Kaisa yeh isq hai ( AVNEIL fan fiction ) 3 Episode

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?Kaisa yeh isq hai?

3- Episode

Recap : Avni finds a place to hide herself , Ragu and Derek on boss’s command takes case back

Avni is sitting with children on Breakfast table .

Neela : Avni , Bacha ( my child ) , What are you thinking , Why aren’t you eating your food .

Avni : Nothing Aunt .

Little girl : Didi are you missing your mom

Avni looks into her eyes , Neela : Tell me what happened with your mom .

Avni stood up from the table and moves to her room .

Neela : Avni , Avni wait dear

Avni goes into her room and shuts the door . She lied along the door and kneels down .

Avni : What should i do Ma ? All asking for you , Where are you Mom ? Should I tell them all that I don’t know where my mom is ! Should I tell them who I am .

Neela dabs the door ” Avni , Avni please open the door , Please , I am really sorry ”

Avni opened the door ” Please don’t be sorry , I just got little emotional , And nothing else ”

Avni : come let’s go down back .

Neela was looking at Avni’s expressions with astonishment ” This girl is really amazing , Never shares her pain with anyone else ”


Kid ( mishti ) : AHIANA di , Please come and Play with us .

Another child ( Mowgli ) : Didi please .

Kids dragged her to their playground .

Then Neela calls her for tea ” AHIANA come let’s have tea ”

Neela : I don’t know I should ask or not , But why after so many years you came back to India from London .

Avni becomes tensed and silently speaks ” Something is lost to find that ”

Neela ” What ? ” replies as what she said was inaudible to her .

Avni : I came here to accomplish my goal , I want to become a singer .

Neela : Good , Nice carrier option . Here in this part of city you’ll not get that much facilities , Just a few kilometers away in main city you can get some options there

Avni : Thanks Aunt , You know easily I can’t get so open with anyone , But with you , I don’t know I think we’re very close to each other .

Neela : haha ! you know I also had a daughter but I lost in an accident

Avni : I also lost my parents , But I think I got my mom in you .

Neela : Thank you Bacha , From now you’ll call me Neela ma ! okay

Avni : Okay my dear Neela Ma !


Dd : Sir still you’re still wasting your time on that case – 123

Neil : I’m not wasting my time it’s duty , I’m trying to figure out something

Dd : But sir , They’ve taken case back , Now we don’t need to do anything

Neil : I know but , Why , Why will they’ll take the case , Their group member ALIA , A great singer is missing .

Dd : Maybe sir , They would don’t want this news to become a great rumor .

Neil : Whatever maybe the reason , I’ll solve this case myself now ( His phone rings )

Neil : Hello

Ragu : Hello sir , We’ve found ALIA now need to find her out thanks bye .

Neil to himself : Something is being hidden here , I shouldn’t distract myself from this case .

Suddenly Neil recalls that he’s to go to market to buy some stuff for his mom .

Dd : Sir , Wait Don’t go now , I’ve ordered some Poha , Please Sir have it and then go .

Neil : Dd it’s not lunch time now

Dd : Sir , It’s onky 3 minutes left for it , And sir , Poha is your favorite isn’t it .

Neil in his mind ” Avni also used to love Poha so much , I remember how she use to eat it and then used to smile and that was the happiest moment ”

Neil : Okay but I can’t wait for so long , Hurry up .


Avni , Mowgli , Mishti and other kids have made a big circle and some secret is being shared among them .

Avni : Fine guys .

Everyone : Yes , Avni didi it’s a brilliant idea .

Avni : Come on let’s go then

Neela comes there ” Hmm what are you whispering ”

Avni : Nothing Neela it’s a secret between me and them

Neela : Oh secret , Okay then I would not ask

Avni : Can I please take your car , We all want to go for shopping nearby

Neela : Okay but don’t go far away okay , But Ahiana do you know how to drive

Avni in her mind ” I’ve just learnt little driving by seeing others and from internet , But once I drove myself for few mitres , I can drive ”
Avni : Yes , Don’t worry we’re just going nearby .

Avni with other children sat in car and the fare took to road .

Mowgli : Ahiana didi , what is mother’s day ?

