Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer seeing Simran infront of him. Kaisa ye ishq hai.. song.. plays..
Rajveer tells himself what happened, Simran looks everywhere. Simran says the problem is you don’t like ladies touch. Simran comes to him, and he stares at her. She says touch and see, you will find out the truth. She gives her hand, and he is shocked to believe that she is really here. Jaggi is shocked too. Rajveer smiles. He leaves her hand, and says Madamji, you here. Simran smiles.

Scene shifts to Tau ji:

Tau ji is angry on someone, Daddu thinks about Himmat. Tau ji is making some plans for the village. He asks Daddu about it. Daddu thinks its good he did not talk with Tau ji, but its not good taht they are not talking about Himmat. Daddu says he was thinking something and he wants to talk about Himmat. Tau ji says see, the talk should be in limits, else you know me, and
I won’t change my values.

The girl’s brothers come to Tau ji, he is happy to see them. They greet Daddu, and he blesses them. Tau ji says how come you have come here suddenly, without saying anything on phone. Tau ji asks for water for them. Tau ji tells the women to take care of them. They say they have come to take the ring size. Tau ji asks for Rajveer, and calls him. The brothers discuss. Rajveer’s sister comes and says Rajveer is not at home. Tau ji calls Baldev, and asks him where he is. He asks him to bring Rajveer, as his in laws guys have come.

Scene shifts to Rajveer:

Rajveer is angry on Dimpy as she knows everything and even then she brought Simran here. Simran tells Dimpy does so because I told her. Jaggi sees someone coming towards them, and Rajveer hides with Simran and Dimpy. Rajveer tells Simran do you know what you are doing. She says I m decreasing the distance between us. She says this place is good, I can adjust here. He says if Tau ji comes to know about us, he will kill us. She says we will marry. He says are you joking, Simran says our love will turn out to be a joke if you does not understand our love. She says I have come from a thousand miles, for you, and do you not see love in my eyes, which I see in your eyes.

She says the tongue can lie, but not eyes. She says lets drink wine again, so that the tongue also speak the truth. He says it looks you have taken an oath. She says yes. He says, this cannot happen. She says, even my dad is coming to talk about our marriage. Rajveer is shocked, knowing Khanna uncle is coming. Simran says the whole office staff was coming to meet you.

Baldev is asking someone did they see Rajveer.
Rajveer says this relation can not happen. Simran says do not lie to me, I have heard you speaking to your friend, and you clearly mentioned that you love me from your heart. Rajveer is speechless. Rajveer thinks that he told Jaggi that he loves Simran. She says why cannot you say it to me, if you told it that day. Rajveer says I cannot love you. Simran is shocked, and hurt. Dimpy tells Jaggi what do you think will Rajveer agree. Jaggi says he thinks of his family first. She tells I told Simran about it. Jaggi says let them do their work, if their love is true then..

Rajveer requests Simran to leave, She tells I will not go from here, and she knows he loves his family and she respects it. She says we should talk to your family and your family will see your happiness. Baldev is coming to them, and Jaggi sees them. Jaggi asks Dimpy to hide, Jaggi tells Rajveer that Baldev is coming. Rajveer is tensed seeing him and hides with Simran.

Balden asks Jaggi did you see Rajveer anywhere. Jaggi is tensed, and Baldev questions him again. Jaggi does no say anything, Rajveer and Simran are hiding behind some shade, and the song plays again..Simran’s phone rings, as Baldev is about to leave. Baldev asks whose phone is ringing, Jaggi tells its my phone. Baldev asks him to change his ringtone. Baldev asks Jaggi again about Rajveer.

Simran comes home and locks the door, Dimpy pacifies her. Simran sits shocked, Rajveer tells Tau ji that he wants to talk something about his marriage.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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