Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th September 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 25th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aaji talking to Antara. She acts as if she is very ill. Antara says you would have shown your state to a doctor. Aaji says I can’t, the medicines are finished. Antara says I will bring it, name it. Aaji says ok and gives her the address. Antara wonders where would be this place. Aaji says tell Raghu. Antara says no, I will go and bring it. Aaji says go, MachMach came, go and open the door. Antara opens the door. MachMach brings the ticket and gives it to her. He says Aaji told me to give you the ticket. He leaves. MachMach tells Aaji that Antara left, not its Raghu’s turn.

Raghu is om the terrace, still did not read Aman’s letter. He is about to read the letter but MachMach says Aaji wants to talk to you. Aaji does the same with Raghu and says I have sent Antara to bring medicines for me. Raghu says you should have told me. She says Antara said I will bring it. Aaji says what if Antara gets lost, but I tried calling her, she is not reachable. Aaji says she would have gone by now, go after her, its not safe for her. He says from where shall I? bring the ticket. Aaji says I told MachMach to bring the tickets. Aaji is happy that Raghu and Antara will unite. MachMach gives the ticket to Raghu too.

Simran is tensed and sees Didi. She says forgive me. Didi asks why. She says why, for bumping into me, or going to my room. Simran says for bumping, Didi says ok, I forgive you and I permit you to go to my room anytime, ask why. Simran asks why. Didi says because you are safeguarding my belongings, you should get a prize, so my room’s door are open for you. Simran says I don’t understand I should be happy or regretful. Didi says why. Simran says no, I felt something. She says you did not give me so much respect till now, so I was thinking…. Didi says yes, it was my mistake, so I m trying to correct my mistake. Didi tries to hide her reality. Didi laughs and says you are very clever. Didi says remember, you won’t win over me, you are saved by your luck, but luck won’t favour everytime. Simran says I do everything on my faith that I m right and the Lord is with me.

Didi taunts her and says remember to be careful. She warns her. Simran says fine, I will take care of myself. Didi says it looks like Simran came to know about me, I should make her meet her Lord, but I should kill her cleverly, she says only one person can do this. Didi calls Daya Maai and says its me Lohari. She says people respect you and are afraid of you. Daya Maai says tell me what you want. Didi says her favours on Maai and reminds her that she was the witness of the murder Daya Maai did. Maai says you are warning me? Didi says no. Daya Maai asks what do you want from me. Didi says I want you to murder a girl. Maai says tell me the name and where she leaves. Didi gives the details. Daya Maai says you will get anyone there. Didi says I don’t want anyone to doubt on me. Maai says ok, but you won’t call me again. Didi agrees and laughs.

Himmat comes to Didi and says give me my phone back. Didi says you will get this phone tomorrow and shuts her door. Himmat says she is a strange woman. Anatar comes to Delhi and Raghu calls her. she cuts the call. He keeps calling her. She says why are you calling me, I don’t want to talk to you. Raghu comes there and she is shocked to see him. Mera Mahi Tu… plays….. He says I m not a ghost, its me. He says Aaji called me and she has sent me after you. Antara looks on. He says speak up. Antara says I don’t want to say anything. She sees a bus and goes. Raghu follows her.

Antara does not let Raghu sit by her side. The bus leaves. Antara buys the ticket. Raghu says I want to go where she wants to die. Daya Maai’s goons are after Simran. The goons also sit in the bus. They look at Antara and hide seeing Raghu. Raghu says sit here, and he sits beside Antara. They say its Raghu, what is he doing here. Did Maai send Raghu to do the work. they say Raghu does not know about Maai’s work. Raghu talks to Antara and says Mention not, Antara says I did not thank you. Raghu says I did a favour, ok, I will call them, sit with him. Antara says Raghu…. He asks what do you want, should I keep MaonVradh. They have an argument. Antara thanks him. He says sorry. She asks for what. He says for the misunderstanding. Antara looks at him. He says forget it now. She says I don’t have the mood to talk to you now. The bus stops. Antara and Raghu have an eyelock.

