

Avni ” Naina Ma ! Did you got to know something about her , Neela Ma ( Looking into her eyes ) Please tell me ”

Neela holds her shoulders ” 15 years ago what happened with her ” ” Is she alive ”

Avni gets chilled ” Why are you asking this ? She’s Alive ! She’s ! I know ! I don’t know anything what all happened 15 years ago , But I can’t leave it in past . All I know is , Granny hated her , And that incident , Fire at my house , My burning home , And I lost her in that night , That I night I lost everything ” 

Neela ” recall everything whatever happened that day , Go back to that night ”

Avni ” No , I can’t dare do that , It gives me terror , But why are you asking all this ”

Neela ” What do you think who’s responsible for everything that happened ! ”

Avni ” Janki Sinha ”

Neela ” No you’re ‘lying”

Avni “Im lying ? ”

Neela ” Your grandmother didn’t did it ”

Avni ” No She’s the only one who did it ”

Neela ” How did you know , You were child , ”

Avni ” That is why ! I’m saying , I remember her coming to our house , Slapping my mom , And threatening her that she’d kill her , She’d kill me ”

Neela ” That day she was unconscious , She’s was grieved for her son , She could see her son dead in front of her eyes ”

Avni ” What do you wanna say then ! Do you know who’s behind this ! ???!! ”

Neela stops and halts there , Avni ” Ma ! ” She loudly spoke ” If you know then please tell me ”


Neil bangs the table hardly ” What the heck is this ! We can’t hear a damn word , Do something ! ”

:- Sir , No noises can’t be heard now , Think they’d gone out of range

Neil turns around to Ali ” Ali thanks a lot you helped us a lot , Now I think you should go ”

Ali ” Neil I know you’re doing something good , You’re doing your duty well ,But for your duty don’t forget that she’s our friend , Remember , You only said that she can’t do anything wrong , She’s kind hearted .”

” Please don’t go against her , I think  she’s in trouble and she needs your help ”

” Don’t think she’s wrong or doing something illegal ”

Neil ” Sorry, But you needn’t tell me what all I require to do , I know my job pretty well ” He says in sarcasm , In serious tone .

Ali ” Certainly , I’ll take your leave now , Hope you’d be successful ”


Avni ” This serenity over your face reflects that you know something , About my mom ”

Neela ” Know to me you’re like my daughter , And I fear to tell it to you ”

Avni ” Believe me ! You can , Without any uncertainty , Hmm ! ”

Neela holds Avni’s hand and took her to her room .

Avni ” Ma !Why had you come here ”

Neela ” Open that drawer ”

Avni slides it back and finds Naina’s frame inside

Neela picks it up ” She’s your real mother , And you’re her daughter , More than me she has right on you , So it’s important for you to know it …”

Neela thinks in her mind ” I can’t hide the truth for long , No I can’t ..If I didn’t did it now , Then it’d be sin , I’d be doing an injustice to her , But what about my daughter , Ria , Should I take her for granted , If I kept it hidden then I’d be keeping a daughter away from her mother ,… But the same is happening to me too ….”

Avni “Ma! You’re again calm , Please now break this monotony and tell what are you …..”

Neela ” she’s alive ! ” She just said in one go , Holding her breath and mustering her powers .

A shiver ran wet up her spine , She got chilled , Her eyes moist , She was trembling , Hands were shaking .

She holds Neela ” Ma !what you said just now , NNaina mmaa is alive ”

Neela could see a heavy astonishment filled with joy in her eyes , She nodded , But a terror still struck her , She didn’t smiled .

Avni spoke ” Naina ma ! Is alive ! You’ve seen her ? Where’s she ? , How is she ? Is she all okay ? ” Thunderstorms of questions began flashing upon Neela .

But she couldn’t say anything.

Avni again utters rapidly ” see ma ! Isn’t it a miracle , I landed from London to Mumbai , I could have gone to any other place but I came here , Here to you , Neela Ma! it was all a gods plan. we should thank god ”

She hugs her tightly ” I awaited to meet my mother since 15 years and today it’s !!! I can believe it !!! My goal is accomplished , Ma ! ”

But Now Neela has to speak something , She can’t keep her in dark for long …

Neela finally spoke softly ” NO … AVNI ……your mission is not yet completed ”

Neela ” Your fight isn’t over yet , You haven’t go triumph , Your mother isn’t with you yet ”

Avni ” Where’s she ? ”

Neela ” In Mumbai ! , At Your grandmothers house ”

Avni ” Ma ! Is  at Sinha’s Mansion ! ”

Neela ” No she’s atCHADHA’S Mansion ”

Avni ” CHADHA’S ??? ”

Neela ” Daksh chadha ”

Avni ” Daakkkshhh….”

