Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th June 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer talking to Tau ji. He says he wants to talk about his marriage. Tau ji asks the women to go in. Rajveer says you said marriage is a big thing, and it shapes the future, so the life partner should support always. Daddu jokes. Rajveer says Tau ji the thing is.. and someone shouts. Someone comes to meet Tau ji for some important work. Baldev calls him inside. The man says to save him, else everything will be ruined. Tau ji asks him what happened. He says some guy has taken away his daughter saying he will marry her. He says the girl went with her will. The man says he could not stop the guy, and no one is listening to him. Tau ji says did the guy come to your house, or your daughter went to his house. The man says no, my daughter went to city and that guy also studied there, and they both fell in love. Tau ji gets angry on him.

Rajveer says the one who studies does not do anything wrong, they can differentiate whats good and whats bad. Tau ji praises Rajveer and says he went abroad and he still has the family values. Daddu says he did not see his to be wife too. Tau ji says our Rajveer will never do such thing by which the family has to bow down. Tau ji tells the man that is the guy’s family also supporting them. Tau ji asks Baldev to bring the guy infront of him.
He says he will also come there in some time. Rajveer could not talk, Daddu thinks about him.
Jaggi says you could not talk, Rajveer says how can I say, Jaggi says tell after few days. Rajveer says now we cannot talk on this matter, I have to marry the girl which Tau ji has chosen.

Jaggi says do you fear of Tau ji. He says no. Jaggi says leave it, you run away, and I will take care of everything. Rajveer says I would have not come back if I was to run. Wherever I go, I cannot live without my family. Rajveer says things can worsen with my talk. Tau ji has hold up himself after Bharat hurted him, if I do the same thing, Tau ji will break, and the family will also break. I cannot make my life without them, how can I be happy. What will I say to myself, and my kids, when they ask about their grandparents. Jaggi says what about Simran. Rajveer says some shayari, if he gets a chance, he will meet her and apologize.

Scene shifts to Simran:

Simran is standing outside the house, and missing her mother. She says if you were there, I would not have felt so bad. You know dad can do anything for my happiness, if you were there, we both needed you today. You would make us believe that what we are doing is right. I promise to you mum, that I will not ask anything more, dad should be successful.

Scene shifts to Khanna:

Khanna is going to Rajveer’s house, and he is on the way. Khanna says to himself that he has to think before talking to Rajveer’s family. He plans what he will say to them. He hears a bullet’s voice. He thinks the tyre has burst. Khanna is shocked to see that few people are catching a guy. Baldev comes there and the guy sees him and gets shocked. The guy tries to run but the goons catch him and beat him badly. Khanna sees everything, and is tensed. Baldev aims at the guy with the gun.

Baldev takes the guy with him. Khanna is not able to see him dying, he asks did he die, the driver says no, they took him with them. Khanna is worried seeing them. He asks what did the guy do, he comes to know that he was going to marry a girl. He says he wants to meet Sanghwaan family. He comes to know that Baldev is part of the family. He says he has come from Singapore to meet Rajveer. The guy gives him the directions to go to their house.

Scene shifts to Tau ji’s house:

Jhumri scolds a maid, Tai ji argues with her. Jhumri acts smart, saying she wear ironed clothes. Tai ji asks her to work in the kitchen. Dadi scolds Jhumri, that they are fighting infront of the maid. Dadi says do you know about Ram Charan’s son, Tau ji went to decide on them, this is happening because of education. Rajveer’s mum says even Rajveer is educated and he is not like this. Jhumri says Rajveer also got the same values which Bharat got, but he forgot it. Tai ji argues with Jhumri regarding Bharat. Dadi says its good that Rajveer did not follow Bharat’s footsteps. Rajveer listens all this.

Tau ji asks the villagers to keep a eye on one couple, and to burn them if they do anything. Khanna tells Simran to forget Rajveer, and he will not let her marry to Rajveer and go to his family. Jaggi tells Rajveer that he will talk to Tau ji, Rajveer slaps Jaggi and stops him. Rajveer’s father hears everything and asks Jaggi to tell in detail.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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