Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 17th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 17th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 17th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chanchal being shocked hearing Simran speak english. Simran fools Chanchal. She tells her that someone told Didi that you all helped me in cooking and she has thrown me out of Rajveer’s room. Chanchal hugs Simran. Simran feels upset that she had to lie to Chanchal. Didi and Himmat talk about Simran. Himmat says it was me who heard Simran’s plan. Didi says it means jaggi is helping Simran. She says Dadi told me that everyone helped Simran in making food. She says I have made Simran’s plan fail. Didi is happy.

Himmat says Rajveer felt that Simran was trying to kill you, its great. They have a victory laugh. Its morning, Tau ji is taking the food prepared in the jeep for the mandir. Simran gives the list

of items to jaggi and asks him to bring it from the market. jaggi says I will bring everything. Simran says I want some time to spend with Rajveer. jaggi says I know the importance. Tau ji calls jaggi and he leaves. Chanchal asks Simran to go to the mandir. She says you have to serve food to the people, get ready. Simran is tensed. Himmat smiles hearing this.

Tau ji says Didi should have come till now, we are getting late. Didi says i have to stay here to take care of Rajveer as he is having fever. Tau ji says fine, stay here. Didi says I can’t stay as the pandit called me. Simran says I will stay. Tau ji says if you stay, it won’t be good. We have to make you do the Daan. Didi says no its ok, we can serve food to people. Tau ji agrees and jaggi says I will also stay here. He says I don’t have any work there. Tau ji says fine, stay with everyone at home. Simran smiles.

Didi sees Simran and jaggi smiling and thinks. Everyone leaves for the mandir. jaggi says the way is clear now. Simran says yes, but I don’t understand how Didi left today so easily. She says I don’t understand her behavior. jaggi says the Lord has helped you, don’t think much, I will bring the items, you get ready. They dress up Rajveer and Simran also gets dressed like she used to be in Singapore. jaggi brings Rajveer to Simran.

Rajveer looks at the room and the lighting. Simran appears in short clothes. Rajveer looks at her. Simran smiles. Simran says finally you came, but why did you come late. jaggi leaves. Simran talks to Rajveer normally and makes his tie right. She says what are you looking at, come with me. She says see, I made everything according to your taste. She reminds him about the past. She holds his hand and music plays……………….. They start dancing. Kaisa ye ishq hai……………. song plays…………….They have an eyelock staring at each other.

Simran and Rajveer get closer and are about to kiss. Didi opens the door and is shocked to see Simran in western clothes. She shouts….. Simran is shocked to see Didi. Didi looks at her clothes and says these are your traditions. Simran says its nothing like that. Didi says you are caught now. She says you are a city girl who is educated. She says wait here, I will tell this to Tau ji, think what he will do. Didi takes Simran with her dragging her outside. Rajveer sees them and comes after them.

Didi brings her to her room. Simran says don’t tell this to anyone. Simran says I m doing this to make Rajveer well. Didi shuts her in the room. Simran asks Rajveer to come and save her. Rajveer comes and stops Didi. He goes inside the room and Didi locks them inside.

Simran smiles and comes to Rajveer. She thanks Rajveer for helping her. She says I did not want my truth to come infront of everyone like this, but now nothing can change, Tau ji won’t let me stay in this house now, I will lose you forever. She starts crying saying I know you love me, you also dreamed about our future. But you stopped your love and feelings because of your traditions and limitations. She holds his hand and cries. She kisses his hand. He wipes her tears seeing her cry. She says Rajveer, I felt that you are understanding my words.

She says you are reacting seeing me, I know you forgot everything but you still love me, tell me. She says this situation is strange, you used to hide your feelings but now you are unable to say anything, I know you still love me and will always love me. He stares at her. She says there is something good that happened, Didi has left us alone. The Lord also wanted us to be together. She hugs him and cries.

Everyone come back home from the mandir. Tau ji praises Simran. Didi comes to them and tells them Simran’s truth that she is not a simple village girl but a modern city girl, she is educated. Tau ji and everyone are shocked. jaggi hears this and gets worried. Didi says i will show you all. Didi says when we were at the mandir, she was in this house and was dancing with Rajveer wearing short clothes like a shameless woman. Everyone are shocked. Hoshiyar asks jaggi whats this. jaggi says its true.

Everyone are outside the door to see Simran. They are shocked to see her.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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