Neela ” Your Grandmother’s brother ”

Neela then hurriedly runs and brings that pamphlet , The crushed paper rolled into a ball is split opneded by her , She looks across the little image printed over the wrinkled paper

Neela could see her irresistibly gaping at the image ” Yes ! He’s the one ! ”


NEIL enters in his room , By now it’s dark .

Neil sat down looking like completely lethargic over couch

He took out his phone from his pocket and a voice is heard from it , It’s of Avni’s ‘‘ Ma ! Why don’t you tell me why did those goons came here ’’ , ‘‘ Why are you silent , Ma ! I can clearly see some tension over your face ’’

Then he recalls Ali , “ Neil , I’m damn sure both of them are in some trouble , I found this Knife there , See there’s blood on it ,I’m frightened ”

Neil ” This case is getting more complicated now , It’s getting worse.  Firstly,  we couldn’t point out who’s alia, Now that she’s here , I can’t find out what’s hiding behind her ”

There’s a knock at the door …

Shweta comes in ,,, ” Neil here’s dinner for you ”

Neil ” Sorry I couldn’t come at the table ”

” It’s okay I know that you’re busy with your work ”

” Hmm !!! ”

She comes and sits with him , ” Today I’ll make you eat with my own hands ”

She took a spoonful of rice and puts it into Neil’s mouth .

Neil say softly ” Know mom the whole day I do a lot of work , Meet with many people , At the end I’m completely exhausted but when I see you my fatigue vanishes away ”

Shweta ” Oh Tillu , Don’t make me emotional now , Ha ! ”

She puts another spoon into his mouth .

She thinks for a moment ” Shall I talk to him about it ….I think it’s not a right moment now …..He’s tired ….I’ll talk about it later ”

Neil ” Okay Mom … Now I’m completely lethargic ,,, I’m going to bed , Ha ! ”

Neil gets up and walks towards the bathroom , While Shweta also gets up but her eyes lands upon some pictures of Avni along with a dark file over which ‹ Case NO 1àlià › Was written .

Shweta gets infuriated ,She rushes and rapidly flips over the pages of file , She could see many pictures of Avni and Neil together . Neil holding Avni in his arms , They both fallen over ground , A picture in which is crying . Then in the end she could see Avneil’s childhood picture .

Shweta exclaims with fearing tone ” What’s this ! No this could never happen , I won’t let it happen ever , lf I’ve to take on then first I’ve do something with this girl ”

Opening of door is heard and she hastily keeps the things back to its original place .

And moves out of the room in little distress and infuriation . Prakash standing just behind the door could well understand everything , ” God knows what’s going into her mind , I just hope she does nothing ….I just hope ”

Then he goes away …

Neil comes out and finds out a picture,  which was mistakenly dropped by his mom , Near the table , Their sweet childhood photos .

He rapidly shook down and picked it up , Started rubbing the picture with his palms as the water dripping from his hairs had drenched it .

While he murmurs in low sobby voice to himself ” Since 15 years I’ve being keeping this picture of yours and mine very close to me , Just near my heart . There’s nobody to whom I can tell that ….. That I lov….. I miss….( He took a heavy breathe in he’s weeping ) ”

” I’d pray to god every single day , You won’t believe. .. How fool am I ! Isn’t it ?( He hits himself ) I’m talking to whom ! Why ! I still can’t make myself understand that ….That now you won’t come back . I know .

In no time he got a little wacky , Frantically he folds the picture and puts it back into the file . He cleared the table and bangs the door of  wardrobe with a sound .

