Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 6th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji scolding Himmat saying I won’t belive you. He takes the gun. Daddu asks him to cool down. Himmat acts innocent and does not accept his mistake. Tau ji is angry. Himmat says I was working on the fields, but maybe someone trapped me in this matter. Himmat says come on, shoot me today. Everyone are shocked. Tai ji supports Himmat saying he won’t lie to me, trust him. Tau ji says he can fool you, not me. I know him very well, I will kill him today. Tau ji aims at Himmat. Simran stops Tau ji. Everyone look at her guts and are shocked. Simran says you are the head, you should talk like elders, we learn from you, if you do like this, what will we learn. Rajveer stops Simran saying no one dared to speak infront of Tau

ji. Simran says I respect Tau ji as you all, but I want Tau ji to know that he should listen to Himmat once. She says you always thought about values, she says I m not taking Himmat’s side, but you cannot punish Himmat by shooting him. How can you punish him without knowing the truth.

She says we should know the complete truth from people who bought the land. She apologizes to him if he felt bad. jhumri smiles. Chanchal faints as Simran spoke infront of Tau ji. Didi gets angry. Tau ji keeps the gun. Didi says stop this, you should be quiet, go from here. Didi says we will decide, you leave. Simran cries and leaves. Didi asks Tau ji did you listen to her. Didi taunts Tau ji for bringing Simran home. Didi asks Himmat to find out who sold the land. Tau ji says what are you saying, he is the theif, what will he do. Didi says he will try to prove himself. Tau ji says we cannot trust him. Didi takes Himmat’s side. Himmat gets a chance to prove himself innocent. Didi says are you ready for the challenge. Himmat says yes. He says Simran was right, we can find about the land by its buyers. Didi says ok, thats good enough. Tau ji agrees. Tau ji asks Baldev to bring those people infront of him. Baldev says I will bring them soon and leaves. Himmat is upto his evil plan of framing Rajveer. Didi asks the women to work and make food.

The women discuss about the land. Rano says Simran took Himmat’s side. jhumri says Simran spoke well. Chanchal thinks why she said like this. jhumri says we can learn from Simran. Tai ji hears this and gets angry on jhumri. jhumri is shocked seeing her. Tai ji taunts jhumri for being childless. jhumri is hurt. Daddu and Dadi are also discussing about the land. Daddu says Himmat is lying. Dadi says how can you say. Daddu says I know it. Dadi says I feel Himmat is not lying. They keep a bet on Himmat. Daddu says I wish your trust wins.

Tau ji is calling Baldev bring restless. Hoshiyar says he will call you himself, you take care till then. Tau ji says this gun won’t rest today, I will need it today, the buyers will come and name Himmat. Tau ji says I know Himmat as no one knows him. When the buyers name him, then no one can save him from me. Baldev says he got the buyers. Tau ji says bring him infront of me soon. Rajveer explains Simran not to speak infront of anyone. She thinks who might cheat Tau ji. Rajveer says are you nuts, you are not listening to me. Didi comes and hears them. Rajveer and Simran are shocked. He says I was explaining Simran. Didi scolds Simran and asks about her qualifications. Simran says I did not study. Didi says tell me, why are you hiding. Simran says I m saying the truth. Didi says I know how to read faces and I can see your degree on your face. You spoke to your Tau ji like this.

Rajveer tries to save Simran. Didi asks Simran what she was saying. Simran says she did even see a school. Didi asks who said you all this. Simran says my dad taught me all this. Didi says stop it, forget everything what your dad taught you, else I will throw you out of this house.

Tau ji asks the man who sold the land. The man points to Rajveer. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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