Kaisa yeh isq hai – 1 Episode

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 ? Kaisa yeh isq hai ?

1st – Episode 


The huge centre is full of passengers . An announcement is being made ” Flight No 123 A India to Australia is going to begin it’s boarding soon , Passengers are requested to reach Gate no.8 quickly ”

A group of five people who were Packed from head to toe with black lather jackets and were wearing a gold chain on which ALIAS was written were walking . Amongst them was a girl whose mouth was covered with scarf , She was hold tight ,  secretly by those men .

In few seconds , A group of people comes to them .

A man out of group shouts ” Hey , See that is famous ALIAS band ”
The crowd reaches to them and asks for Autographs and Selfies .

A woman asks ” Where’s Alia , I’m her biggest fan ”

One of the man out of ALIAS group says ” She’s not with us today unfortunately ” . As the crowd was increasing , That man of group says to other ” Take care , Be alert , No one should know who’s with us , You know why ? ”
” Don’t worry , My eyes are looking in every corner ”

The girl who was being held by those men says ” I need to go to washroom urgently ”

Man form that group ” Shut up can’t you see this large group over here ”
Other man says ” Take her away from before media reaches , Go ”
Man ” Come ” .

The troop of fans surrounds the famous ALIAS BAND , And from behind one man took the girl away towards washroom .

That man’s name is Ragu , He took the girl to washroom . Standing outside , He grasps her hairs harshly ” Listen to me , Don’t try to be smart , This is for the first time we’re taking you out of London , But if , If you tried to do anything then no one would be more dangerous to you than me , Am I clear to you ”

That girl’s sparkling eyes looks into his agony filled eyes , She says to herself ” Whatever you say , Today what I’ve planned , I’ll do it , No you can’t keep me in your trap anymore now ”

The girl silently goes in . After a few minutes , Ragu’s phone rings , He gets a little separated from the door .

Ragu : Don’t worry , Situation is under control , No problem .

Someone on phone says ” You know Na , This girl is a treasure for us , She shouldn’t be lost , This concert is really important for us ”

The girl inside looks herself in the mirror and says ” Mom you were wrong , Best friends don’t come when you need them , In time of need we’ve to help ourselves only , No one will come to save you and today I’ll help myself ”

She opens her scarf , Removes her big goggles , She’s Avni .

Avni : Today I’ve to be free , I’ve to do something , But what should i do , These people will never allow me to go anywhere .

Avni thinks for some moments then ” I don’t know if it would be good or not , But I’ve no other method now ”

She finds a woman with Burqa , Standing just with her .

Avni : I’m very sorry but I’ve no other way , Sorry once again .

After almost 15 minutes , Ragu started growing suspicious . He shouts ” Alia , Come out now ” , But no reply came from inside . A lady walks in and announces that a Lady has faint inside the washroom .

Ragu started searching for Avni every where , But she couldn’t be found anywhere . He goes and breaks the news to his group members .

Ragu : Derek , I’m serious I was right there , And I really don’t know where she got lost .

Derek : I really can’t understand , How irresponsible you can be ? How .

They called security to check and made  the announcements .

Security officer : We’ve seen almost everywhere , But can’t find any person like you told .

Derek : Ragu recall what all happened at that time .

[ Flashback :- Avni took out a little bottle of anesthesia form her bag , Puts it over the lady’s mouth , And exchanges her clothes with her and came out , While Ragu was talking to phone ]

Derek : Where can this girl go like this , Boss will kill us , Sir is the security systems over here so bad

Security officer : Don’t worry sir , We’ve called Police , They’ll surely investigate .

Avni hurriedly moves here and there . Police reached there .

The troop of officers reaches the location.

Derek : Officer I want my group member to be here in few seconds

Officer: Don’t worry where ever she would be we’ll find , But what do you think what would have happened with her

Derek : Maybe someone might have kidnapped her for some rivalry reasons , As you know who we’re . 

Officer : Chill !! Come on boys let’s get to work .