With that loud clang he recalls something nauseating [ Ali ‘‘ Neil I don’t understand why just you don’t forget your past and move on , There are millions of girls on this earth , why don’t you forget Avni ! ’’

Shweta ‘‘ It’s been 15 years now , Neil , You ought to forget that girl , It was awww…your awful past . I bet if you didn’t moved on now .. You’ll regret one day you’ll destroy your life ’’

Prakash ‘‘ Neil , You got to work upon yourselves , Think about tomorrow , Yesterday’s gone ”

Shweta “ That fire burnt everything , And with the smoke all those old memories should be blown away ”

It all appeared to him like a terrible thunderstorm , Despite , He stood up , Turned off the lights and dozed off .


Avni ” That means since 15 years she was captured in her own house , She’s the daughter – in – law , And she was there dying ”

Avni ” What did Janki did , Where’s she ! ”

Neela ” She’s no more now ”

Avni ” What ???? ” She exclaims with terror .

Neela ” Your mom is here in Mumbai , She’s Alive ”

Avni turns to Neela looking into her eyes with remorse she says with heavy breathe ” How did you got to know about all this ? ”

Neela took a sigh in of heavy breath ” Because Daksh’s related to me ”

Neela ” Yes Avni , My husband years ago used to be one of his  business partner.  They both were good acquaintance ”

” One night at Pub , Daksh vomited his true image , He told my husband that he’s cheating his own sister for money , Property ”

” He told me about this and I said you shouldn’t work with such a man , But he declined my advice knowing that we need money as we were going to have a child ”

” He said he’d find another job but till then he’d work there ”

” And then ,  After some time ” She stopped .

Avni ” After that ”

Neela , Though for a moment and then finally spoke ” I got miscarriage ”

Avni got terribly shocked

Neela went into past and narrated the scene “ He was going to meet Daksh , Holding a letter of resignation in his hands ” , “ And he saw Daksh Firring his own sister with a gun in his hand ”

“ He was just standing a few steps away watching that happening emerging from big shock ” “ Daksh holding Janki from her hairs tightly ” “ He’s so bad ” She was crying

“ He shouted ‘ How dare you say like that , You know you’re so stupid , You don’t know how hungry am I , Hungry for money , I just people who try to intrude in my plans and I’d kill them ”

Neela was lying she knows , Also very well knowing the reason behind it . She was narrating the story in her own way .

Neelais thinking , She’s standing with her daughter there , Seeing her husband being killed by Daksh .But she sealed her lips there .

Avni ” What has happened Ma ! Please speak ”

Neela “ He spoke that he’d tell police about everything , He’d get him arrested , He’d tell everyone that he’s a criminal , A murder , A materialistic egoistic man ”

Neela “ And that day he did his biggest mistake ever , A blunder , He shouldn’t had gone there , Daksh killed him to , He sealed all those mouths which could come in his way ”

Neela “ I ran away , My husband was shot dead , There were goons chasing me ” “ I left the place , I knew that all by my alone In this cruel world I can’t get justice , I started living in Bangalore ”

“ Began a new life , Tried to forgot everything , But there was a strange thing stuck in my mind , It was that strange sight which a saw at that time , That day , At Daksh’s house , A woman , A locked in a room , in white saree , I couldn’t see her face , But she was screaming aloud , She was being tortured by his men , I didn’t knew who she was ”

Avni couldn’t bear this , She fell down over the floor and squealed ” Daaakshhh ”

“ Maaa !!” “ Why ! ? Did he did it with my mom , What wrong she did with him ”

Neela hold her from her shoulders “ Bacha this is not the time to cry and loose yourself , we both have to be strong and fight ”


Daksh is sitting over the dining table , Rubbing his silver gun with a rag , His man came “ Sir ! ” He said in a feeble voice

Daksh still in his constant movement  turns his face to him “ Hmm” he says

Servant “ Sir we’ve got to know about Alia ”

Suddenly , He stops , All of sudden , He keeps the gun on glass slab with a sound .

He stood up and walks towards that man , The Tick – Took sound of his boots tapping the marble floor could be heard clearly .

He goes to him and gives a tight slap over his face , Smaashhh !!!!

