Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 17 by Aliya

Let’s begin..

Ragini was so confused and frustrated that couldn’t be explained.
Her frustration was normal as when you book tickets and inform your family that you will reach in some hours this day and pack all your things and after coming to the airport you will know that after reaching on time too you are not on time. Such a ridiculous thing you would have faced so far.

And also she felt embarrassed that thinking it’s 8:15 she asked for 8:30 flight and actual it was 9:30

After some minutes.

Picking all her bags she moves out

Sanskar sees her coming out, he smiled victoriously as his plan worked he changed the time of every clocks her alarms each and everything. Why? Only time will tell

He gets down the car and then moves to her:Ragini

She turns:you!!

Sanskar:i thought to wait for sometime thinking you may need something by the way what happened?(acted innocent creatures of creature in the world)

As he don’t know isn’t it?

What she would say to him?would it be a reason to say that her time was at back

Ragini:my flight got delayed!

Sanskar:oh what time?

Ragini:7:45 pm

Sanskar:okay!i think we should leave now.

Ragini gives a quick nod!

Later in the car

Ragini was in the deep thoughts as still it was not clear for her that how could the time change, she needs to check the apartment clock then only she would know about the blunder.

And they reach

Ragini gets down the car and fastly moves to her apartment

And to her shock she finds the time is 8:50

Ragini:what the…

Sanskar enters the apartment behind her

Ragini turns to him:what’s the time?


Ragini:but here time…

She was so confused frustrated annoyed and what not?

Sanskar :i changed it!

Ragini:what? But…

Sanskar moves to her

Ragini:i have to go and brother’s would be waiting at the airport and you..is this the time for the prank.

Sanskar:please just listen to me for just 5 minutes only 5 minutes…

He makes her sit

Ragini :but..

Sanskar kneels in front of her:just 5 minutes!

Ragini just looks at him as she couldn’t deny him for long.

Sanskar:i don’t.. I really don’t know from where to start how to start, as i only deserve your hatred.
He takes a deep breath

Sanskar:but still keeping a small hope alive in me i have collected the courage to speak to you.

Ragini:what you have left to speak?

Sanskar:please(she looks other side when he held her hands) yes i loved swara. When i understood what love is, i got swara. But.. But she ditched me. The 4 year’s love. It was very hard for me to live without her as i had  built a dream with her to live a future but.. Everything scattered in the fraction of seconds. I just started to live my life with the past never tried to live for a present, then how would i able to live for future. I was never wished to marry you. I was convinced by rishi bhaai but still i never wanted to marry you because i knew that i would end up hurting you and spoiling your life.

She looks at him where the tears are battling to fall down from her eyes but still she didn’t blink her eyes.

Sanskar:it happened!! I just continued to hurt you with my talks and behaviours as i never just tried to look at anyone other than myself. I just thought my past and just was on the same place. Never got a chance to think something else then it. But now…. Now would you be able to give me one last chance?

She immediately stood and moves aside.
As she never expected such situations.

Sanskar:you deserve much better better person than me but being a selfish i am wanting to live a life with you. I don’t know whether i love you or not, but to the fact now i don’t love swara anymore because when Swara was in front of me my thoughts were with you.

Ragini in a low tone:our relation have ended!

He closes his eyes in pain

Ragini:it is broken and what’s broken it can never be turned back!

Sanskar:but it can be turned back. Ragini i didn’t knew i would be in this situation where i want to live my life with you.

Ragini was about to move.

Sanskar:and i had told you about my past love before marriage itself and you never asked me about it neither tried to know about it.

She stops.

Sanskar:you never asked me anything about my rude behaviour towards you. You never asked me about my past life you haven’t asked when i already told you, which meant you wanted to give me a chance. You gave Please give me one final chance!

Ragini closes her eyes where hot tears rolls down her cheeks!

Sanskar:i just couldn’t hold what was not in my hands(past) but i want to hold tightly which is slipping from my hands(present)

To be continued..

Small chapters as situation demanded!

Huff…. flashback of swara and sanskar’s coversation would be in next part!!

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