Mishti : It’s day for mother stupid

Ahiana : It’s not just a day for mom , It’s a day when we have to say thanks to our moms for everything they do for us , And for you , Neela Ma is mom , So we’ll buy gift for her .

Kid: Yes , Neela is just like our mother , She’s great

Avni : Hey , Would you love to have some Poha .

Mishti : Yes , We’ll

They all get down to a adjacent shop .

Avni : Do you know Poha is my favorite dish .

A man standing with her says ” Please pack two plates of Poha ”

Shopkeeper : Why 2 , You always buy one

Man : Today our Neil sir is also there for lunch so

Avni slowly exclaims ” Neil ” , Then she thinks ” No it can’t be my best friend Neil , There are so many people by same name on this earth ”

Man : Our Neil sir loves Poha so much .

Avni gets her package ” come on let’s go now ”


Neil : Dd it’s 15 minutes now , Where’s your Poha man

Dd : Sir , we would be coming

Neil : I’m getting late okay , No I can’t wait anymore now

Neil is little excited , He thinks ” what has happened to me , Why I want to go , It feels like God wants me to meet someone ”


Avni : Friends what have you thought , Any gift for Neela ma

Mowgli : I’m very confused

Mishti : Me too

Avni : what about a ring .

Mishti : A gold right that would be very costly

Avni : Don’t worry, I’ll pay from my first salary , We’ll give her best mother’s day gift ever

They all enters a jewelry store .

Avni : Show us simple and reasonable priced rings please .

Neil entered the same store .

Mowgli sees him ” Superman ” He shouts and runs towards him .

Avni didn’t got to know about his absence till few moments .

Mowgli : Hi, Super man

Neil gets happy to see his little friend ” Hey , Mowgli , How’s you ”

Mowgli : I’m great

Neil : You’re here ,Alone ?

Mowgli : No I’m here with my Ahiana didi .

Neil : Who’s she ?

Mowgli : She’s my friend , Our new friend , She’s come to stay with us .

Neil : Why did you came leaving her like this , It could be dangerous

Mowgli : Sorry Superman .

Neil : Where’s your Didi

Mowgli looks here and there ” I can’t find her , The place is chaotic .

Avni : Mishti where’s Mowgli ?

Mishti : I don’t know , He’s very naughty , Never listens to anyone .

Avni holds Mishti’s hand and walks everywhere ” Oh god now where’s this Mowgli ”

Mowgli points out Avni ” Ahiana didi , There’s she ”

Mowgli leaves Neil’s grip and runs towards her .

Avni : Mowgli , I told you not to leave my hand , where did you go ?

Mowgli : To meet my Superman

Mishti : Di , He loves Superman , He must have seen his posters somewhere .

Avni : Don’t repeat it again okay .

Neil wanders here and there ” Don’t know if he’s in safe place or not ,

Neil : And who’s Ahiana didi , Neela aunty Didn’t told me about that .

Avni points out a little space meant for kids , A little playground .

Avni : Mowgli , Mishti you both please play here , I’ll come in few minutes okay , And don’t go anywhere till I come , With anybody .

Avni enters the store again , Neil was standing there .

Avni : Sir please show me rings .

Neil : Me too , I want to buy a cool ring for my mom .

Man : Sure sir , Mam , Why not .

The man keeps three rings on the shelf .

Avni : Hmm I like …

Neil : This ring .

Avni , Neil chose the same ring and they keep their hand on the same , Avni’s hand on Neil’s .

Neil : Sorry miss but I chose it first

Avni : what first , I decided first that I’ll take this ring only

Neil : If you’ll decide to become my girlfriend than it’s not like you’re

Avni : Oh ! Hello Mr.Whosoever you’re , Why’ll I chose a boy like you , This belongs to me

Neil : I’ll pay double , But it belongs to me now

Their hands were still on each others , Avni : Sir pack it for me please .

Man : Sorry but we’ve one piece only today , But you can wait till evening .

Neil : I’m not at all free

Avni : Okay then forget about it , But only I’ll take it .

Man : Please mam , Sir we’ve other many good options also .

Avni was wearing a long dress at that time , Mistakenly , Her Zip from back wasn’t zipped properly , A part of her inner wear was visible .

A few man standing at her back were laughing .

Neil’s phone rings and to answer the call , He turned to a corner .

