kaisa yeh ishq hai..piansh ff (TEASER)

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Hello lovely people i am back with another ff on our beloved piansh..day by day these two are making me more and more obsessed about them..can’t stop myself from thinking about them..okay now enough of my bak bak..let’s start the story


scene 1:

A lady is doing aarti..later the whole family is shown laughing and pulling leg of a young man.

scene 2:

A young man is carrying a girl in his arms,gently placing her on bed and consumating thier marriage.

scene 3:Dead bodies are lying on floor and a lady is standing there with a smirk on her face.

scene 4:

Same lady is doing some tantra and puja..the coloured water in glass bottles started boiling,winds started to blow and that lady is shown laughing evily.

22 years later

scene 1:

An old man is shouting on his wife and servants..a young man is witnessing all this from upstairs with tears in his eyes.

scene 2:

A pair of old eyes are watching a girl who is talking with her friends from a pillar..the girl felt someone’s gaze on her..she turned back and started moving towards the pillar..there she is shocked to see that person.


Now the questions are:

1.who is that family?

2.who is that lady?

3.who is that young man?

4.who is that girl?

5.whose eyes are they?

keep guessing guys till i come back with first epi..how was the teaser??let me know in the comment section..don’t forget to give ur precious likes,dislikes and comments…will soon come back with an os and first epi of kismat konnection?till than tata?‍♀️take care?



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  1. I like this story
    Seems very interesting
    Love pia and ansh
    Take care and keep smiling
    Waiting for the next episode

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