Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 30th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 30th September 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 30th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran asking Rajveer to tell everyone that she died. Rajveer is shocked and stops the jeep. They get down on the road and have an eyelock. Simran cries and says can I ask you something, he says yes. She says tell me truly if I speak truth and come in your house, would you be happy. He says yes, she says then you would have loved me a lot right. He says yes, more than you have imagined. She says make my wish true, see I did this for you, to get your love, and I m getting its punishment now, can’t I get your love? She says we have less than 24 hours, can’t you give me your love for these 24 hours. She says I want you to shower your love on me, and make my dream true. She says I want to feel your love and asks

him to make her wish true.

Rajveer thinks about it and she looks on. He smiles and holds her hands. He says yes I will surely fulfill your wish, not because you want it, but even I want this. He says I did not give you anything, I want to see you happy and smiling before you leave. Simran thanks him for giving her memories for life. She says this 24 hours are a lot for her as she will live her life. Rajveer says lets go.

Didi is doing something in her room and thinks Simran left this house and now the time has come for her to win over the house and kill everyone. She chants the same lines again. She sees her husband’s remains Kalash and tells it that she has a good news that the time has come that she made him wait since long years. She says now she will make everyone cry and now she will take revenge with them. She says she won’t spare anyone. She takes out Tau ji’s photo and says Shaam Sundar Sangwaan and cuts the photo.

She then takes out everyone’s photo and strikes them with black pen. She says now it will be justice, they will get what they have sown, I will kill them and make their wives a widow. She says I will make this house a jail. She says then I will be ruling over this house. She talks to her husband’s kalash and says our rule will be prevailing. She sees Daddu’s photo and says he is a snake and will kill him slowly. She takes the oath of her husband’s kalash and chants the lines.

The doctor is checking Daddu and asks him is everything fine. Daddu says well. He says you look better but you look sad, why so. Daddu thinks he can’t tell him the reason. He thinks he gave a hope to Simran but could not do anything for her. Tau ji says we were celebrating so he got no time to rest, maybe he is tired. Dadi says I will take care of him. The doctor says give him food and medicines on time. The doctor tells Tau ji that Daddu is weak. Tau ji says we are taking care of him. The doctor asks did he take anything on his heart. Tau ji says there is nothing like that. The doctor says be careful, don’t allow him to be in tension, if he gets a heart attack again, then we won’t be able to save him. Didi hears this and says its good. She smiles.

Daddu is upset that Simran left the house forever and cries. He hides the phone. Tau ji and everyone come to him. Daddu gets up. Tau ji asks him not to worry as Rajveer and Simran will be coming back.

Daddu says why are you around me. They have a laugh. They show him his anniversary’s celebrations. They show him Rajveer’s and Simran’s photo. Tau ji thinks Daddu is missing Rajveer. Daddu thinks about Simran’s words and says Simran was saying….. Tau ji asks what. Daddu says nothing, go from here, I want to rest. Daddu sees Simran’s photo and kisses on it. Rajveer brings Simran to a house. Simran says where are we, we were going to dad’s house. She smiles seeing the house and likes it. She sees the house and says the house ie beautiful, whose house is it. He says its my friend’s house and its ours for 24 hours. She says its looking like I m in any dream. She hugs him and thanks him. She says I want to do and I will write and show you.

Simran says this is out love’s starting and gives him the list of items she needs to make the house. He asks whats this. She says I want to make food and make you eat. He says we can order food. She says no, I want to win your heart by food. He says I should go to bring it. She says yes, he says so a husband and wife should be like this according to you. she says then how, you tell me. Rajveer looks at her and smiles. Simran teases him and he leaves. She smiles.

Daddu is talking to Didi. Didi is upto something and says today’s dinner will be your life’s kast food.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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