Daddu is in the hospital and says I won’t eat this food. Rajveer comes and says I came on time. Daddu says give me the tiffin. Daddu is happy seeing the home made food. The doctor says now Daddu is fit and fine, so you can take him to home. Rajveer thanks the doctor. Daddu says why are you waiting for me to come to home, Rajveer says because its your 50th wedding anniversary. Daddu says how can I forget this. He says don’t tell this to Dadi. Rajveer says this will be the secret, I won’t tell anyone. We will celebrate at home and you have to dance. Daddu says you be ready to dance, because I m going to talk to Tau ji about you and Simran, and he won’t be able to say no to me. Rajveer says fine and leaves.

Simran thinks she should say about Didi to Rajveer. A phone rings and Simran picks the call. Its Rajveer’s call. She says I was about to call you, I have to tell you something. Rajveer gives her the good news. Simran says I know. Rajveer says there is one more good news, which I will tell you personally. He asks what do you want to tell me. Simran says Rajveer is happy now, so it won’t be good to tell him now. Simran changes the topic and asks him to come soon. He says he will come soon. Antara and Raghu are on the way. Raghu takes out a chocolate, and eats while Antara looks on. He then gives it to her, she says I don’t want to eat. She gets annoyed. They both eat the chocolate together.

She says I loved to travel in buses. Raghu jokes. She says I love to see new cities and travel. He says hmm.. He says even I like to travel. Antara laughs. Raghu gets emotional and says I did not had money when I was a kid, my mum used to walk on foot and we used to see the buses and cars. He talks about his mum. He says I still remember my mum’s smiling face. Antara says I know you very well. Raghu looks at her. Antara feels cold, Raghu says shift to my seat. Antara nods yes.

The next morning, Raghu is sleeping on Antara’s shoulder. They both are sleeping and the conductor wakes them up. Antara wakes up and sees Raghu sleeping. She gets up from her seat and the goons too get down the bus. The goons see Raghu sleeping and says we will take another bus as Raghu has seen us. The bus leaves while Antara is still in the loo. She comes out and sees the bus going. She is tensed as the bus left. She asks the vendor where did the bus go. He says its gone. Raghu wakes up and sees Antara is not with him. He asks the conductor where is the bus going. He asks where is the girl who was sitting with me. He says maybe she got dropped at the Dhaba. Raghu asks him to stop the bus and gets down. He tries calling Antara. Antara says there is no network. Antara comes to know that she boarded the wrong bus. She calls Raghu and could not connect.

Raghu says where might be Antara. She does something or the other always, where to find her now. Simran asks Rajveer what is the good news. He says….. Simran smiles and hugs him. He says if anyone sees us then what will they say. She says they will say how much we love each other. Didi hears them talking. Rajveer says today Daddu is going to talk to Tau ji about us. He says Daddu promised me and everything will be fine. Simran smiles. Didi is shocked and tells Himmat. Himmat says I don’t understand. Didi says Simran is going to celebrate her death tonight. She says everything will end with her death. Himmat says are you really going to kill her. Himmat is tensed and says this is not right, I don’t want to kill anyone.

Didi smiles and says you will tell me what you are capable of. She says I know you can’t do this, I have given this work to someone else, you have to tell them who is Simran and I will bring your wife to you. Himmat is happy. jhumri and Simran are in the market. Simran says I forgot to buy gifts for Daddu and Dadi. jhumri says hurry up. Simran says no, I have to buy the gift. She asks jhumri to leave. Himmat tells the goons that she is Simran.

