Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 23rd April 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer requesting Tauji to celebrate his Daddu’s birthday.Everyone is scared for his reaction but Tau agrees! He tells the family that the celebration would take place and everyone is thrilled ! Rajveer is happy ! He and his sister go to Daddu and wish him Happy Birthday and they give him a decorated pot and all the other family members come to take his blessings! Daddu is really happy !

Tauji goes to a room and stands near a photo of some dead person(possibly,his son)and tells out loud that he did a grave mistake by not allowing happiness in this house just for his sake and he vows that just like every other year,this year too the celebration would take place and they would all even forgot to take his name!

Next morning,a man (later we come to know this man’s name is Baldev) is sitting near a well and is immersing a tied person into the water back and forth (watched by all the surrounding villagers) Just then Tauji comes ,everyone stand up in respect.Tauji comes to that man near the well,who takes his blessings and then Tauji asks him if that person is still alive to which he replies that of course he is since he has to beg for tauji’s forgiveness and congratulates Baldev ! They then bring the person up! A woman (possibly his mother laments ) but Tauji shuts her up and asks the person whether he would dare tease a woman again to which he tells that he wouldnt and his father promises Tauji that he would give the guarantee and Tauji tells him that he better not make this mistake again otherwise next time,instead of immersing him in the well,he would drown him next ! They release the man!

Meanwhile,in Singapore, Simran’s father is making arrangements for her to go to India and tells his friend to take care of his daughter! Simran meanwhile waits for him impatiently and he cuts the call and goes! Simmy tells him that she has been waiting for so long to which her dad tells her that she was the one who had given the shopping bags and gone! She then shows him this really cool short skirt which she bought and he looks at it in shock! He adds that it is cool but it wouldnt suit her as it is too short and her face falls! Simmy then remarks that there is only 4 hours to board the flight to which he says that for the past 4 months he has also been telling her not to go to India but she didnt listen to him ! Then she tells him that she was only going to India and that she would attend Sona Di’s wedding.roam around here and there around Delhi and she will be back in no time! He asks her to be careful !

Back in Haryana,Daddu calls out loud to some people who come running to him and they are his helpers sorts and they heed to whatever he says! Meanwhile,back to Singapore,Simmy tells her dad that he has always been telling so many good things about India but when she is actually leaving,why is he dissuading her! Her dad replies that all that is there but if anything were to happen to her,what would he answer her mother who had passed away when Simmi was very small ! Simmy to lighten he father’s mood pretends to talk to her mother indicating that even she is really happy at Simmy going to India ! Her father tells her that she means everything to him after his wife Priya left ! Awwe! Simmy consoles her dad and tells him that she is really excited at going to India,seeing the green fields,the simple people,the grand weddings,the festivals and her father laughs at her enthusiasm !

Meanwhile Daddu comes to the place where some women are working,a storage type place! He sits on a wooden bench there! A woman(his wife I think) comes and offers him some medicines and he asks her why she is talking to him in a rude tone and that she neednt have bought the medicines but she tells him that she had no choice since she cannot live without him and the other woman smile! Tauji comes just then and wishes Daddu Happy Birthday and puts a garland around him and everyone is surprised! Baldev also wishes him and daddu pats him genially!

Another fellow (we come to know that this is Tauji’s step son) comes and take Daddu’s blessings and Tauji remarks that he should not waste so much time and live upto the family name ! That fellow distributes sweets! They give him a gift! He opens it and it has lot of small capped bottles and he becomes thrilled and emotional ! Tauji then become serious and tells that with the presence of Shyam sundar,there should be no enemity and Baldev agrees! He then tells Daddu to take a celebratory shot with his gun! He aims the gun at his wife who challenges him to shoot her but he tells her that he would only shoot her with sweet words! He aims a shot at the sky! Tauji asks Rano where Rajveer is!

Meanwhile Rajveer is on a motorbike(some milk containers are attached to his bike),travelling across the fields. A man comes running ,shouting Rajveer Bhai who stops him and asks what he is doing early morning,with the milk containers and that he would do it ,why is Rajveer who is so educated is doing all this menial work! Rajveer tells him that the scriptures say that one must do the household work and since the milk is his and the house is his ,so he is doing it ! Awwe! The person then asks Rajveer,if he has not gone for work to which he tells that work comes everyday but Daddu’s birthday comes only once so he had gone to the temple to offer milk as Prasad! That person recalls that it is Daddu’s birthday and Rajveer then invites him to come to his house but he declines since he had some work! Then he remarks that he heard that Rajveer was going to Delhi for his friend Mohan’s wedding but Rajveer tells him that before leaving,he has to ask for Tauji’s permission.

Daddu is counting something when Rajveer arrives! He comes and sits near Daddu and gives the Prasad and then he asks his Daddu to tell him honestly what his age his to which he says 70 not out par khel raha hoon and he would complete a century too! And they hug ! Awwe!

Rajveer’s dad comes and he goes to him secretively and gives an orange cover to him! Just then Tauji comes and they become guarded when Tauji asks them what the orange cover is ! Rajveer changes topic and tells Tauji that he has got some Prasad to give (meanwhile his father leaves) and gives it to him! He tells that Rajveer is the family’s jewel whereas his step son was a good for nothing! He goes ! Rajveer follows him and tells him that he has something to tell and mentions that for his friend Mohan’s sister’s wedding,he has to go to Delhi ! Tauji gives him permission!! He then tells that he cannot go empty handed and Tauji tells him to to take how much grains as Kanyadaan and go and tells him to get ready for Daddu’s party!

Rajveer is in his room when his mother comesand she gives him tea! She looks worried and tells her son that she is worried about him leaving the next day to which he tells her that he wasnt leaving permanently and that he would go for the wedding and be back ! His mom worries that big cities are always different but he consoles her! His mom asks him to be careful and tells him in tears that if something were to happen to him,she would die!


Precap shows that both Simmy’s and Rajveer’s vehicles collide (in case of Rajveer,his tractor! ) and they start blaming each other!! Yayy they met !!

Update Credit to: sweetgal19

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