Ragu to himself : she can’t run , Boss will not spare us , She ought to be find .

Avni was running form one corner to other ” Somehow I’ve to get out of here , But now police has also come , So they would have sealed all the gates , Now only one way is there to get out ”

Avni ran fast and suddenly bumps with a man  , But she was in a great hurry that she didn’t saw his complete face .

Avni ” I’m really sorry ” She says and ran away .

The man stopped her ! He was a smart , Well built man in casuals , But he was IPS officer Neil khana .

Neil : who was this ? Why was she running fast like this ?

Neil also runs behind her and yells ” Hey , Stop , Wait ”

Avni didn’t turns back ” Yes !!! ”

Neil : Why are you in such a great hurry ?

Avni : what do you have to do with this ? Mind you own business

Neil : I don’t know in what world you’re living in , Don’t you know a girl is missing form Airport .

Avni stumbles : So ! So what should I do ? It doesn’t means that I’m a culprit or a thief

Neil : But I didn’t said that you’re a thief or culprit

Avni : This must be in your mind I know .

She says and moves away , Neil walks behind her .

Avni to herself : Now why’s this stupid person chasing me like this

Avni stops : Why are you coming behind me ?

Neil : Where are you going ?

Avni : what is your problem Ha ! I told you I’m not a thief or something like that , That you need to chase me

Neil : A person runs away form everyone like this only when he or she is hiding something , Or Is trying to run away form someone or has done a blunder .

Avni : Nope it’s not true always , A person also runs away to save himself or herself form someone who has done something wrong with his or her .

Neil grew suspicious , Avni : I’m going to washroom , You’ll come behind me there too

Neil : No !

Avni goes in and locks herself in one of cabinet .

Avni looks at all four corners ” Yes , From here i can easily go out ” Pointing at a window .

Avni climbs up , And  the opens the window ” Wow the way goes straight to Parking area , Thank god I’m on the ground floor ”

Avni jums out the window and stealthily goes out .

Neil : This girl was really sophisticated , But what has happened why hasn’t she come out by now

Neil : Now it’s getting on my nerves I gotta check once .

He stealthily moves in and finds out the area completely empty , But one of the cabinet was locked from inside .

Neil shakes the handle of door ” Hello is someone inside , Hello ”

Neil bangs the door ” Speak up please ”

No replies came from inside , Neil ” Something is fishy ”

Neil kicks the door hardly and it opens with a jerk . He finds out that no one was in there and the window was open . He quickly rushes outwards where the window opens , He finds out a girl wearing a black colored outfit .

Neil yells ” Hey , Wait ! I said stop ”

Avni runs fast and Neil chased her for few minutes , But she was quite far away form him , She hired a Cab and quickly moved away .

Neil rushes behind the car for sometime .

Neil : I said stop the car , Stop

Avni throws a piece of paper from the cars window and she flew away like a stroke of wind .

Neil comes to a halt ” Shit , I couldn’t catch her ”

Soon another police officer arrives there , He’s Dd , Neil’s junior .

Dd : Sir , Did you caught her

Neil : Bad luck I couldn’t

Dd : Wow Sir , This was first thief whom you couldn’t catch , Wow

Neil : Don’t worry , It was her day today , But next time it would be mine .

Dd : But sir , Don’t you think she was little wacky , I mean why was she running away from a famous band ALIAS band

Neil : That’s correct , She was so close to me , I talked to her , She said that she’s running away to save her form someone , She sounded little stupid like , How bad it’s I couldn’t catch her

Dd : Sir what’s in your hand ?

Neil : I don’t know , She left it

Dd : Let me read it , (He snatched it from his hand )

” Mr .Policeman  I think you’re little obese , You need to take little gym classes , So that Next time when we’ll meet you can catch me ” – Dd reads and laughs .

Dd : Sir ..

Neil stares him ” Shut up , We’re on duty , Don’t talk do your work ”

Neil : Call them

Dd : Sir which gym ?

