Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 3rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Tau ji talking to Didi. He asks what are you thinking. Didi says I m thinking about Simran, we did not get her dead body, maybe she is still alive. Chanchal says how can it be. Didi says it can be. Chanchal says she would have come home Didi says maybe she is helpless that she is not coming. Tau ji says nothing is there in this talk. Tau ji says understand it well that Simran won’t come back. Tai ji says the inspector came and see whats he is saying. The inspector greets Tau ji and says we got a young woman’s dead body and I doubt that its your bahu’s dead body. Everyone are shocked.

Tau ji says its four months now. The inspector says the fishes have eaten it, but we got this clothes. he shows them and Didi

thinks about it. The inspector says ask Rajveer about this. Hoshiyar says Rajveer is not in a state to identify this. The inspector asks them to come to the govt. hospital and see the dead body. Tau ji says fine, someone will come from our house tomorrow. Didi says whats this happening, did Simran really die, was it her ghost.

jaggi hears all this and tells this to Simran. He says Didi is shaking with fear. He says I don’t understand why you started this story. Simran says it was necessary for her. Dadi says we made her buy the yantra yesterday. Simran says Didi knows that the tantrik is jaggi. jaggi says now she will doubt that you are fine. Simran says I want her to believe that I m dead. She says my dad told the inspector everything and he is supporting us. jaggi says its good now. Now Didi has to believe that you are dead. Simran says Didi will got today itself to see the dead body.

Himmat is worried that Simran’s dead body is got now. Didi says don’t worry, we are not yet sure, maybe that dead body is not hers. Didi says lets go and find out whether she is Simran or not. Simran says Didi will get my dead body and others also, it will scare her that she will be afraid of ghosts. She says I m sure that she will accept her every sin by fear. Dadi says from where will you bring so many dead bodies. jaggi jokes. Dadi gets fooled and Simran laughs. Dadi pulls jaggi’s ears.

jaggi says I don’t want to become a dead body. Simran says once her true face comes out, no one has to bear her. Dadi says I wish that day comes soon. Chanchal and Rano bring Rajveer in the hall. Tau ji and Hoshiyar looks at him. Baldev says Rajveer has become thin. Tau ji talks to him and says the villagers were asking me about you. Rajveer is silent. Didi says he will be fine soon. Didi says will you hear your mum. Baldev says I will take him in my jeep and go around the village. Hoshiyar talks about Simran.

He says she was your wife and she died. He says today we came to know about her dead body. Rajveer does not react. Hoshiyar says you have to do her final last rituals. Himmat says yes, make her soul rest in peace as soon as possible, as it won’t be good, else her soul will trouble us. Tau ji says no one saw ghosts till now, so it will be good if you forget everything. Tau ji says we will do it. Himmat says I will do the last rituals, maybe she will forgive me for my mistakes. Dadi and jaggi hear all this and smile.

Rajveer is taken back to his room. Chanchal asks what else do you want. She says say something, make us hear your voice. She cries and leaves. Simran comes to Rajveer and says its sad that whatever you did was to see your family happy and today you ae the reason for their sadness. You could not see tears in your mum’s eyes and now she is crying a lot and you are seeing this. She says understand your mum’s pain, what happened to you, tell something. She says its my mistake, that when I got saved, I should have come back home. But I want to show Didi’s real face. She says I have to fulfill Daddu’s promise, please forgive me if you can.

Simran says i can’t change the past but I promise you that I will bring happiness back in this house and maybe that day is tomorrow. She says if everything goes by my plan, then this night be the last none to make us apart, tomorrow Didi will accept her sins and go to jail, and I will come infront of everyone and tell them the truth and I know everyone will forgive me. She says then no one has to lie and you don’t need to be away from me and you won’t regret that the one you love, you can’t say. She says then we will be always together forever. She says then my words will become true that we are made for each other. She hugs him crying.

At the morgue, Simran is ready to scare Didi. jaggi and Dadi are with her. jaggi is shocked to see Simran and screams. Dadi laughs and says so you got afraid. jaggi says I would have got the heart attack. Dadi says think when Didi sees her, what will happen to her. Didi says when she survives I will ask her. jaggi comes to know that Didi is coming. He tells this to Dadi and Simran.

Didi comes to the morgue with Himmat. Himmat is scared to go inside. Didi says lets go inside. Dadi and jaggi leave from the morgue. Didi says come inside with me, else I will kill you. Both of them go inside the morgie. Dadi wishes Didi fails today.

Didi is shocked to see Simran and other dead bodies waking up. Didi and Himmat are afraid.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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