Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 8 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Ragini was in the full for a whole duty..

She was returning next day when she was waiting for vighnesh

Someone pats her back

Ragini smiles widely seeing Swara

Ragini hugs her:swara.. You what a pleasant surprise

Swara:actually i was passing by thought to meet you

Ragini smiles:then let’s go to near by coffee shop.. Isi bahaane thoda bohoth ek dusre ko jaan lenge


At the time vighnesh comes she tells him to go.. She would come by herself

Vighnesh goes

In coffee shop

Swara:tho ghar mein kaun kaun rehta hai

Ragini:me and my husband.. And you..

Swara:even in my house me and my husband

Ragini:oh.. And your husband is…


Ragini smiles:doctor wh….
She gets a call it’s from sanskar

Ragini shocked smile :sanskar

Swara was froze listening his name

Ragini looks at swara :my husband.. Excuse me..

She goes aside

She picks the call

Here sanskar who was in the office:why did you send vighnesh back

Ragini:atleast let me say hello first!

Sanskar:ahh.. Now tell me why did you send him back!

Ragini:arey i am with my friend?


Ragini:krish went home

Sanskar:then adi?

Ragini:no it’s my other friend

Sanskar:hmm.. Go home soon once after you finish your meet.. Take rest

Ragini:aww how sweet?! Abhi tak tho mein aapko methi ka laddu samaj thi thi boondhi ka laddu hai aaj pata chala

Sanskar:ho gaya.. Rakho phone

Ragini teasing:mein kyu aap bhi rakh sakte ho?

Sanskar :woh i was going to disconnect only

Ragini:then why didn’t you disconnect? Hmm let me guess.. U missed me right

Sanskar:..n..no..i..i didn’t

Ragini:chal jhoota

Sanskar:i didn’t missed you

Ragini:oh now i understand

Sanskar gets tensed whenever she says this line she just makes the matter upside down

Ragini:i stay in your heart right.. So that you didn’t miss me.. Hai na..!!

Sanskar smiles nodding his head:jo samajna hai samajlo.. I am going to disconnect the call

Ragini:but still u aren’t..


Ragini:Mr&Mrs Nautanki this sounds perfect

Sanskar :ok bye…

Ragini:still you didnt disconnect.. Kyu pyaar vyaar ka maamla hai kya?


Ragini:hmm.. I know you miss me like u can’t live without me.. Sochlo masakkali bura maan jayegi.. Ideas doon pataa ne ke liye

Sanskar:haan dedo…

Ragini with pride:you would not get such wife who would herself give you idea’s to do such things
Sanskar:yes yes… Where would i get

Ragini:is masakkali still angry with you

Sanskar:haan.. I don’t know how to make up with her

Ragini:then go and praise her that’s enough… Tab masakkali hurr karke udd jayegi… Oh teri… Swara is waiting.. Bye bye bye..

She disconnects the call…

“swara is waiting” rings in his ears

His face turns into anger expression

Here swara was lost in her own thoughts

Ragini:swara sorry…

Swara smiles :no it’s ok.. Your husband is?

Ragini:he is CEO in chennai branch MNC

After some talks both leaves on their ways..

Ragini reach home and makes a coffee for her and drinks

She sees Sanskar’s room

Ragini:even after these many months i haven’t watched Sanskar’s room…

She moves to his room

And tries to open the room it was locked

Ragini:pata nahi kya hai isme.. As he goes locking it always!

Then her eyes falls on the invitation on the table…

She sees it… It was some business function.. Where both sanskar and his wife invited..

Function was the next day

Ragini herself:did he call me to ask for the function.. And silly me took the talks to sky.. Hmm Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari not bad… Ragini select a dress for the party

Ragini goes to room and keep a dress ready for next days function

Ragini then sleeps


Sanskar comes back home and sees Ragini getting ready to go for hospital

Sanskar:u r going?

Ragini:haan it’s night duty right!

Sanskar:till how many days you are having night duty?
He moves to wash basin and removes the watch and washes his face

Ragini:may be 2 months

Sanskar shocked:what?


At the time bell rings

Ragini opens the door and sees Rishi and Tanuja

Ragini:Rishi bhaiyya (???) Tanu babhi…

Rishi:so how’s princess? All happy? And where you are going?

Ragini :hospital bhaiyya.. It’s night duty..

