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? Kaisa yeh isq hai ?

              2- Episode 

Recap :-  After 15 years Avni comes back from lonfon to Mumbai , Avni’s flees away form trap of ALIAS band . Neil grows suspicious about Alia ( Avni )

The Episode begins with Scene

Avni is walking in woods ” For few days I’ve to stay hiding from everyone , But where’ll I go , I don’t know anything about Mumbai ”

Avni walk a few steps forward and finds out a little hut kind house . Outside it , A few kids were Playing . A  child kicks the ball which comes to Avni .

Kid : Didi ( elder sister ) Please pass me the ball .

Avni picks up the ball and gives it to him ” Baby what are you doing here alone , Where’s your mom and dad ”

Kid : We live here alone , We don’t have mother and father we’re orphans .

Another girl : You’ve also come here to stay with is , You also don’t have parents .

Avni keeps her hands on child’s face ” No baby I have my mom , But don’t know where she is ! ”

A sweet , Melodic voice calls her form behind : Yes , Who are you ?

Avni turns back , She thinks ” If I could stay here then no one could find me ”

Avni : I was looking for some job , And accommodation .

That lady speaks : Hello I am Neela , Welcome you to here

Neela : I’m the owner of this orphanage , Sukoon ghar , We made it little out form main city to ensure safety of children , It’s only me who take care of these children .

Avni : It’s so nice and brave of you mam .

Neela : Come let’s go in and talk .


Neil is sitting on his big black chair and interrogating Ragu and Derek .

Neil : So please tell me that where is Alia

Ragu : What kind of question is this ! you’re a police officer you should find her out

Neil : The information which I’ve got , Says that Alia is the main member of your group ALIAS , right , She’s singing songs with your band since past 15 years , Now suddenly , Instantaneously someone kidnapped her , Or I should say she ran seeking opportunity .

Derek : See Mr.Neil , You can’t talk to us like this , we’ve been telling you that she can’t run on her on , She’s kidnapped , Why don’t you believe us

Neil : Okay she hasn’t ran away , But if she’s kidnapped , Then till now why there’s no call for ransom , No call from kidnapper , Why ?

Ragu : This man is mentality sick , I don’t want to have any conversations with you any more , Just find her .

Derek : Come on Let’s go from here .

Ragu and Derek goes away in rudeness from there .

Dd : Sir don’t you think something is really fishy here

Neil : You’re right , Alia , A great singer from London , Who came India for very first time , Is kidnapped or has herself gone away , What’s the matter ???!!



Neela : You’re not India Indian I think , I saw you speaking Fluent English .

Avni : No I’m Indian by birth by then I went to London , Just came back few days ago .

Neela : You must have missed your homeland very much

Avni : Very much ( Her eyes got watery ) , I missed every single day my mom , Dad , My sweet home .

Neela : I’m so sorry

Avni : It’s okay , Who can go against plans made by god .

Neela : I didn’t asked you Name

Avni : My Name is AHIANA .

Neela : Sweet Name

Avni : It’s combined form my mom NAINA and dad AHIL .

Neela : How sweet , Where’s your mom and dad .

Avni : My dad died in an accident and , Where’s my mom I don’t know

Neela looks into her tensed and feared eyes .

Neela : Okay you’re appointed , You can stay here .

Inside Ragu and Derek’s room….

Ragu holds his head ” What should I do , That silly girl , Where has she gone ”

Derek : Really Yaar ! i don’t know why boss always , Keeps her hidden , Alia , She’s never shown to public , Boss always keeps her trapped

Ragu : God knows , But I doe want myself to get indulge in all this , We’re starts and this police and everything dosen’t suits us .

Derek : Think of the demon and the devil is here , Boss’s phone .( He answers the call )

Derek : Hello , Yes sir , Police is trying it’s best

Man on phone : Shit ! You hadn’t found her yet , What are yoi doing there ?

Ragu : Sir , We’re trying our best but that police man is keep on saying that Alia has fled away and he asked us what could be the reason behind it

Man on phone : Shut up , Seal your mouth , Don’t utter a word .

Ragu : But sir could you please tell us that why are you doing all this , Why ALIA is a secret for whole world .

Man : I think you don’t love your job , Today if you’re a famous celebrity , Only because of me , I think now you don’t love to be that

Derek : Sorry sir , But what could we do , That police officer wants to know each and every details of her

Ragu : He’s very inquisitive , And This ALIA where’s she we don’t know .

Man : I think now this task can’t be completed by you so , Just now do what I I’ll say , Okay .

The Next day …..Morning


Neil claps ” Wow , Wow Mr.Derek now you want to drop this case , Till the previous day you were so anxious about ALIA and now

Ragu : See Mr.Neil Khana , This is our decision not yours and without delaying time please do all the formalities so that we could catch our flight back to London .

As told by their boss Ragu and Derek leaves back for London , They decided to leave some spies back in Mumbai whom will secretly find Alia without seeking help from police .

Precap :- Avni tells her dream , Neil’s and Avni’s clash

Extremly sorry for short update , But next would be out very soon . Please don’t get upset with me , I really need your support .Humble request , If you liked please hit ?? Icon , Madly waiting for your comments . Enjoy your day , Bye …

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  1. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Wonderful episode…loved avni and neela scene…eagerly waiting for next episode…update soon

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dearie , Have a nice day ahead ??

      1. Avneil_adiza_fan

        Hope you also have a nice day too

  2. AryanBhattacharya

    Awesome episode di

    1. Kira

      Thank you arayan ?

  3. It’s very nice but U R continuing Don’t Need You or not

    1. Kira

      No I think I mentioned once that I’ll start new ff , So no I’m not ,,, well thank you so much??

  4. Great episode di,and yeah I want to tell u that I have completed reading ur ff—Don’t need you:a love story and it was awesome.
    — Shia

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot shia , Love you loads dear ??

  5. Beautiful episode.

    1. Kira

      Hey Lucie how’s you ? thanks , Today you didn’t logged in ? . Good night . Thnx

  6. Nice plot. Waiting for next episode ??

    1. Kira

      Thanks next would be out soon , Good day ahead??

  7. Manya0001

    Nice episode…

    1. Kira

      Thank you manya , Nice day ahead ?

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