Kaisa yeh ishq hai (Ragsan ff) Pt 11 by Aliya

Let’s begin…

Ragini: bhaiyya
She don’t want them to know about it

Sushant:haan afterall my sister topped in her entrance

Sid:my sister too

They were he weakness, even if there’s any small thing she can’t control herself she just cries in front of them
But now how would she manage?
She was controlling herself not to cry, not to cry infront of her brothers

Sid: what happened?

Sushant smiles at sanskar
Sanskar smiles weakly
Sid goes to her: what happened?
Ragini:woh bhaiyya i am having head ache and cold
Sushant: what? Did you take medicines?after marriage you have become more irresponsible about your health

Ragini immediately hugs him
She cries
Sushant:baba, what happened? Is everything fine?
Sid:arey don’t call her baba she don’t like it. Ragini what happened?
Ragini sniffs
She composes and wipes her tears

And smiles: i missed you both

Sid hugs her: we missed you too

Ragini: come let’s.. Let’s go in

They goes in

Sid looking at the house: wow.. it’s beautiful but not type my Ragini types

Sanskar looks at Ragini

Sid looks at RagSan he felt something weird even Sushant too noticed

Ragini acts as getting call
She excuses herself

Sushant to sanskar:um..Sanskar aap
He couldn’t continue
Sid:is everything ok?

Sanskar looks at them

Sushant:Ragini is childish,if she did any mistake please forgive her
Sid: she never does anything intentionally. She is pampered by all of us.please don’t…

Ragini heard all this she hides behind a pillar

Sanskar was about deny that and tell them the fact that Ragini is matured

Sushant:we came to tell about my wedding is fixed after a month but here

Ragini goes:bhaiyya,your marriage is fixed you didn’t tell me?

Sushant:i came for that only looks like my sister is busy
Sid:and yes,we are going back now as there’s many preparation
Sushant looks at him confused but still manages:so when will you come..? Sanskar and you should come together

Ragini nods

They hugs her
Sid:and sorry for not staying long
And both leaves


Sushant: why we came in urget?
Sid: there’s some problem between them bhaiyya and i think we should not make it hard for them and we will come after a week.
Sushant:i think you are right.

They leaves from there to airport

Here Sanskar: Ragini..
Ragini picks her bag: why I didn’t tell them,its none of your business?And…
Sanskar:but why are you doing this to yourself?why are you hurting yourself

Ragini smiles sarcastically and faces him: wow,i am hurting myself?!look Mr.Sanskar Maheshwari this time is mine,if you think that i will give you divorce, never!

She storms inside her room

He goes to office

Ragini calls krish
Ragini:3 day’s passed , where’s this krish?


Swara places the breakfast on table

Swara sees him doing workout

Kabeer interrupts:no i am not hungry

Swara:but it’s not good to…
Kabeer interrupts: you go and have you breakfast
Swara: kabeer have some….

Kabeer: don’t you understand in simple words
Swara fears

Kabeer: and remove the mask of this goodness and why the hell i am wasting my time on you…

He storms from there

Swara goes to him: kabeer i told you Sanskar is my past, i don’t know where is he now

Kabeer:oh come on swara whom you are fooling now?so tell me something do you still love him?

Swara: why are you orbing this matter it’s been 4 and half years that i met him

Kabeer determined:if he returns would you go to him?

Swara was silent and tears rolls down her cheeks

Kabeer in loud tone:i am asking you something Swara,would you go back to him and destroy his wife’s life?

Swara shivers in fear: why are you asking this..

Kabeer smiles sarcastically: prevention swara prevention

Swara: when you don’t trust me i don’t need to justify myself!

He goes from there

Next day

After the duty Ragini enters the home and sees Sanskar making the coffee

She was about to go to the room
When sanskar: Ragini

She looks at him
He points to the coffee which is in table

She moves to the table

And picks the cup
Sanskar smiles a bit

Ragini:you don’t need to do this for me,i prefer to do my work myself

She keeps back the cup and goes

He felt bad
Sanskar remembered,even he did the same!

Sanskar moves to office

She comes out and sees his room wasn’t locked and was half closed

She was about to move when her phone rings
She sees the caller ID SWARA

To be continued…

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