Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 19th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dadi thinking about Simran’s truth and thinking to tell it to Tau ji. Tau ji comes to her and asks what are you thinking. Dadi says its about Simran. Simran hears them talking. Dadi says its Simran’s secret. Tau ji asks what secret. Simran stops Dadi from saying it to Tau ji. Tau ji looks at her. Simran comes to her and asks Dadi not to say anything. Dadi says no, I will tell him, everything will be fine, he will forgive you. Simran says no, I will tell him myself. Tau ji says I want to know whats the secret that is hidden from me. He asks Dadi. Dadi changes the matter and Simran is relieved.

Tau ji laughs hearing Simran like guavas. He says was this the secret. He asks why was Simran stopping you from saying.

Dadi says maybe she felt you will be annoyed as she is our bahu. Tau ji says she can have it here too. He says I will ask Hoshiyar and Baldev to bring guavas for you. He laughs and goes. Simran requests Dadi not to tell this to Tau ji. She says its not a small thing as you are thinking. I will tell him when the time comes, don’t worry.

Its night, Khanna is talking to the doctor and thinking what might be Simran doing now. He calls her and asks how are you. She says fine. He says I have a good news for you, the doctor was praising you and he was saying Rajveer will get his memory back. He asks her not to risk her life again. Simran says he is my life. Khanna says you are my life, don’t let anything happen to you. Simran says fine. Himmat hears Simran talking in english and thinks of going and telling it to Didi in the morning.

Its morning, Himmat comes to Didi and sees Dadi. He asks Dadi when will Didi’s meditation end. Dadi asks why. Didi hears them talking and asks him what happened. Himmat says I brought some news about Simran. She asks what. Himmat says I hears Simran talking to her dad on phone. She says Rajveer is her life and she can die for him. Dadi says yes, she is bearing all this for him. Didi says she does not care about her life, but she will care whom she loves. Dadi says are you talking about Rajveer. Didi says no, I m talking about her dad.

Didi says I want to keep Simran away from Rajveer by some plan. Dadi asks whats your plan. Didi says I want to kidnap her dad and then we will ask her to be away from Rajveer, she will agree to our condition. Himmat says great. She says you have to do this work. She says I want to see you honestly you can work for me, go now and do this work. Himmat leaves. Dadi is tensed and thinks of telling this to Simran. Didi stops Dadi and asks her to come with her as its her husband’s birthday today. She says I want to donate some things. Dadi says we will go but I have some work.

Didi insists. Dadi agrees. Didi smiles. Himmat asks his friends to kidnap Khanna. They leave in the car. Didi is doing the puja in the mandir for her husband’s sake. Dadi is worried as she has to meet Simran and inform her. Dadi asks Didi when will we go. Didi says why are you in hurry. Dadi says lets go and see whether Himmat did the work or not. Didi says wait for some time. Didi thanks the pandit and says I will come again. Dadi wishes the Lord saves Simran’s dad.

Dadi and Didi come home. Didi asks where are you going. Dadi says bathroom. Didi says fine. Dadi comes to Simran and says ask your dad to run away from his house as Didi has sent Himmat to kidnap your dad. Simran is shocked. Khanna is kidnapped by Himmat’s friends. Khanna gets Simran’s call and the goons take the call saying your dad is kidnapped. Simran gets worried. Khanna talks to Simran and says don’t worry about me, I mf ine, don’t agree to their terms.

They ask Simran to tell the truth to Tau ji else they will kill her dad. Simran cries. Didi comes to Simran and says I can see that you got your dad’s news. She says come, tell the truth to Tau ji. Didi says how much time you take, your dad will be hurt. Didi asks what happened, are you afraid to go to Tau ji. She says take this prasad, and go there. She asks her to come soon and leaves. Simran is tensed and meets Dadi. Dadi asks where are you going. Simran says to Tau ji to tell my truth. Dadi says are you mad. Simran says I have to save my dad, Didi can do anything, she has killed her own dad, what will she care about my dad.

Dadi says she won’t leave you so easily. Simran asks what should I do now, how to save my dad. Didi sees them talking and asks Dadi what are you talking, are you fooling me. Dadi starts crying and says are you doubting on me. I was telling Simran to tell her truth to Tau ji else I will kill her. Didi apologizes to Dadi for doubting her. Didi says Tau ji is not at home, when he comes back, go and tell him the truth. Simran tells Dadi I have to tell the truth to Tau ji to save my dad.

Dadi claps and says great, now I m sure that you have become a village illiterate girl. Simran asys what can I do now, I can’t see any way to save my dad. Dadi says you have to make the way, have trust in yourself, you are educated, you can do anything. She says you can’t lose like this. She says think about your love, about your dad who always supported you. She says think if he knows you lost, he will die himself. Simran thinks about her dad’s words. Simran thanks Dadi. Dadi says only you can end Didi’s sins. Simran says yes, I will.

Simran talks to Didi and taunts her. Didi says no one can save your dad now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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