Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Didi coming to Laali and Simran. She asks whats going on. Simran asks how did you come here. Didi scolds them for uniting and gossiping. Simran says what do you mean. Didi says I know to read faces. Her face says Laali is not good. Simran says you are doubting on her without reason. Didi says why did she come back after so many years and how can she be so sweet towards us, as we did not bring her here before, there is something in her mind. Laali says I m not hiding anything, but sweets. Didi says don’t try to fool me, I can read your face. Laali says no, I thought I will win everyone’s heart when I come here, I came here after much difficulty, I don’t want to lose anyone again.

She says don’t doubt on me, but bless me. Simran says you should not doubt on Laali. Didi scolds Laali and says I can see your eyes and tell what you are, Simran can come in your talk, but I can’t be fooled, you are away from Himmat all these years, tell me your truth. Laali cries and runs. Simran says what did you do, you made her cry, let her be happy. Didi says she is a drama queen, she is bitter from inside, be away from her. Simran defends Laali. She says you are a woman, do you want to show you care for me, by showing her down. Didi says no. Simran says I know you well, Laali is so good, she had no complains against us, so I will not here any work against her. Didi leaves.

Himmat makes his room ready for Laali. He dreams of his suhaagraat with her. Jaggi and Gabru come to him and say we will help you. Himmat is happy and says I love her a lot. Gabru teases him. Himmat says I did not understand. Gabru says you have to perform well in first night, and win over wife, else she will control you always. They wish him all the best and leaves. Rajveer comes to Simran and asks why is she worried. He says I will tell later, what happened to you.

He says Kuldeep’s dad came to threaten Tau ji asking you to take the FIR back. She says Tau ji always supports truth, its Kuldeep’s mistake, he will not agree. Rajveer says this can get worse. He says I supported you, lets end this now. She says now, he will get bail, I have to get him punished. They argue. Laali hears them.

Rajveer leaves annoyed. Simran tells everything to Laali and asks her is she right or wrong. Laali slaps her and says you are wrong. Simran is shocked. Its Laali’s imagination. Laali says I don’t know all this, I know that you can’t make any mistake. Simran says enough, don’t praise me, tell me why you came here. Laali brings bangles for Simran. Simran likes it. Rajveer sees Gabru and Jaggi. They talk about Himmat. They think how to help Himmat. Gabru says we have experiences this. Himmat is nervous. Simran comes and asks Himmat to go inside.

Himmat comes to Laali and is tensed seeing her confidence. He says I have waited for this night, lets not waste time, hug me. He hugs her. She thinks of Kuldeep and pushes him down the bed. He asks her why did she do this. She says I thought you are a man. He acts heroic and says come. She says no, you sleep and I will show you the jalwa. He says fine, show me then. She ties him to the bed. Himmat asks her what is she doing. She says when I get married, I will do this, I saw this in films. He says come on start now.

She hurts him and fools Himmat. She says I have to do a Jaap else everything will go wrong. She says else you will die. Himmat is scared and says I don’t believe this, hug me fast. Laali fools him and comes to meet Kuldeep in the police station. She tells him everything how Tau ji aimed a gun on her dad and came to take her. She says she had to go to Himmat. She says she will not cheat him and loves him. She says I will ruin all of them. Kuldeep says its my hearing tomorrow, Simran should not reach the court to give her statement. She says yes, leave it on me. He asks how will you stop her. She says she is pregnant, anything can happen with her and smiles.

Laali puts oil on the stairs. Simran falls. Laali smiles.

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