Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 27th August 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Simran asking jhumri what is Baldev not listening to you. Simran insists and asks her to trust her. jhumri tells her everything about Baldev and the Sadhu. Simran says I won’t trust all this. She says Baldev should trust the Sadhu. Simran advises her to make Baldev sure about the yantra. jhumri says Baldev is not listening to her. Simran says Baldev will wear it himself and tells jhumri some idea. jhumri gets happy. Simran asks jaggi to help them. jaggi says I can’t help you. Simran emotionally blackmails him. jaggi agrees. Simran says no one will know about this, go fast. Baldev tries to talk to jhumri. jaggi knocks the door and talks about the magical yantra. Baldev hears them. jhumri says I am going to return the

yantra back to Sadhu. jaggi says give that yantra to me. jhumri says ok take it, and wear it.

jaggi acts as if he got some strength. Baldev looks at him and is shocked. They fool Baldev. Simran sees them and laughs. Baldev laughs on the yantra. jaggi fools Baldev. He says now I will leave. Baldev stops him and takes the yantra back. Baldev believes in the yantra and wears it. jaggi asks him how are you feeling. jhumri fools Baldev. jhumri says I will bring another yantra for jaggi. jaggi leaves. Simran walks from Didi’s room and thinks Didi is still tensed because of me. Simran says Didi is hungry because of my mistake. She calls Didi and says I kept food for you, if you say, shall I bring it to your room. Didi does not reply. She hears her chanting some silly mantras. Simran is shocked and gets afraid hearing Didi’s voice.

Simran leaves from there. Didi opens the door and sees Simran’s earring fallen there. She has red eyes and looks horrific. She gets angry knowing it was Simran at her door. She stares at the way. Simran comes to her room and gets tensed and recollects the mantras she heard from Didi’s room. She says stop this. Rajveer comes to her and asks her what happened, are you fine, why did you shout. Simran says what should I say to Rajveer, how can he explain him, he won’t believe me. I should not tell him about Didi. Rajveer asks her again. Simran says I saw a ghost. Simran makes some excuses. Rajveer laughs thinking she is afraid of a rat. Simran says whats funny in this. Rajveer says sorry I won’t laugh. He says come on rat, come out and say sorry to my Madam ji. Simran laughs.

Simran asks him to sing a song for her or compliment on her beauty. Rajveer thinks she looks much beautiful to her, that if he starts he will not get any more words. He tells her I don’t know how to praise you, I m going to sleep. Simran also goes to sleep. Rajveer smiles. The next morning, Simran is sweeping the house. jhumri tells her that Baldev is taking her to Mandir, will you come with me. Simran says yes sure. jhumri says we will take Rajveer also. Simran laughs. Didi stops Simran. Simran says you made me afraid. Didi says no, you won’t get afraid so soon, she says you love to know about others. Didi says you have left your earring near my door. Simran gets tensed. Simran says I came to you to ask about food. She says I did not like it that you slept hungry. Didi taunts her and asks her about her secrets.

Didi asks who are you, whats your truth. Simran says I m answerable to my husband only, and he knows about me. Why should I tell you. Didi says you are thinking wrong. Simran says you can’t call anything to Rajveer. She taunts Didi and Didi gets angry. Simran says I can tell everyone about your secret. Didi is shocked.

Didi says I will not leave you. Simran walks on the hot burning coals infront of everyone.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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