Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 21st November 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 21st November 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 21st November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajveer’s operation going on and everyone waiting outside the operation theatre. Tau ji thinks how much Rajveer loves him and how he saved his life from Didi. Hoshiyar talks to Chanchal and asks her not to worry as nothing will happen to him. Chanchal cries and says I asked him to become normal and he promised me that he will forget his pains and become normal like before. She says it was better that he was here in our house, that he is in hospital now. She says I m afraid. Hoshiyar asks why. He says Rajveer promised us, he will fulfill his promise, he won’t leave us. Simran cries hearing this and says Rajveer can’t leave us, I have to meet him and he can’t leave my love incomplete like this. She says I love you Rajveer and cries. She says you can’t leave us, you have to fight for me and your family, come back.

Rajveer gears this and comes in his senses. Didi comes to the mandir of the hospital and talks to the Lord. She says you are not the Lord, you are stone, you did not see my pain and my tears, she says I waited for my son for so long, and when he is infront of my eyes, you are trying to make him dead. She says do some miracle and give me my son back. She says if you don’t do this, then I will stop praying to you and will show the world that you are not the Lord. Everyone are praying at home for Rajveer.

Simran also prays that Rajveer gets fine. The operation ends and the doctor comes out and says we tried our best but its a miracle that he is safe now. Everyone are happy to hear this. They smile and wish to the Lord being thankful to him. Didi is happy and says my Rajveer is fine now. The doctor says you can’t meet him, you have to wait till he becomes conscious. Didi says I can’t be away from him, don’t make me wait, don’t stop me. She tells Tau ji to explain the doctor that she wants to see Rajveer once.

She requests Tau ji that she wants to see him. The doctor says we will shift him to ICU, you just see him, but don’t disturb him. Didi agrees. Tau ji smiles. Didi thinks the doctor is mad, how can we not talk to him after meeting him as a mother. She comes to Rajveer and sees him sleeping. She says he is my son and smiles seeing him. She touches him saying my Rajveer. Simran comes there and says don’t dare to touch him. Didi looks at her. Didi says go from here.

She says don’t come in between me and my son. I don’t want you to be here. Simran says you came between me and Rajveer, you have made us apart. Didi says yes, I did it but now I want yo to be away from him. Simran says I m his wife, I have to close to hi. Simran says he values more than you. Didi says you are not human to be valued. Didi says you shout, but you can’t be united. Simran says yes, but we can be united if he dies. Didi is shocked. Simran laughs. Didi says what do you mean. Simran says Rajveer has to come to me being a ghost. Didi gets worried and says no, how can you dare to think this, you will kill him.

Everyone hear Didi shouting in Rajveer’s room and Tau ji says she has become mad. They come inside and say what are you doing, you are shouting here. Tau ji says do you care about him. Didi says yes, I have but look at her, she is saying against Rajveer. There is no one. Hoshiyar says who Didi. Didi is shocked to see that Simran disappeared. Tau ji says who was here. Didi is quiet. The nurse asks everyone to go out. Simran cries seeing Rajveer.

Simran says don’t give up Rajveer. She says you have to live a long life, I promise I will be always near you and won’t let any problem come near you. She holds his hand and cries. The nurse comes and sees Rajveer’s hand hanging. She puts his hand on the bed and leaves. Rano asks Chanchal to eat food. She says now Rajveer is out of danger, then why are you hurting me. Chanchal cries and says I don’t know whether Didi will let me talk to Rajveer. Rano says it means its true that Rajveer is Didi’s son. Chanchal says yes. She says I have brought him up but Didi is his mother. She says I was dying to get a baby and I got him in my lap. She says I took care of Rajveer more than you.

Rano says Rajveer also always regard you as his mum and makes Chanchal have food. Tau ji asks Didi why were you shouting inside. Didi says I don’t wnat to give you any explanations. Tau ji scolds Didi and says it would be good if I stopped you from going inside. Didi argues with him. The police comes there and says we came to arrest Didi for murder attempt on Rajveer. Everyone are shocked.

The doctor says Rajveer won’t be able to recognize anyone and will not be able to react. He will not reply to anyone of you. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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