Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th December 2013 Written Episode, Kaisa Yeh Ishq Hai Ajab Sa Risk Hai 11th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Didi telling Rajveer how much wrong Simran is. Simran says this is not right, she tries to talk to Rajveer. Didi warns her to be away from Rajveer else she will kick her out of the house. Simran cries. Didi takes Rajveer with her and leaves. Simran’s tear falls on Rajveer’s hand and he looks at it and then turns to see Simran. Simran says no, I will not be away from Rajveer and can’t see this happening with him, I will make him remember everything. Hoshiyar is talking on phone with someone. Simran and jaggi come to him. Simran says help me. Hoshiyar asks what happened. Simran says Didi is always after me, she is showing her motherly love to Rajveer and is not allowing me to go to him.

She says she is filling

Rajveer’s ears against me and is treating him like a kid. We should make him strong, I know how to treat him. Hoshiyar asks how do you know how to treat him, are you hiding anything. Simran tells him that she is in touch with a Singaporean doctor and she is taking his help. jaggi says even Dadi knows about it. Hoshiyar is shocked and says did you tell her about Singapore. Simran says no, I told her about the Delhi doctor. Simran says help me to be with Rajveer.

Hoshiyar says you have to be careful as no one should know your truth. Simran says we will see that later. Hoshiyar says if anyone comes to know, then you will have to go away from Rajveer forever. Simran says I can’t leave Rajveer like this, nothing is more important to me than him. Hoshiyar says i will talk to Tau ji about this. Didi comes to Tau ji and everyone in the hall and asks whats going on. Tau ji says we have to talk about Rajveer. Didi says yes, say.

Tau ji says tell me you want to see Rajveer well or not. Didi says any doubt in this. She laughs on the question. Tau ji says but I can’t see it in your behavior. He says you are not allowing Simran to be near him, will you make Rajveer well without her help. Didi says so this is because of Simran. Didi says its good that I allowed to be with us in this house. Hoshiyar says Simran knows a doctor who can help Simran is treating Rajveer. Didi says I don’t want Simran to cure Rajveer, I don’t want her to be near him. So don’t advice me about her. Tau ji says don’t forget that you brought Rajveer in this state.

Didi says you also don’t forget that you are responsible for all this as you have hided about my son’s truth. I got angry that day because of you. She says it would be good if you leave me alone with Rajveer. Tau ji says what would happen if you take Simran’s help. He says I trust her, she will cure him. he says look in her eyes, it has love and care for Rajveer. He says we all love Rajveer, think about this, agree to us and allow Simran to be with Rajveer, I have full faith that she will make Rajveer fine. Everyone look at Didi. Didi says if you all feel this that she can do this, fine. Simran and everyone are happy.

Didi says I have one condition. She has to prove that she is a good bahu, then I will permit her to be with Rajveer. Tau ji says what is it now. Didi says I know her well that no one knows. She speaks against Simran. She says she is very clever. She says ask her to become a good bahu, I will give her a work, if she does it, then I will allow her. Tau ji says but….. Dadi says Didi is right, whats wrong in this. Didi smiles. Didi asks Simran are you fine to become my bahu. Simran says yes, I will do what you say, I m ready.

Didi says good, come with me. She brings Simran to the store room and says I will break your ego now. Simran asks what do I have to do. Didi says you have to make this room fine, clean it and make it usable. She says clean every item and end this work today itself, only then I will allow you to spend some time with Rajveer. Simran is tensed seeing the big room. Didi says I will settle the scores with you now and laughs. She asks her to start working.

Didi is with Dadi. Dadi tries to know her plan. Didi says Simran can’t do the work today. She says she will get tired and will not spend any time with Rajveer. Dadi says you have done the right thing. Dadi tells Didi to go and visit a mandir and a sage. She says every disease can be got rid of by him, Rajveer can be fine by meeting him. Didi is happy and says I will go to him tomorrow. Dadi says go now itself, if you worry about Rajveer. Didi says who will see Simran then. Dadi says I will see her. Didi says fine, I will go now with Himmat. Dadi smiles.

Himmat sees Simran cleaning the room and is happy. Chanchal brings Rajveer downstairs. Himmat see them and hides. He says lets see how she reacts seeing Simran suffer. Chanchal sees Simran cleaning the room and is shocked. She says whats this. Himmat laughs. Simran talks to Chanchal and is happy to see Rajveer. She tells Chanchal that if she does this work, Didi will allow her to spend one hour with Rajveer. Chanchal says Didi did not do this right. Chanchal says I will help you. Simran says I have to do this alone. Didi comes and says Chanchal, do you even know whats wrong. Chanchal is shocked.

Dadi tells Simran that these ladies will help you. Didi is coming to them with Himmat. She is shocked to see the room.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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