Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 17th September 2013 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 17th September 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 17th September 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Rano telling everyone that Simran and Rajveer came back. Everyone are happy and welcome them. Didi sits in the hall waiting for them. Daddu blesses them. Dadi says we are eagerly waiting for you. Rajveer and Simran greet everyone. Tau ji says how can I bless you, for what, you lied to me for the first time in your life. Tau ji says I don’t understand why you lied for such a small thing. If you wanted to take Simran, you should have told me. If I can send you Singapore, I would have sent you with your wife. Don’t you trust your Tau ji. Tau ji says I m hurt by your lie. Rajveer and Simran feel bad. Rajveer says I know I did a mistake, but you can punish me whatever you want to. He says but bless me first, else it will be a bad thing for me. Tau ji says you don’t know I was wishing to see you both fine. He says I m happy and my anger vanished seeing you. Tau ji hugs Rajveer and blesses them.

Tau ji asks the inspector who were the ones who kidnapped. The inspector says no, they run away. The inspector says Simran was unwell, she needed help so we did not go after the goons. Simran says she is fine now. Chanchal says forget this incident. Simran says yes and says I m fine seeing all of you. The inspector asks Simran who were they who kidnapped you. Himmat comes home. Everyone looks on for Simran’s reply. Tau ji asks Simran to tell everyone who kidnapped her. Tau ji takes Himmat’s name.

Tau ji says Himmat was not at home after you both went and he came back when you both came. Tau ji asks Rajveer to say the truth. Rajveer says no, they were wearing masks and they were two people, we don’t know them. The inspector asks them to think well and tell them later. He says there is some enemy who did this. Rajveer looks at Didi. Rajveer says I don’t have any enemy. Tau ji says I think the inspector is right, no one called me for money, someone is taking revenge from you. The inspector says the reason can be anything. The police leaves. Tau ji asks them to take rest now and tell him later what happened.

Tau ji stops Himmat and says who asked you to leave. He asks him where he was till now. Tau ji asks Didi also. Didi smiles and gives him the prasad. Tau ji asks whats this. Didi says its prasad, take it. She says I brought this prasad from Kali Mata Mandir. I went there with Himmat. She praises Himmat and says he did jagran with me. Tau ji says I am forgiving you today, but you have to take permission from me the next time. Didi looks at Himmat and smiles. Rajveer and Simran talk about Didi and Himmat. Rajveer says if we name them, they would have caught you. He says I can’t lie to Tau ji. He got hurt by my lie. Simran says yes, he got hurt. Rajveer says Didi wants to know about you, but we have to hide this truth. Simran says why is Didi so desperate to know my truth.

Rajveer says I don’t know why she id doing this. Simran says I m the reason for your tension, but only few days are left now. Simran cuts the dates on the calender. She says just one week, bear me and my lies, after that I will go out from your life forever. Simran cries.

Himmat comes to Didi and brings flowers for her. He says accept my gift. Didi asks why. He says Rajveer did not take my name and you saved me. Didi throws the flowers and kicks them. Himmat says what are you doing. Didi says your mind is not working. She says you got saved, and you are happy, but I think I failed. Himmat says why. Didi says fool, I could not know about Simran’s truth because you got afraid. Didi says think how would be the truth which she did not tell us. She says you won’t understand, leave from here. Rajveer comes to Didi and argues with her. He says I know everything. I came here to explain you something. He says you don’t like Simran, insulted her but I kept quiet because I respect elders. He says its sad that you have forgotten your values. Didi says how dare you talk to me like this. Rajveer says you are the reason for this.

Rajveer taunts Didi and says to get respect, you have to do something good. Didi laughs. He says I did not take your name infront of Tau ji, don’t think I got afraid, think of it as my favor on you. He greets her and leaves. Didi says I will bring out Simran’s truth infront of everyone and will reply to Rajveer’s words. She gets very much angry.

Didi tells everyone that Rajveer is lying. She says I know who kidnapped Simran. Hoshiyar is tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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