Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th June 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rajender telling Simran that Tau ji will be coming tomorrow to meet Simran. Khanna says we should have taken more time. They think of talking to Rajveer’s dad. He himself calls, and Rajender tells him, he says I know you are worried. Simran tells him that please help us, how will we get ready in one day. He tells Tau ji is not listening. He asks Simran to make the arrangements soon. He wishes her all the best. Simran says we should do the arrangements tonight.

The women tell Rajveer that we are going to see a girl for you tomorrow. Jhumri teases him and he leaves. Tai ji says he got hurt by Urmila. Jhumri says we will make sure that the girl is good for Rajveer. His dad hears this and thinks it will be hard for Simran. Simran and Dimpy are practicing how to answer the guests tomorrow. Simran speaks Haryaanvi and says some recipes. Dimpy questions her and Simran answers her.

Rajveer’s parents have a discussion. He asks her to question the girl appropriately. They also do a mock interview section. He comes to Tai ji and tries to ask her if Tau ji can change his mind. He says we will make the relation only we are sure about the girl. He says we trust you. Tai ji says every woman should think and do the kitchen’s works. Tai ji says she will question the girl about food and kitchen. He says you will ask about any item. Tau ji calls Tai ji and she leaves. Hoshiyaar Singh is taking an idea from everyone. Jhumri says I will question the girl a lot. Baldev says he is worried about the girl, and he jokes on her. Hoshiyaar is worried about Simran as he hears what Jhumri said.

He tries to know more from Jhumri. He says Tau ji has trusted Rajender, but we should be sure about the girl, he says don’t question the girl so much. Jhumri says what is bad if I ask anything. Baldev agrees with Hoshiyaar. Jhumri says shall I not ask anything. Baldev says you ask, but good questions. Hoshiyaar leaves.

Simran is preparing with Dimpy. She is feeling sleepy and Simpy wakes her up. Dimpy says don’t torture yourself, if you want to sleep, then go ahead. Simran says its a matter of one night, I have to read everything. Simran says you make a book for girls, and it will be helpful for the girls. Dimpy gets Hoshiyaar’s call and he tells her everything. He asks her to write the questions. Dimpy writes down. Simran reads it.

The women get ready and Hoshiyaar is tensed. Rajveer’s sister says she will also ask the girl. Daddu and Dadi are fighting. Everyone laugh. Dadi says where Ram Pyaari. Tau ji feels her absence and goes to Tai ji. He comes to her and asks her why are you not coming with us. She tells I m not well. He says why are you ready then. Tau ji tells her that he is worried about Himmat also, and he cannot sleep properly thinking about his son. He says Himmat is my son and I worry about him a lot, but what can I do.

Tau ji tells her that the Lord knows when will that day come, when he can sleep peacefully. He says you need to understand that I’m the head of this house, and I have to think about the family, its my responsibility. If I bow down to Himmat, my family will be apart. He says I see Rajveer and Himmat in the same way, but I want Himmat to become like Rajveer. The day it happens, I will bring his wife with band. I wait for the day, more than Himmat. Tai ji says lets go, everyone might be waiting for us. Tau ji smiles.

Everyone leave to meet Simran. Dimpy asks Simran are you ready, Simran is ready and looks gorgeous. Dimpy smiles seeing her. Rajender is informed that they have come. Khanna says Jeevanlal was drinking wine, he scolds Jeevanlal, but Jeevanlal comes and says he is not ready to become Simran’s dad. He won’t go infront of Tau ji. Everyone are shocked.

The women like Simran. A phone rings, and everyone look at it. Simran is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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