Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 15th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 15th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with the man speaking against Hoshiyar. Tau ji, Hoshiyar and everyone are shocked. Tau ji looks at Hoshiyar angrily. The man apologizes and runs. Himmat taunts Hoshiyar. Laali cries and says he did what a father can do for his son, how could he see Rajveer losing, you got respect in this house for the first time. She says Himmat did much hardwork. Hoshiyar says the man lied to me. Tau ji scolds Hoshiyar. Hoshiyar says don’t you trust me, do you think I m lying. Tau ji says I believe you, but what to do, when the man spoke against you.

Tau ji says I can’t think you will do this for Rajveer. Everyone are shocked. Tau ji says this new kitchen is of Tai ji from tomorrow. Tai ji and Laali smile. Tau ji leaves. Its morning, Chanchal gives tea to Tau ji but Tai ji stops her, she gives tea to Tau ji. Tai ji says I will take care of food for Tau ji and Himmat. Everyone are shocked. Simran and Rano look on and think what will Dadi do now. Dadi misses Daddu and says he would have been happy to get two teas, but for me, I m not happy seeing the division in this house, so I decided I will not drink tea.

She says don’t make food for me, I won’t eat such food, if I eat, then only from single kitchen, else I will have food in the temple. Tai ji feels bad and says I will serve food. Laali comes to Tai ji and says its our first day of our kitchen, so lets make something tasty, which Himmat and Tau ji likes. Tai ji smiles. Simran hears this and thinks to find out what is in Laali’s mind.

Jaggi brings food from temple for Dadi. Tai ji and Laali serve food Tau ji and Himmat. Simran talks to Dadi and speaks against Laali. She tells her everything about Laali. Dadi says maybe it is right, but Tai ji is the biggest bahu, but she did not talk to us like this before, maybe someone filled her ears, if this is true, then she is dangerous for our house. She says Didi and Rajjo could not do this, and she did this in few days. Simran says yes, I m thinking the same. Dadi says we have to think why is Laali doing this, what will she get doing this.

Laali comes to them. Dadi acts rude to her. Laali cries and takes her into confidence. Laali says I came to tell the truth that I feel connected to Simran. She says Simran changed and doubted on me. She says as I have supported for my husband and thought for Tai ji, this is my duty. Laali says help me, I can’t go against them, and can’t give you all the answer. Laali says show me some way. She leaves smiling. Its night, Laali talks to Kuldeep and says I m missing you. He asks her to come and meet him.

He says come out, open the door, I have a surprise for you. She comes out and is happy to see him. Kuldeep says I was missing you, so I came to meet you. She hugs him and says come with me. Simran comes in the hall thinking about Laali. She thinks to talk to Laali soon. She sees the main door open and goes out. Kuldeep says I m respected by the police. Simran hears someone talking and goes to see. She bumps into a pot and Laali gets to hear it. Kuldpee hides seeing Simran. Simran says stop who is it. Kuldeep runs out. Simran runs after him but could not see him. Simran thinks who was he and with whom was he talking on the terrace. Simran comes and sees Laali there.

Laali starts lying and acts innocent. Simran asks her what is her truth. Laali says fine, I will tell my truth. She says your doubt is true on me, I will do this only, I will break this house. Simran asks but why. Laali shows a green chilli and eats it. She says I will tell everyone my truth. I will make them their enemies slowly, and dangerous ones, you will just wait and watch. Simran is shocked and cries. Laali leaves smiling.

Dadi is leaving the house. Dadi says I can’t stop my tears. Tai and Chanchal unite. Laali is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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