Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 9th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 9th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 9th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji telling Simran that Rajveer is unwell but he will be fine seeing you. Tau ji asks the doctor where did they Simran from. The doctor says as Simran told him to say. Tau j asks many questions. Simran asks him why are you asking so many questions. Tau ji says I don’t like lies. He says I request you not to lie to me. Simran is tensed. She says ask me what you want to ask. Tau ji says I want to ask are you the real Simran. Simran says do you have any doubt. Tau ji says yes, when I came here, Didi and Himmat said they saw you in our house and the doctor said you became conscious yesterday. He says either you or Didi is lying.

He says can you make me sure that you are our Simran whom I brought home. Simran

says yes. She says I m the same Simran whom you called to talk before my marriage, whose food you liked when I made food for the first time, the same whom Didi made walk on the burning coal. Tau ji is shocked. Simran says I m infornt of you proving myself. Tau ji and Hoshiyar smile. He says enough, now I m sure that you are my bahu Simran.

He blesses her. He requests Khanna to allow him to take Simran with him. Khanna agrees. Tau ji says I m anxious to kick out Didi from the house. Everyone are waiting for Simran in the house. They are shocked to see Simran. Everyone smile. Chanchal hugs her. Simran greets everyone and Dadi acts as if she is seeing her for the first time. Dadi says your Daddu passed away. Tau ji brings Didi out and asks her to go out of the house.

Didi says you are kicking me out for Simran. Tau ji says yes, I can bear you now. She throws Didi out of the house and says don’t show your face again. Didi gets angry and says fine, I will go from her forever but send my son and bahu with me. Everyone are shocked. She says bring Rajveer and come with me. Tau ji says they won’t go anywhere. Didi says they will, no one can stop me. Tau ji says don’t forget that Rajveer has grown up and can take his decisions on his own, he will decide where he will stay.

Didi says I agree with this. She says you know that Rajveer is not in a state to think about himself. She says he can’t take his decision, he needs to be with me, I m his mum. Chanchal starts crying and says I request you not to make me away from my son. Hoshiyar says Rajveer needs us more. Didi says I don’t want him to think about you all. She says I will give him new memories and also my bahu Simran is with me. Tai ji says please agree, where will you take Rajveer. Didi says if you all don’t care about me, then why about my son.

jaggi tells Simran if Didi takes you with her, she will make your life hell. Simran says I can stay anyway but how can Chanchal live without Rajveer. Chanchal says I won’t let Rajveer go. Didi says they will go with me. Dadi says stop it, I don’t accept any decision. Dadi says Didi won’t go anywhere. She says she is my daughter. She says forgive Didi and requests Tau ji to allow her inside the house abd forget everything. She says today is the happy day for us as Simran came back, then why are you spoiling the happiness.

Didi acts saying I love my brother a lot, she emotionally blackmails Tau ji. Tau ji says I want we all to live united and happy, ok you can also stay here with love and peace. Didi says I will stay as you want, forgive my mistakes. Didi looks at Simran and smiles.

Dadi is cooking in the kitchen. jaggi comes to her and asks what are you cooking. Dadi jokes. jaggi says why did you support Didi. Dadi says I have saved Simran. She says we have to gain her confidence inorder to fool her. jaggi smiles. He says great. Dadi says pray that we succeed. She says its necessary to support Simran as Simran and Didi are living under same roof. Dadi says Simran has full right on Rajveer and Didi can take her right away. Simran comes to Rajveer. Kaisa ye Ishq hai………. song plays……..

Simran says did you remember me, I m your wife whom you loved a lot. Simran says look at me, this is the dress which I wore on Patphere rasam, remember it. She cries and tries to make him recollect it. Rajveer gets pain in his head and it makes Simran happy. He looks at her. She says yes Rajveer, tell me what you remember. Didi comes and says move away, he does not need you. Simran says I want to make him well. Didi says even I wish the same but we don’t need you. She asks Simran to stay away from Rajveer.

jaggi tells Simran that Didi is coming. She is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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