Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 1st May 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Wazeero’s mum asking Simran to come with her and stop Shakti doing something wrong. She tells her about Kuldeep. Shakti goes to Kuldeep’s house and breaks the window with the stone. Kuldeep beats him. Shakti also beats him. Simran and Shakti’s mum comes and stops them. Simran scolds Kuldeep. Kuldeep says I did not start, he started and broke my window. Simran calms down Shakti and says law will punish him, we will file the report against him. Shakti says police will not book any case against him. Kuldeep laughs. Shakti says leave me, I will take my sister’s revenge. Kuldeep says go in the temple and thank Lord that you got saved today, else I would have sent you in coma like your sister. His dad looks on and smiles.

Rajveer asks Simran not to book any case as police knows everything and Kuldeep’s dad is a powerful man. Simran says he is not Lord, tell me are you coming with me or not. She says I have seen Kuldeep slapping Wazeero as if she is not human, I care if he roams free. She says I m not afraid of his dad. Rajveer says me too, but they will be angry on us. She says I m ready to bear anything to seek juctice for Wazeero, as its a crime to bear injustice. Rajveer says fine, I will come with you.

They come to the police station and report against Kuldeep. She says she is Tau ji’s bahu. She reports against Kuldeep. The inspector tells them that Kuldeep has filed the FIR as he waas worried about Wazeero a lot and we will not leave the bus driver. She saays he did not try to save her but he has pushed her infront of the bus. The inspector says I think you were in trauma and maybe you have mixed all the incidents. Rajveer scolds the inspector. The inspector asks him not to get in this matter, they are powerful people. Simran says fine, I understood what he wants to say.

Simran says you will change when this happens with your child. She scolds him and leaves. Simran says we can’t lose so easily. Rajveer says I knew this inspector won’t report against Kuldeep, even the SP won’t do anything, this happens in this village. She says I know it happened wrong with Wazeero and she needs justice. She says she will not trust me again, I promised her that I will get justice for her. She asks for his support and he agrees holding her hand. The inspector lookss at them and leaves.

Dadi talks to Tau ji. She says I m missing your dad a lot, I want to go to temple. Tau ji says fine, do the puja and havan. Himmat comes and asks him to think about his son. Tau ji asks what do you need now. Himmat says I need money. Tau ji says fine and gives him some money. Himmat says he needs Rs 50000. Tau ji is shocked and asks is he drunk. Tau ji asks why do you need so much money. He says my wife’s birthday is coming, I want to give her gold bangles. Tau ji scolds him and asks him to earn something to get his wife here with him. Himmat says all this is mine, why should I earn now. He says you allowed Simran here. Tau ji says this is my house, I will decide who will stay here. Tau ji asks him to leave. Himmat leaves. Simran hears this.

Simran stops Himmat and asks what is the matter, why does Tau ji not want your wife to come here. She says I can help you. Himmat says what will you help me, Tau ji does not listen to everyone. Himmat scolds her. Simran says I want to heal your wounds, I want to do your help. Himmat asks did Rajveer not tell you. She says I want to know from you. He tells her about his marriage and at the time of Gauna, Tau ji said till I start earning, Laali will not come in this house. He leaves annoyed.

The inspector comes to Kuldeep and his dad. He tells them about Wazeero’s case. Kuldeep says it might be because of Simran and Rajveer. The inspector tells them everything. He says she is Tau ji’s bahu whom Tau ji has kicked out from their house. Kuldeep’s dad says it means Tau ji did not accept them.. He says soon we will having a relation with Tau ji. Simran comes to Tau ji and says Himmat is not wrong. Tau ji asks what do you mean. Simran says Himmat should bring Laali home, you should agree for this.

Simran tries to convince Tau ji about bringing Laali. She says her family will be facing so much shame to keep her at their home after marriage. She says she was of your choice, why are you keeping her away. Tau ji says stop it. Simran says don’t be angry, think what I m saying. Tau ji says Himmat is useless, he can’t take her responsibility. She says if you knew this, then why did you do his marriage. Tau ji is shocked. Simran says what about that girl, she can’t say she is unmarried and she did no get to have a married life, you ave ruined her life.

Baldev threatens Simran and Rajveer.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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