Antara is trying to call Raghu. She thinks Raghu might be waiting for her. She thinks of going back to Dhaba and may be Raghu will come there. Simran and Antara meet in the market. Antara says I missed a bus. The goons are following Simran. Simran says lets go home, I will tell you everything. They have a talk. The goons see Antara with Simran. They gets tensed and says we can’t do anything to Simran infront of Antara. Antara says someone is waiting for me. Simran says your sweetheart? Antara says just a friend. Simran jokes and teases her. they go together. The goons go after them and stop seeing Raghu. They hide. Raghu tries to find Antara. The goons says Maai does not know that Raghu is here.

Antara leaves with Simran and Raghu does not see her. The goons say we will follow them and hide from Raghu. The arrangements are going on at Rajveer’s house. jhumri shows Baldev what she did in shopping. Baldev praises her and she leaves. The house is well decorated. Rajveer asks jhumri where is Simran. jhumri says she stopped to buy gifts, she will come later. Rajveer gets worried. He says I have to go and get her. Simran comes home. Antara says I will leave as Raghu might be finding me. Simran says come to my house, I can’t leave you alone. The goons kidnap Antara and Simran. They shout. Rajveer and Raghu see the goons taking them. Raghu stops Rajveer and beats him. They have a fight. Rajveer says who are you, leave me, they took my wife. Raghu says they took my friend too. Rajveer says lets go together. Rajveer sees the pearls which Simran is wearing and they try to follow them.

Maai calls Didi and says wait for some time, its half good news. I m going to do the task. My goons have kidnapped Simran, they will kill her, I will call you after seeing her dead body. Didi laughs. Didi says now Simran won’t be safe. Maai thinks I have to come here and I have to kill Simran hiding from Antara’s and Raghu’s sight. She thinks why is Antara and Raghu here. Tau ji asks Chanchal where is Rajveer and Simran. He says they had to go to bring Daddu home. Didi thinks she knows about Simran and laughs. Chanchal says Rajveer was here, don’t know where he went. Didi says Daddu might be waiting for them and Rajveer does not care, why do you trust him. She speaks against Simran and Rajveer.

Tau ji says send Hoshiyar to bring Daddu. Antara and Simran are shocked to see the place where they are tied. Simran gets freed and free Antara too. Antara says I will call Raghu. Simran says I hope Rajveer saw the pearls and is coming after us. Rajveer says they might be here. Raghu asls Antara where she is. The call cuts. Rajveer notices that Simran and Antara are here. They have a fight with the goons. Antara and Simran are happy to see Rajveer and Raghu. They have a hug. Rajveer asks Simran are you fine. Antara hugs Raghu. Raghu asks her not to cry. Simran says lets go. Didi and Himmat taunt Daya Maai and says Simran could not die. She says I have trusted you and you could not do my work. Maai says wait, have patience.

Maai says Simran is alive because of Rajveer and Raghu. She assures Didi. Didi says will you come to my house. Maai says I have to come. Didi says how will you do your work infront of everyone. Maai says I will just sign, my men will do the work. The function starts. Antara and Raghu are also a part of the function. Didi brings Daya Maai to her house. Antara and Raghu are shocked to see Maai. Tau ji meets Daya Maai. Didi says Maai is her friend. She introduces Daya Maai to Daddu and Dadi. Tau ji welcomes her. Raghu greets Maai. Maai asks how come you are here. Raghu says Rajveer called us here. Maai says Didi called me here, we know each other. A goon sees Simran and is ready to aim a knife at Simran. Simran tells Didi are you worried and sad seeing me fine.

She says you have lost. Didi says don’t worry, this will end soon. Didi says you will be freed from every pain today. Simran says I wish the same and greets her to take the blessings. The knife goes from Didi. Didi is tensed. Simran asks what happened. Didi says Simran is very lucky to get safe everytime. Everyone starts dancing. The goon aims at Simran again but misses. Didi and Maai are watching. Maai gets angry and asks him to leave. The dance ends. Daya Maai greets everyone and leaves. Raghu and Antara also leaves greeting everyone. The function ends. Daddu and Dadi are happy and says I want to tell something to everyone and I hope you all will understand.


Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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