Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 23rd December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 23rd December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 23rd December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with the lawyer fooling Tau ji and asking him to sign the papers. Everyone looks on. Tau ji is about to make his thumb impression on the papers but Simran stops him. Simran asks him not to put his thumb on it. Tau ji is shocked and scolds Simran. Simran says I don’t want you to do this as these papers…….. are useless now. She says I have taken my complaint back. Tau ji says what did you do, tell again. Simran says I realized my mistake, I did a big sin, I should have not done this, she will understand me one day and accept me as her bahu.

Simran says I should have understood this before. Tau ji says its good that you realized your mistake, anyone can do mistakes, but its great to accept their mistakes, you

did it good that you took your decision. The lawyer says what about these papers. Simran tears the papers. The lawyer is shocked. Tau ji and everyone smile. Simran throws the papers. Simran says I will pray that we stay united and don’t need any papers. The lawyer leaves. Tau ji asks Himmat to go to the police station and bring Didi. Himmat leaves. Tau ji says I will inform the inspector about this.

Didi comes out of the police station and sees Himmat. Didi scolds Himmat for leaving Simran’s dad. Didi says its your mistake. She says I wish to slap you hard. Himmat says slap me if you want. He says Simran was scaring me that she will send me to jail. Himmat says I will not do any help from now on. Didi apologizes to him hearing he will not support her. She says I thought I will win this time, but Simran took her complaint back. She says I was angry. Himmat says you can’t see why is Simran doing all this, with whose help. Didi asks him to tell her. Himmat tells her in her ears. Didi is shocked.

Didi says I can’t believe this. Himmat says your wish, sit in the car now. Didi comes home with Himmat. Everyone look at her. Tau ji welcomes Didi and hugs her. Tau ji says I m happy to see you. He asks her will you have tea. Didi says I want to meet the one who has send me to jail. Chanchal says leave it now, forget it. Simran has realized her mistake so she took her complaint back. Didi says yes, I want to meet her and tell her how it affected me. Didi asks where is Simran. Simran comes there in the hall.

Simran touches her feet and apologizes to her. Didi also cries and says its my mistake that I did not understand you, you did it right that you complaint, I felt in the jail what I did with you, I was blind in my son’s love, but now I can see, so you too forget everything now. Simran smiles. Didi asks her to hug her. Didi hugs Simran smiling. Everyone smiles and is happy seeing this. Himmat cannot believe his eyes. Didi asks Simran to share her tea with her and speaks sweetly with her. Simran thinks Didi really changed and realized her mistakes.

Dadi thinks Didi can’t change so soon. Didi thinks Didi is acting well, before she traps Simran, she should know about Didi’s new plan. Dadi comes to talk to Didi. Dadi acts annoyed. Didi asks why are you annoyed with me. Dadi says do anything with Simran, I don’t care. Didi says so you are angry that I treated Simran well. Dadi says yes, as you were showering love on her. Didi says come, sit here. Dadi asks what do you have to say. Didi says I was only acting and trapping her in my plan. Dadi says so tell me whats in your mind. Didi tells her plan in her ears. Dadi is shocked.

Didi laughs. Dadi says will you really kill Simran. Didi says be quiet. Dadi asks again. Didi says yes, I will kill Simran, I was only fooling her. Didi tells her plan to Dadi that she will kill Simran tonight and no one will know about it. Dadi thinks she should inform Simran about this. Dadi thinks to wait for some time to meet Simran. Didi is praising the food which Simran made and gives some money to Simran as the shagun. Everyone are happy. Dadi tries to make an excuse to go and inform Simran. Didi is following her and stooping her from meeting Simran.

Its night, Dadi is tensed thinking how to inform Simran. Simran is happy with Didi’s behavior. Didi praises the tea which Simran made and asks Simran to leave. Didi is with Dadi always and tells her now only few moments left, then we can be free from Simran. Dadi thinks how to stop Simran now. Dadi thinks of stopping Simran in the house doing anything. Dadi starts coughing and tells Didi that she is feeling cold outside. She says I will go and take the medicines. Didi says fine, but come back soon, as you also have to see Simran dying.

Dadi meets Simran and tells her that Didi wants to kill her. Simran is shocked. Didi laughs hearing Dadi tell the truth to Simran. Dadi and Simran are shocked. Didi comes to them laughing. Didi says I don’t need any enemy when my mum is against me. She says when Himmat told me about you, I did not believe him, but now seeing this, I believe him. Didi says it was my plan to catch you red handed. Didi says see you are caught now. Dadi is tensed.

Didi tells Dadi that you have cheated me. She says like my dad cheated me, but he is not in this world, what are you doing here then.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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