Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th September 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Hoshiyar telling everything about Didi and her husband to Rajveer. He says Tau ji murdered Didi’s husband while in a fight by mistake. Rajveer is shocked. He says Didi saved Tau ji by taking the blame, else Tau ji would have been in jail. Rajveer says so I was mistaken. Simran and Didi have an argument. Didi says your luck is strong, why are you sad now. Simran says you know how to read faces right, so can’t you find happiness in my tears. Didi says sometimes I make mistakes in reading faces, tell me what happiness you have that made you cry, Simran taunts her and says I got your blessings. Didi says I feel like trusting your words today, you got saved today because of my blessings. Simran says really, I? m shocked

to know this. Didi says we should live in our rooms and not peep into other’s rooms.

Simran says what will you do, will make me kidnap again? Didi says don’t point on me like this, else I will punish you. Simran says I have seen your truth and have proof too. Didi says no one will trust your truth. Simran says right, but there is a difference in our truths, as you are doing wrong, so care about yourself, else I wll bring your truth infront of everyone. Didi says do whatever you can, you can’t stop me, I will do what I planned, see. Didi challenges her. Simran leaves.

Simran comes to her room. Rajveer asks what happened. Simran says Didi is not a good woman, I saw death in her eyes. She says she would have killed me. Rajveer says its not like that. Simran says I came to know something about her. Rajveer says tell me what you saw. He says I went to her room and tells him everything about the books Didi have written. He says can I see those books. Simran says no, that trunk got empty and I saw Didi and Himmat taking those books. Rajveer is shocked and says you have hatred for her, Didi is not bad. I came to know she did not kill her husband. Simran says I know about her story. Rajveer says then why do you hate her. She says I know her intentions, she wants to kill the whole Sangwaan family. Rajveer does not believe her.

He says if Tau ji went to jail, everything would have been ruined, but Didi has saved this house. Simran says ok, you don’t trust me, ok give me some days to prove myself. Simran says I forgot I don’t have any days left now. She cries and says I have to leave in the morning. Rajveer holds her hand and asks her to forget everything. He says pack your bag now, I will talk to Tau ji and we will have to leave. Simran thinks can’t I do anything to save this family.

Rajveer talks to Tau ji and asks for his permission to drop Simran at her dad’s house for patphere rasam. Tau ji says do you have to go for spending holidays or you are lying. Rajveer says I m not going anywhere. Tau ji says when are you going. Rajveer says if you permit, then today. Simran hears them talking. Tau ji agrees. Simran meets everyone. Daddu cries. Tau ji blesses her to be happy always. Everyone bless her. Simran cries and gets emotional. Chanchal says we will miss you a lot, take care and come back soon. Simran asks Tai ji to try to be happy. Simran asks Didi to forget everything.

Chanchal says you are meeting us like we are going from this house forever. She says you are going for patphere rasam to meet your dad, go happily. Simran cries. Simran meets Daddu and he is really sad. He says don’t worry about anything, the Lord will take care of you. He says if possible, think about me. Simran says I will miss you a lot. Hoshiyar looks at Rajveer and signs him to take her. Rajveer and Simran leave from the house. Everyone bid them good bye.

Simran thinks about her first meeting with Rajveer and how they fell in love and how they got separated. Rajveer sees Simran sad and She says I was thinking about my memories with you. He asks Simran what will I tell them when I return home without you. Simran says tell them Simran died. Rajveer is shocked.

Simran asks Rajveer can’t you give me your love for 24 hours, we don’t have time left now.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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