Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 5th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 5th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 5th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi doing emotional blackmail to Tau ji and others. She says I know there is Chanchal’s right on Rajveer more than me, but how should I kill my motherly love. She cries. Tau ji consoles her and asks her not to cry thinking about the past. Hoshiyar says we all need you Didi. She says you don’t worry, I will take care of myself. Chanchal also supports her seeing her crying. Didi fools everyone with her tears. Chanchal says you can’t be away from Rajveer. She asks Tau ji not to keep Didi away from Rajveer. Didi gets happy.

Chanchal says Rajveer is lucky to get two mum’s love. She requests Tau ji to allow Didi to meet Rajveer. Tau ji agrees and everyone are happy. He says if Chanchal wants this, who am I

to stop you, go and meet your son. Didi thanks Chanchal for giving her a new life. She says I will always remember this and blesses Chanchal. Didi goes to meet Rajveer and comes to him happily.

She talks to Rajveer and asks how are you feeling now. She brings fruits for him and makes him eat by her hands. She smiles. Dadi and jaggi talk about her. He says Didi used to love me thinking I m her son. He says I always felt she is forcing her right on me. Dadi says a heart should have love to show love which she does not have, she does not love Rajveer but is having a right on him, she is playing a new game now.

jaggi goes to meet Simran and Khanna. Simran is upset and says i m feeling lost. jaggi gives her courage and hope. He says we will have some way out. Simran says what way. Khanna says how is Rajveer now. jaggi says he is not good, Didi is after him now, she is taking care of him. Simran says why, how did Tau ji agree. Didi comes to Himmat and he is scared. Didi says I came to ask you about your welfare. He says I came to know you are not well. Himmat says yes, I m afraid of the ghosts. Didi laughs and he asks why are you laughing.

Didi says you are a fool, did you not understand. He asks what. She says think where is Simran’s ghost now, why is she not after us now. She says ask why. Himmat asks why. Didi says Simran is alive. She tells him that when she hit her, the blood came out. Himmat says then why is she not coming back and telling everyone that you have killed Daddu. Didi says because she needs proof, thats why she wants me to accept my sin. Himmat says lets go and catch her.

Didi says now she won’t be after us, why should we go after her. She will come to us. Didi says I will love Rajveer and make him forget everyone. Didi says now I will win by every way. She says Simran lost to me. Khanna says Didi is strange, when Tau ji asked her not to go to Rajveer, she did not cry but now. Simran says I understood everything. Khanna asks why. Simran says she saw the blood on my head and she knows that I m alive, not a ghost. Khanna says now she won’t be afraid, and will not accept her sin. Simran says yes, I have to go in that house back.

Khanna says how, what will you do, what will you tell everyone where were you all these months. Simran says dad, I have to lie to them again for going to Rajveer. Didi is taking care of Rajveer. Hoshiyar and Tau ji are having a talk about the property. Chanchal brings tea for Didi. Chanchal feels sad seeing Rajveer as she could not take care of him now. Daddu’s phone rings and Didi sees its Simran’s call. Didi laughs.

Didi asks Chanchal to take care of Rajveer and Chanchal gets happy. Didi says I will be back. Didi goes and picks Simran’s call and talks to her. Didi taunts her and says come on, make me afraid now. Simran says I m coming back in that house very soon. Didi is shocked. Didi says how can you come, what will you say when you come here. Simran says yes, I have thought of it, I will take Rajveer away from you when I come there. Didi scolds her and says you can’t do this. Simran ends the call. Didi thinks Simran might really come, she thinks what to do.

Hoshiyar gets a call and he is shocked to know about Simran. Didi looks at him. Hoshiyar smiles and tells everyone that Simran is alive. Everyone are shocked and happy. Tau ji says Simran is alive? Didi says it means she is playing some game now, have to know about it. Didi asks Hoshiyar who called and what did he say. Didi says then where was she all these months, why did she not come back. Hoshiyar says a doctor called and he said she was in coma from three months. He says she was injured when they got her admitted and now she is fine. Didi thinks great Simran, you have lied again, have to praise your mind.

Didi stops Baldev and says its not good if Simran comes back, she is cheating all of us. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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