Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Laali asking can she help Simran. Simran says yes, come, we will work together. Chanchal and Tai ji come there with Dadi. Simran says we don’t need your help. Tai ji says we will do some work. Rano says go and gossip, go from here. Simran says we will cook food today. Simran asks Laali to out salt in the vegs. Rajveer comes there and takes the salt. He silently goes to Simran and puts one spoon. Simran says more. Rajveer says no, its enough. He flirts and Laali gets jealous. He says I came here to help you and be closer to you.

She says no, we don’t need any help, go. He says fine, on one condition, you wear yellow ghagra today and come to me. Simran smiles and nods yes. Laali hears them. Rajveer leaves. Laali thinks I will wear it and come to you, I will ruin the celebration today. Rajveer comes in his room and sees a woman in yellow ghagra. He hugs her and says I wish to hug you whole life. He closer his eyes and kisses her. She turns and he opens his eyes. She kisses him too. He is shocked to see its Laali. He pushes her and says I m sorry, I thought its Simran.

Laali tears her dress and calls everyone acting like he misbehaved with her. She smiles and shouts for help. Rajveer is shocked and tensed. Everyone are in hall. Tau ji asks about Laali. Dadi says she went to call Rajveer. Laali comes there shouting. Everyone look on. She says help me anyone. Himmat and everyone are shocked to see her torn clothes. She hides behind Himmat and says save me, he will not leave me. He did not listen to me. Himmat asks who did this. Jaggi says tell us who is he. Gabru says we will not leave him, how dare he.

Himmat takes a knife in his hand and asks who did this. Laali points at Rajveer. Everyone is shocked. Laali tells the fake story and says I requested him to leave me, but he molested me and tear my clothes. Everyone is shocked. Rajveer says she is lying. He says I thought its Simran and hugged her, but when I saw her face, I moved back. He says I did not know you are in my room. She says no, I was afraid when he caught me, I asked him to leave me, but he did not listen to me. Rajveer says are you mad, I did not do this. He says you hugged me and when I pushed you, you started shouting. Laali cries.

Himmat starts beating Rajveer. Rajveer says how can you doubt on me. Himmat says you have balmed my wife, I will not leave you today. Simran comes in between and says I m sure Rajveer can’t do this. She says don’t blame him. Himmat calls the police. Everyone is shocked.

Laali smiles. Rajveer comes to his room and thinks about Laali’s bad act. Simran comes to him and he clarifies her. He says why did she do this with me, she has blamed me, I can’t believe this. Simran says I trust you a lot. She says I trust you more than myself. She says no one can harm us, don’t worry. She cries. Laali cries infront of Himmat. Himmat says I m with you, trust me, I won’t let anything happen to you. She says he will come again, save me. He says no one will touch you, he won’t dare to come here.

Laali says I m sorry, I m much afraid. He says trust me, I will punish Rajveer. He talks to everyone and says Rajveer should be punished. Tau ji says no, this matter can be a problem for us, Rajveer can go to jail, we will decide about it, we will solve it, this will ruin our family name. Jaggi says police came. Everyone is shocked. Himmat talks to the inspector and complaints about Rajveer. The inspector goes to take Laali’s statement. Laali smiles and thinks Rajveer will be shocked now.

The inspector arrests Rajveer. Rajveer tries to explain them that he did not do anything. Kuldeep is playing cards in jail and is happy to see Rajveer there. Kuldeep taunts him about his character. Rajveer beats him and the inspector stops them. Kuldeep says give him third degree and serve him well. The inspector says yes, you see what I do to him. Rajveer is beaten a lot in the jail. Kuldeep smiles seeing him.

Laali misbehaves with Tau ji. Tau ji shoots her. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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