Avni turns back and sees few men laughing at her ” What is making you laugh like this ? ”

Avni : Are you laughing at me

Elderly woman ” How shameless girl you’re , See she’s trying to become so Innocent ”

Man : This kind of girls are a bad example for young girls .

Avni : Will you please tell me what’s the matter .

Man : She’s asking us .

Woman : Hey don’t you know every age group of people visits here .

Man : Turn her out of this shop , Or else I’ll tell others not to come here again .

The security guard came ” Madam please get out of here ”

Woman : You’re mom didn’t taught you meanners , Or she was also like this

Avni : Don’t you utter a single world against my mom .

Security guard grasped her bag ” Get out of here , We don’t want our customers to get bad impression of us ”

Avni : Why should I go , What wrong I’ve done , Leave my bag .

Guard was pulling her bad and Neil comes and holds his arm .

Neil : You’ve opened such a big store , But manners aren’t there in you a little bit .

Guard : But sir , Don’t you know what had she done

Neil : So what it could happen with anyone , Even your sister or wife could be at her place , Then also
You would have done the same

Neil keeps his hand on her back and zips it properly .

Neil : We say our India , Mother , But we don’t respect women . Change your mind sets .

Everyone whispers something and dispersed into different corners .

Neil : Listen , Please forget everything that happened now .

Avni’s eyes got watery and she left the place in anger .

Neil : Ohh wait ! Okay at least take your ring along .

Avni sat in car along with kids and drives .

Avni murmurs : This all happened because of that stupid man , Neither he would have argued with me nor all this would have happened , I would have hurriedly bought the ring and came back soon .

Avni : Shit now what about the ring , what will I give her , Oh god .

She reaches back to ‘ Sukoon ghar ‘ , After dropping kids she looks for her pouch which was there in her hand while purchasing ring .

Avni ” Shit , I think I forgot it there only , If someone opened it and got to know who I am , Oh god ”

She hurriedly too the car back to road ” No , Before anything wrong happens I’ll have to get it back ”


Shopkeeper : Sir , That madam forgot her purse

Neil : Don’t worry I’m a police officer , If I’ll find her again I’ll return it to her

Shopkeeper : So sir , Should I pack this ring

Neil : Do one thing , Give this one also along with .

Avni rushed back to the jewelry store .

Avni utters : In that there’s some important cards of mine , Oh god .

She was in great hurry that she was going to bump into some other car , Suddenly the other white big car and her car’s front edge touched each other and little cracking sound could be heard .

Avni : Oh shit Avni , What did you did ? She says to herself .

Good night guys , Hope I didn’t bored and it was a good one , Please if you’re new do watch its video promo . If you liked , It’s humble request put ??and do comment .

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  1. AryanBhattacharya

    Lovely episode di
    Good night and sweet dreams

    1. Kira

      Thanks good morning ??

  2. Nice?? but you are addressing avni as avni sometimes and ahiana sometimes .. !

    1. Kira

      Thanks alot dear for telling my mistake , actually yesterday I was in little upset mood , So I wrote in hurry and there was network problem too which made me irritated , So , I mentioned the reason below .
      Thanks and sorry once again .???

  3. Kira

    Sorry friends , Please forgive me , In first few dialogues of Neela and Avni , Neela addresses Avni as Avni , I did a mistake . Avni hasn’t told her real name to anyone , She’s told her name Ahiana .
    Sorry once again ., Sorry ??

  4. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Awesome episode…just loved the avneil scene…update soon…eagerly waiting ☺

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear , awesome day ahead ???

  5. 8B4756

    Awesome episode di

  6. 8B4756

    Di,in this ff Avni’s name is ahiana and she got it by joining the name of her parents Ahil and Naina and in ur ff ankhon mei teri the name of the lead characters are ahil and naina so I wanted to ask that are these both ff’s connected

    1. Kira

      Yes its part two of that , I’m keeping here that a secret to make a suspense because many didn’t read that

  7. Hasinasoghra

    It’s very nice

    1. Kira

      Thanks dear ??

  8. Jasminerahul

    avni calling neela as neelamaa was lovely.wish she realized that its the same Neil.such cheap ppl who think that avni did it purposefully to her dress.Neil closing her zip was lovely.oh a small accident?

    1. Kira

      Thanks for writing ?

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