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Hope you all are enjoying this story…lets move on to our  story…
Dadi came…
Da;abhi…abhi turns…haa dadi…tell me…
Da:abhi do you decided when you are leaving ….
Ab;why dadi…do you want me to leave soon…
Da;no beta…if you inform the date that you are leaving early then I can arrange every thing perfectly..
Ab;what arrangements..
Da;as the costume of leaving home to pragya..

Da;yes abhi…actually there are some rituals to be done when you are leaving with you wife …as she is moving on to other home leaving her own to make the other as hers..abhi…pragya is really nice girl…she is perfect match for you..she can understand you more than anyone.. so don’t think too much now…
Ab;no dadi I can understand everything..
Da;no abhi..you cant understand anything..if so you will hear your heart saying..
Ab;what is it saying dadi..
Da;you started to like her..

Ab;dadi…the matter is not about liking…its about love.. .
Da;abhi… when I talk with your mom ..
Ab;Dadi..i don’t want to hear about them.
Ab;no  dadi…whatever you order I will agree but not in the case of them as they are nothing to me..
He angrily goes out…
Da;I don’t knew when this will change.. .and  cried.. .
When Abhi comes out he sees pragya entering house..without noticing her he goes outside..
Pragya enters room and sees  dadi crying …an anger raise at her face..without asking anything to dadi ..she goes to see abhi..see him watching tv…she switch off it.. .
Ab;what are you doing ?

Pragya came to near to him..now they are face to face..
Pr;what are you thinking of yourself…you only have mind and knowledge..we cant understand anything.. who are you to be anger with my dadi..keep your anger on yourself don’t ever show it on my dadi…(Actually during this time she is boiling in anger )
Pragya started to leave..at that time abhi twist her hand to backside and pulls her towards him..now she is like lying on abhis chest..
Ab;stay in your limits..and don’t try to come inbetween our family matters…and leaves her…

Pragya was really hurt by his words…without uttering a word pragya moves from there..while leaving she just look at abhi..abhi too look at her.. but abhi came to knew how much she get hurt by his word..suddenly he feels so guilty..and sad…
Ab;abhi.. why are you always like this..showing your anger on others.. look how she is looking now…what you done man…?? Can’t you see her love towards dadi..thats make her to talk me like that.. but what you did idiot..
Dadi came there..

Da;abhi..did pragya leaves..
Ab;haa dadi…
Da;what happened abhi…
Abhi explained everything..
Da;what did you done abhi..go and ask sorry to her..
Abhi look confused..
Ab;no dadi..i will not…and he go back to his room.and peeps through his window to see her…

No she is not there..
Time files…she is not seen yet…
Chiku who enters pragyas room and close the window..
Abhi feel disappointed..
Ab;look abhi..she is not even coming to her room..may be she told chiku to close that window…abhi cant you see her innocence.. you can’t even ask sorry shame of you…no I will ask sorry …i can..with this thought abhi moves to pragyas house..and press the bell..

Sarla who opens the door..
Sa;abhi beta…come..get inside..
Abhi enters..
Sa:sit here.i will bring something to drink…
Ab;no auntyji..shanker came..
Abhi stood up..
Sh;sit betaji..sarla get something for him..

Sa;k ji..
Sh;so abhi..whats your plan..when you are leaving..
Ab;Actually I  didn’t planned yet..(during this time abhi Abhi is roaming his eyes to all direction to see at least shadow of pragya)
Sarla came with coffee..abhi takes it..
Sa;actually why we ask so as before leaving there is a custom of giving pragya to you..and fixing date for shantimuhurtham (suwagarath)
Actually abhi don’t knew what this shantimuhurtham..

Sa;abhi are you searching someone asks smilingly..
Ab;actually auntyji..i just came to talk with pragya..
Sa:she is on terrace..go and meet her..
Abhi is climbing steps..and stops by hearing pragya talking to chiku..
Chiku;darling what happened to you ..why are you looking so upset..
Pr;no chiku..iam not upset..
Chiku;no you are telling lie.. I knew you quite well..you look like this when you are sad..or hurt by something..

Pr;no chiku..i Told you n.a…
Chi;darling…i don’t like him..and seeing you with him..
Chi;that rockstar..
Pr;why ?
Chi;he is not good…you don’t knew about him..he is a bad boy..
Pr;hey n.a… he is a bad boy..angry bird..
Chi;angry bird…

Pr;haa..chiku we play that game n.a… he look like that red bird..when he is at anger..
Chi;darling..did he show his anger on you…
It was this time chiku notice a mark at pragyas hand..
Chiku;darling..why this mark is on your hand…
Abhi think about what happened  between them and how he hold her hand..
Pr:my hand just hit on that table..

Chiku;which table…i will break it.. there is no need of that table on this home…
Pr;chiku.. don’t be get anger then I will call you too by that name..
Chi;no..i don’t need that name..
Pr;chiku.. .go and study well your mom will looking for you at home..
Chi;k ..iam leaving we will see tomorrow..abhi hides …when chiku leaves he headed towards pragya..
Pragya is looking at star..

Pragya turns..
Ab;sorry…i knew I hurt you by my words.. actually Iam always like this.. I lose my control when I get anger..i didn’t bother  who is standing In front of me at that time..sorry…
Pr;donf be sorry.;abhi.. if you anger then show that to me.. I can understand the reason for it..but not at dadi…please try to control yourself when you are with dadi..your words will hurt her most..
Ab;what about you..it will not hurt you
Ab;Is because of that you gave me new name..angry bird..abhi smiles..

Episode ends….

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