Neil : dd ( annoyed )  call Ragu


Avni : Okay please drop me here only .

Man : Mam 50 rupees please

Avni thinks ” Oh god I don’t have any money ”

Man : Mam hurry up please I’ve to go

Avni holds her throat ” Aahh I think I’m going to vomit , Oh it’s emergency , Please get me some water , Please ”

Man : OK OK wait I’ll get some water for you .

The person goes away to find some water .

Avni : Sorry once again but I’ve no other option , God please forgive me for this Sin .

Avni ran away from there into the forest area .

While running Avni slips and falls down . She gets up herself and removes the dust from her clothes and sees that her Elbow got injured .

Avni sits down and starts crying , Thinking about how her mom would have nursed her if she could be with her now , And how her dad would have said ” This floor is so bad , It made my daughter injured ”

[ Background music :- Jab Chot Kabhi Mere Lag Jaati Thi
To Aankh Teri Bhi To Bhar Aati Thi
Jab Chot Kabhi Mere Lag Jaati Thi…]

Avni blows out some warm air to that scar and wipes off her tears ” No mom your strong daughter is not crying ”

Avni takes out a piece of white paper from her pocket and looking at it she says ” 15 years , These 15 years how I’ve spend , You don’t know mom , Where I was , How I was , How every single day went of mine ”

Avni taps her face ” No no you don’t have to cry , I’ve made myself strong , Iron hearted and here I’m with a mission , I’ve to accomplish it and no one can stop me form doing that ”

Ragu : Mr .Neil how’s that possible , You couldn’t catch our group member

Derek : It’s not fair , We need our teammate right now , You never know how important is that

Neil : Don’t worry sir , But why would she run like this

Derek : Because …

Ragu : No , She hadn’t ran away , Someone has kidnapped her , I’m sure about

Derek : Ya ! why would she run

Neil : Okay sir , We’ll have to go now we’ll report you soon .

Ragu and his team members Decides to stay at hotel for some time .

Avni’s POV

Avni : Whatsoever happens I’ll never back down from my work , No one can stop me , Not even God .


Neil’s POV

Neil :wherever you try to hide I won’t spare you , I’ll find you very soon , One day you’ll come out of your rathole .

Avni’s POV

Avni : I’ll never come into your trap neither by crook nor by hook .

That’s all for now , Please it’s a humble request to you all estimate my work and tell me how I wrote . Your likes / dislikes and comments always gave me motivation to grow more and more .
As it’s a different styled story from actual serial , I need your help to go further

Apealing again to give your really valuable views . Good night , Sleep well, If you liked put ? , Signing off – Kira …, Would be insanely waiting for comments ..

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  1. Kira i am firstly Nd personally requesting you don’t end the ff soon by getting disappointed nd don’t get depressed when you don’t get the expected likes please.people Nd reader takes time to enjoy or give any opinion about your FF. please give them the time they need, to understand Nd reply for your FF. Humble request from your well wisher.

    1. Kira

      Thanks hiyori , I think you’re right , I’ll take care of it now , Thanks once again ???

  2. AryanBhattacharya

    Awesome episode di.. Lovely…
    Good night and sweet dreams di

    1. Kira

      Thank you dear ??

  3. Very niceand lovely kira. Keep writing and waiting for next FF. Do not quit it amid.. All the best Di..!

    1. Kira

      Hello Mady , You’re new to my ff , Friends ??? , Thanks so Much ???

  4. Lucie

    Beautiful episode. Loved it yaar. Eagerly awaited for next update. Please update as early as possible. And congratulations for ur 1st episode of 3rd ff.

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot Bff??

  5. Ashithaammu

    Awesome epi???just loved it???dont know what happened 15 years back.waiting for next epi.

    1. Kira

      Thanks a lot dear ??

  6. Avneil_adiza_fan

    Amazing episode

    1. Kira

      Thank you dear ??

  7. Hlo Kira It’s very good and BTW I’m reading ur last Ff

    1. Kira

      Thanks dear , But why ??

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