Daksh holds his collars ” If it didn’t came out to be a truth then I’d defiantly kill you ”

Servant “ No sir , It’s not a hoax , It’s a truth , The people you told to find that girl on picture they saw her with their own eyes ”

Daksh roars ” Without any clear clue how can I even believe on you ”

“You’ll have to Mr.Daksh Chadha ” A loud Heavy voice growled , Daksh looks at the door

” Oh ! You ! ” it was Ballu there

” Yes Me ” ” You said Vidyut sir is a loosed he can’t do anything but his planning found Alia ”

Ballu ” We’ve found this girl before you ”

Daksh ” Woa ! I didn’t thought you all would be so efficient , But any how , Now what ! Since you’ve found her before us , What do you want from me ”

Ballu ” That he’ll tell you ”

Ballu hands over to him a mobile phone , Daksh took it from him and place it against his ears

“Bhai sahib , Akhir Machli mill hi gye ” ( At last we’ve found her )

“Bas Abh use jaal me phasana hai “( Now we’ve to catch her )

” Mujhe pata hai ki app yeh karlo ge ” ( I know you can do it )

” Mujhe us ladki to dekhna hai ” ( I want to see her once )

” 12 / 8/ 16 / 9 WO tumhare samne hoge ” ( she’ll be in front of you )

” Aur machki phas jayege ” ( And at the end she’ll be caught

The call ends and that beep sound is heard

“ I’ll take your leave now ”

“ We’ll meet soon , On a party , The party of celebration ”

“ I’ll be waiting for invitation ”


Neela shown holding Avni’s shoulders and then she hugs her .

Avni ” Yes ! Yes ! Neela Ma it’s not time to cry and be sad . I’d to accept the truth and believe in me ”

” The fight isn’t over yet , My goals are yet to achieve ”

“I was lingering by till now , Yelling at lord , Doing everything possible to find my mom ”

“But now when it’s in front of me I won’t back down , I’ll fight ”


Neil Is lying on beg , His eyes are open , Looking at the roof as if some solutions would fall down to his confusions .

His phone rings , Neil woke up and turns on the lamp over the left side .

“ Yes sir ”

( Conversation from the other side is muted )

“ OOk sir I’ll be there on 12 /8/18 ”

“ Yeah at 9 morning ”

“ Don’t worry Sir everything would be totally fine ”

“ Right ! At the Golden great resort ”

“ Good night Sir , Jai hind ”

Scene – ll

Around 12 : Pm , Midnight

The camera revolves around whole , SUKOON GHAR , First a Diya ( earthen lamp ) is shown in front of lord , Then Neela’s room , She’s sleeping , The camera rolls up into Avni’s room .

She’s sweating badly , Her badly terribly shaking , Abruptly he pops up , She’s heavily breathing , Huffing .

She shouts ” Maaaa !!! ” A tremendous dream again to her !

She moves towards the glass to pour some water in , But it falls down with a crack .

She slaps herself like insane ” No no Avni don’t be Stupid , Behave , Behave yourself , I know you’re eager to see your mother , For that we’ve to fight ”

She gets down ,Tie her hair in a bun and walks down ….


Prakash who’s walking by finds out that the lights from his son’s room are still turned on , He becomes anxious and goes to check out what’s the reason

The moment he walks up to the room he could see , Neil holding his head and he’s stumbling here and there , Father hurriedly comes in and holds him

Prakash “ Neil are you okay ”

He’s not answering and murmuring something to himself

Prakash “ Neil are you okay , What’s happened to you , Neil …”

Neil holding prakash’s hand with deep voice says ” She’s calling me , She’s in some trouble , She’s calling me ”

Prakash ” Who’s calling you Neil , There’s no one out there , What’re you saying ? ”

Neil ” Dad ” he gives a weird smile ” Avni ….” He  says very slowly

” She’s calling and I’ve to go , She came into my dream now ”

Prakash loudly ” Neil ” as he fumbling

Prakash “Neil did you took your medicines , Tell me did you ! ”

Neil ” Dad what’ll medicines do to me nothing ”

Prakash ” Sit here , Letme give me your dose ”

He makes him sit and turns.s to drawer to take out medical box ,

Neil ” No She’s calling me I have to go , I’ve to go ” I’ll go ”

Neil gets out and runs away , Leaving Prakash yelling at him , Shweta comes in from other end

Shweta ” Prakash Ji ! What happened , Why were you shouting ” “Where’s Neil ?”

Prakash ” Shweta Ji he’s got some trouble , He was not stable ”

” What’re you saying , I can’t believe , He’s fine ! ”

” Nope , He isn’t , He was behaving just like he used to when we were living in America  years ago ” ” He’s gone mad , He was uttering Avni’s Name ”

Shweta gets shocked and thinks of past [ Flashback – At America , Years ago , Neil a little kid , At hospital physiologist .

