Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 26th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Gabru’s mum slapping him. She says when will you stop acting. You sometimes act as a lawyer and now an inspector. He says I will become a hero one day like Salman, then see what I do for you. He calms down his mum and says I brought a good news for you. She asks what and scolds him. He says do the preparations for my marriage as I have found a bahu for you. She scolds him saying will you ruin someone’s life marrying her. She says till you start earning, I won’t let you marry. Gabru says great mum, I heard that a mum can forget her happiness for her child’s happiness, but what did you do.

She says great son, you can’t be normal ever, you are so adamant. She says forgive me, I lost to you, you are right.

He says some filmi lines and says one day you will win. He shows her Rajveer’s photo and says once I find him, I will win Rano and her family’s heart. Dadi talks to Rani and says you are right, Himmat might be knowing about Didi. jaggi says Himmat won’t tell us. Dadi says I know how will Himmat speak up. She says Himmat wants money, I know him. She says lets go.

They come to Himmat and Dadi talks to him sweetly. She makes Himmat emotional and fools him and gives him some money and asks about Didi. Himmat is thankful to Dadi and says I don’t know about Didi and Rajveer, but my friend saw her in Laxmangarh. Dadi smiles and gets happy. He says I will ask my friend to inform me and give updates. He says don’t tell anyone that I gave you this news. Dadi says I won’t say. Tau ji is talking to the inspector and asks about Rajveer. Simran comes and says I got to know where is Rajveer. Everyone are happy and asks where.

Simran says he is in Laxmangarh. Tau ji says I will go myself and find out. He asks her where did you get this news from. Everyone look at Simran. Tau ji asks her to tell him the truth as he hates lies. Simran says Dadi gave me this news. Tau ji is shocked. Dadi says don’t ask me who told me, first go and find Rajveer. Tau ji says its important for me to know whats going on in this house, how did you know. Dadi says if I tell you, you will be angry. Tau ji says I m angry on Didi who has ditched all of us. Tau ji shouts Himmat.

Himmat comes and Tau ji asks him how did you know about Didi’s whereabouts. Himmat tells Dadi why did you take my name even after you promised. Tau ji says tell me the truth. Himmat says I don’t know where she is hiding. He says Dadi was giving me money, so I lied to her. Everyone are shocked. Himmat says I don’t know anything. Simran cries and leaves. Simran asks Rano to leave her alone.

Rano says Gabru will find Rajveer. She says he has promised us that he will find him, I m sure he will succeed. Simran says how can you trust him. Rano says I don’t know anything about him, but my heart says he will find Rajveer. Gabru comes to Tau ji’s house. Rano sees him standing at the terrace. He sees her and smiles. She feels shy and runs.

Rano tells everyone that inspector Gabru came. Gabru enters the house in heroic style. He says some filmi lines and everyone look at him. Gabru sits on the sofa and Tau ji asks what do you mean. Gabru says I have found out Rajveer. Everyone are happy. Tau ji asks are you saying the truth. Hoshiyar says tell us fast, where is he. Gabru says I have seen him where Didi took him. He gives them the details.

Tai ji asks why did you not arrest Didi. Gabru fools them. Tau ji says we are there to speak against her. Gabru says we need some proof to arrest her. He says maybe Didi did not kidnap him and Rajveer went by his wish.

Tau ji cross questions Gabru. Gabru starts leaving. Tau ji stops him and asks him who is your head. Gabru says I will tell next time. He says I will inform you about Rajveer and starts seeing Rano and flirting with her. He asks her to meet him outside the village after two hours. He leaves. Hoshiyar says I doubt him. Tau ji me too, we have to find out about him.

Gabru meets Rano and tells her his truth. Rano is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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