Sanskar comes and smiles

Rishi could see some changes in him.. And he very well knew ragini would change him

After some talks

Ragini goes to the duty

Tanu went to fresh


Sanskar looks at him

Rishi :all’s well?

Sanskar nods

Rishi:how’s married life?

Sanskar:i think we should really avoid this torpic

Rishi:why i want to know!! Because my brother has changed a lot.. He is smiling and talking freely

Sanskar:you have put me in difficult situation bhaiyya.. I still love her..


Rishi slapped him

Sanskar held his cheek and looks at Rishi shocked

Rishi:you are a jerk Sanskar you are!! You are selfish.. What’s there in that girl? Why are you still.. I was happy that finally Sanskar is moving on.. But no.. Now i am really feeling guilty to make Ragini married to you….

He covers his eyes through palm.. He then looks at Sanskar being disgusted :u know what!! Mistake is not the girl who left you.. Mistake is in you.. You are a coward..

Sanskar:you yourself forced me to marry i was never interested…

Rishi:now i am seriously thinking you need a doctor!! U behaved so well infront of Ragini… U need a doctor

Sanskar:Bhaiyya i was happy with my life

Rishi smiles sarcastically :like seriously i should believe this.. Sanskar u have started to smile u have started to talk.. I know it’s because if Ragini

Sanskar:bhaiyya i still feel suffocated in this relation.. I am playing with Ragini’s life when i clearly know there’s no future for this relation

Rishi was burning in anger he was about to say something but nods in no

Rishi:no..it’s useless if i try to put some sense in you.. You would regret sanskar.. There would be one day you will have no one with you.. You will regret for each and every words..
He sees tanuja who has stood there listening them shocked

Rishi moves to her:tanu let’s go..

They leaves from there

Next day

Ragini comes back

She sees sanskar getting ready for function

She waits thinking he would ask her…

He sees her and then leaves from there

Ragini was confused by his behaviour

Later in the evening sanskar comes

Ragini:how was the party?

Sanskar:it was nice

Ragini:i thought to come with you..

Sanskar sternly :why?

Ragini felt sad

But still maintained a smile:woh i saw the invitation.. I thought…

Sanskar :what you thought? (angrily) come on tell me why don’t you just stay with your matters… Why do you interfere in my life…!!

Ragini was shocked:i.. I am sorry.. Your family also invi….

Sanskar angrily :from now don’t interfere in my matters… Actually who you are? Wait let me tell you.. You are just a wife for name sake…

Ragini was shocked she was hurt… Every time every time he just makes her feel low.. She didn’t utter a word she don’t know why.. His last sentence had hurted like someone stabbed her

Sanskar goes from there to his room…

And locks himself angrily

Sanskar:why does she give damn….

He remembered his promise to not to hurt her.. He regretted

He opens the door

Ragini looks at him with tear filled eyes:today i want to know the truth

He moves to her:i am s…

She shows her palm:no tell me.. Didnt you like me? You feel irritated seeing my face.. There should be something right…!! Tell me

She asked him in a calm voice… But her tone mentioned how much she is hurt

Ragini:u can’t tolerate me? Tell me

Sanskar:Ragini i am sor…

Ragini:u don’t need to compromise… U know what i have the best family.. Staying in a compromised relation will not work… My mom dad my brother’s will be my great support…

Sanskar:u are making the situation worse

Ragini:i am making the situation worse… Everytime u do this.. Now i am scared to talk to you! Because yahan pe meri koi value hi nahi hai.. Aap jab chaahe mere oopar gussa nikal sakte ho… Jab chaahe maafi maang sakte ho… Even i am a human… I would get hurt…

Sanskar:u r getting into nerves Ragini.. Don’t make it worse

Ragini :if you are thinking it.. Then i am making the situation worse… I want to know why my husband still not mine…!!

Sanskar:Ragini i am sorry

Ragini:no please this doesn’t suit you tell.. You want me to go away from here

Sanskar angrily:bass… I don’t want to listen anything..you want to know the truth right.. I don’t love you.. I feel suffocated with you… I just can’t tolerate you.. I am stuck with you…

Ragini was blank her vision turned blurr due to tears in her eyes

He goes out by slamming the main door

Ragini cries hard… She falls on her knees and cries..

She sees sanskar’s room…..

To be continued….

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