Doctor ” He’s little sick ,But needn’t worry , He’ll be fine soon ”

Shweta looks at boy sleeping and still murmuring ” Aavvv””nnnn””Annnii”

Shweta ” But why  does this happens to him ? ”

Doc . : Actually , Sometimes kids get attached to things so much that if they get separated then that could really be a reason for sadness and distress for them

Shweta ” Now !!! ”

Doc.: Don’t worry , just be like a friend to him , Talk to him and make him indulge in other extra curricular activities

Nextly , At home

Neil is playing with his friends , He’s holding a gun , Playing a role of police officer

Neil comes to her ” Mom I’ll become a police officer ”

Shweta ” Yes you’ll become I know ”

Neil ” I’ll  eradicate all violence , I’ll bring peace to society ”

Shweta ” Yes my officer Jai hind ”

Neil salutes

Then he says ” I’ll find out Avni I’ll punish all those who’d try troubling her ”

Shweta gets infuriated – Flashback over )

Prakash runs away behind Neil , By till now he’d sat in car and ran away

Shweta comes down ” Where’s he ? ” She asks in vexation

Prakash ” He’d gone ”

Shweta ” where ? ”

Prakash “don’t  know , Where ”

Shweta now broke apart , Her wrath now could be seen in her red eyes

” 15 years have gone ,But still the situations are same ” 

” I don’t know what the hell , That girl has done to my son , The day we’ve started living alone ,  Her  Name is on his lip”

” He has been suffering from hallucinations , Attacks , He’s destroyed ”

Prakash ” Please Shweta Ji , Take care of yourself ” ” God will obviously do something ”

Shweta ” when ! when ! How much more time Now ! ” ” We’re waiting for that moment since so many years ” ” Don’t you want your child to move on now ” ” Its been 15 years now ” ” Don’t you ? ”

Prakash ” I do want ! ”

Prakash holds Shweta and she hugs him crying ” We’ve to do something , Our  child would die like this ”

” Prakash Ji we’ve to do something ,  We’d to make him forget her , We’d to make sure her name is never comes to his lips ”

” You’ll be my side Na ”

Prakash ” Don’t worry Shweta  Ji ,  We’ll for sure do something , I promise you ”


Avni holding a bottle in her hands sees that sculpture of God Ganesha over the table , And beside that  she saw Aisha’s picture .

She moves towards it …Sat down . She looks at the Lord’s idol …

She recalls [ Ali giving her that ” Neil’s family had a pooja so he told me to distribute this along with praasad ” ]

Avni smiles with a grief in her eyes which could be seen in her tears ” I don’t know if I should be happy or sad , I found my mother today , God , I found her , But ( she fumbles) I still haven’t got her ”

” Don’t worry Ma ! Your girl is alive ” 

She holds Aisha’s frame and hugs it

She kisses it .

[ Background song – Tuning Naamkaran Lori ,,,


Avni ” I’ll very very soon come and will save you . I’ll take vengeance from all those people who did all this to you ”

”Just you’ve to wait for some more time , Your girl is coming , Ha ! , Don’t cry Ma ”

She keeps the picture over the table and rests her head near Lords idol …

[ Background song :- Aa leke chalun tujhko

Ek aise desh mein
Aa leke chalun tujhko
Ek aise desh mein
Milti hain jahan khushiyan
Pariyon ke bhes mein
Milti hain jahan khushiyan ]

[ She recalls her childhood with her mother ]
Then she woke up [ The music ends ) And wipes off all the tears ” I won’t cry now , I’ll fight “
Neil quickly comes to his personal house ( His another house , All the apparatus has been shifted from police station to here by him )
He vigorously turns the door shut , Throws everything , Breaks everything .
“ What’s happened to me ? , Why I’m doing all this ”
“ Why someone’s voice , As if someone’s crying is again and again bouncing in my ears ”
“ Who’s this ? “
“ Why do I’m feeling as if Avni is screaming , And Calling me ? ”
“ She’s dead ! I know then why ! What’re these voices ? ”

He turns to a LCD screen , And could see Avni’s face , She’s crying .

He slowly walks upto and sits down .
He keeps his hand over the screen “ Why do I always feel like I’m sitting next to my Avni whenever i see you ”
From now a parallel would be shown , One dialogue from him and other from her
Avni removes a pendant from her neck and splits open it , On one side there’s Aisha’s picture and on other Neil’s
Avni : Know , After I lost my dad , It was only You and Mom Neil , Who were mine . But now there’s no one I’m alone
Neil : Where have you gone Avni , Can’t you see in what condition I am , Don’t you feel pity on me 
Avni : I remember all those promises Neil which we had made , Then why did you broke them , Why did you left me alone , You could never even guess how much I need you all this time
Neil ” I need Ya ! I’m broken apart , I’m week Avni “
He also takes out a pendant , And splits open it , On one side it was Avni’s picture and other empty , It was heart shaped 
Neil ” Just like this , My heart is empty , Avni , Just for once come to me , Wherever you’re just return back , Please ” 
Avni ” Neil you hated tears in my eyes , Whenever I used to cry you used to say ‘ Avni please don’t cry I’ll solve every problem of yours ‘ “
” Had you forgotten all those promises , I hadn’t ! “
” If you would be here then I’m sure you’d have helped me , We’d have saved Naina Ma ( Aisha ) “
Neil ” I don’t know why today , Why I’m being so nostalgic , I just want you soo much , I want to touch you once “
” Please come for once then you may go , Okay ! You can come into my dreams , I’d be happy , But at least come “
Avni ” I just want you , I need someone to hold me , And I want a warm hug , Someone to wrap me in his arms “
” A chest over which I can keep my head and can say everything “
” I need you Neil , I want to tell you all my pains and my dreams “
” I wan to tell how much I’ve , What I’ve gone through ! “
” You’ll come Na ! “
Neil ” Tell Avni you’ll come Na “
[ Background song :- kaisa suluk zindagi tu kar rahi hai..

mujhe paraya tu mujhse kar rahi
jaise ki akhiri saas chal rahi hai

yaadon se teri lipatke
fariyaad itni kare
yaha wahan hai tu
mujhme rawa hai tu]

And then it’s shown that the wire is not plugged in through which sound could be heard . Only the wire of video is plugged in .

{ Author :- Kaisa suluk Zindagi yeh kar rhi hai , Dono ek duje ke itne kareeb hai , Lakin unke dil ki awaj ek doosre tak nahi pahaunch rhi hai , Kaisa yeh isq , Kaisa yeh dastaan hai ….}


THANK YOU ALL FOR BEARING ME , I think it was a boring episode . Was it ! I’m sorry if it’s. And again sorry for being too late this time . I just hope you’d enjoy reading this one . whatever you feel like please do let me know and if you liked please support . And humble request to silent readers too . Bye , Happy janmastmi . have a nice day . Thanks all again . 

Mini spolier >>>>
Neela finally tells Avni about her mother who’s captured by Daksh . And tells her a false story . Vidyut finds Avni and asks Daksh to catch her as soon as possible . Daksh says that he needn’t worry ,He’ll for sure catch her at the opening party as he’s a chief guest there and he has a brilliant plan for that . There Avni takes pledge to herself that as early as possible she’d save her mother and would take revenge for all that torture done to her . For this she’d not take help from anyone .
Then Avni finally looses and tells her feelings which were locked in her heart that she needs Neil and wants him to help her out .
On the other side , Prakash and Shweta unveils a past truth . After they had shifted to abroad , Neil lost his mental balance because of separation from Avni . He used to had hallucinations . But medical science saved him .
Shweta  asks Prakash to do something so as to make Neil move on in his life .
Shweta has a plan for this and let’s see what’s that !
There Neil becomes nostalgic and seeing Ahiana on screen he cries for Avni .
How will Avni go to that party and have a face off against Daksh . What’s Daksh’s plan to catch Avni .
And what’s that Code – 12 / 8/ 16 / 9 ? How’s Neil related to it . Is it something dreadful .
How will Avni without help of anyone would release Naina ?
Everything is now over that party . There are many things pending for you all , A face off , A twist in story , Thrill , Murder , Many things .
Bye , Keep thinking and enjoying till next one comes –

Please ignore all my mistakes. I’d try to write more nicely next time . Please support . hear the song used above here – https://youtu.be/XFDwMAPesBI


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