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Episode starts with dadi asking pragya…beti did you like that ring…abhi choose this for you..

Abhi look at dadi..pragya nods..
Sarla;I will get something to drink..
Ab;no maa…you just sit here..
Pr;Maa..baba .can we go outside…
Shanker; why are you asking me..you are going with your husband right .they all smiles..
Da;K beta..you both go outside and have some fresh air..they both goes out..
Chiku:darling..are you going without me..
Pr;yes chiku…we will back soon..afterthat we can go..
Chiku;is he looking better than me
Pragya look at abhi..
Pr;who told you that .you are my hero..and look at him..oh no..i can’t compare you with him..look at his nose it’s like kangaroo nose right.. chiku smriks at abhi..
Chiku;then k..you both go ..please come soon..i will be waiting for you darling..
Pragya;K…and started to walk..abhi too..
Ab;is my nose that much bad..pragya smiles..and my face can’t  compare with him..and look at pragya..

Pr;he is small kid..but you are not n.a..cant you understand..
Abhi smiles..as now he knew that she did it for making him happy..but why I feel bad when she said that I am not looking good…
Ab;I want to tell you one thing..
Pr;I knew that ring is dadis selection..not yours right..
Ab;surprisingly…how can you knew that..
Pr;I knew dadi quite well she is a great dramebaaz…
Abhi smiles..
Pr; I knew you feel uncomfortable to talk with me there ..so I thought we can go out to speak up ..
Abhi:(in mind) how can she knew that too…
Pr; from your face itself I understand that..
Pr: sometimes there is no need to tell something openly to close ones..they  can read that from your face itself…..
Ab;But we are not close ones right..
Pragya look at him…
Pr;ya..we are not…sometimes some connections are ajeeb hein.some dil ki connections bi…and look at abhi…
Abhi  (in mind): ajeeb se ladki hein..there is something special in  her which make me to feel to hear her like this…
Pr:if you don’t mind ..you can talk what you want….(in mind..i don’t knew how I become comfortable with him to talk like this…i thought I can’t even face him..but now.. )
Ab:(I want to tell her about this MARRAIGE…it must be impossible.. but now I don’t feel to say so…but how can I adjust with her.. )
Pr;are you there..
Ab;haa..i want to tell you….but..

Ab;can we talk about this tomorrow..its been so long time na..they all are waiting for us..
Pr;k…abhi started to walk..suniye..abhi look at her..i don’t knew how to call you..thats why..
Ab;call me abhi..
Pr,no..i can’t..
Pr;because it’s not good to call you by name …
Ab;I am calling you pragya right ..if so that too not good right..
Pr;no ..not like that..
Ab;then ..
Pr;actually calling husband by name is not good..
Ab:so that’s the matter.. do one thing.. call me suniye in front of them and call abhi when we are alone..
Pragya smiles..
Ab;so fast…k bolo..
Pr; abhi.. we both are dealing with same  situation now..and i knew what you are feeling now..i too not feel good..but I respect this mangalsutra and kumkum..
Ab;I can understand you…but..
Pr;I knew.. you forget me right..and don’t  knew that I am still here waiting for you..
Abhi look surprised..
Pr;don’t look me so..i knew otherwise you will talk with me..when you call dadi and at that time when I take the phone..or you will just say your dad about me..
Ab; do you feel sad in that..
Ab;actually I don’t knew …i thought all this as competition…
Pr; some competition become real right…
Ab;(in mind ..how can she talk like that I thought she will be get upset ) how can you..
Pr; actually in these days each day I thought about you..
Abhi look at her.. you must not come …you must not come …when everyone talk about you…when I see you in tv…i think about you.. at that time I think all this.. so knewing this will not affect me..
Ab;you are ajeeb si ladki hein..
Pragya smilingly ..within this time you must have Told this more than 5 times In your mind right..
Abhi..when we are living our life for someone..or for waiting for someone is different feeling..
Pr;so can we go now…

They both return home..
Sarla;you both aagayi…come let’s have food..abhi dadi Shanker sarla sits on table..pragya serves food..
Ab;are you not having with us looking at pragya..
Da;oh abhi this much care for your wife.. pragya sit with him..otherwise he can’t ate properly..
At that time chiku reached and sit beside abhi..
Chiku;darling you sit here..shown a seat near to him..abhi look at chiku..chiku smriks..
Ab;why I feel jealous to that boy for the one who is nothing to me..is she become something to me..
All have food..

Da:abhi can we leave now.. Abhi look around and couldn’t see pragya..
Ab;K we can go..
Abhi while leaving the house hear chiku and pragya talking..
Chiku; that abhi ek kadoos hey na darling.. I hate him..
Abhi stops there to hear what her reply..
Pr;haa chiku..yeh ek number ka  kadoos n.a….
Ab;what she told I am kadoos…
Pr;kadoos hey ..but acha kadoos..
Abhi smiles..
Da;abhi are you coming…
Ab;haa dadi…
They enter the house..
Pr;chiku..i feel so tired can we talk later.
Chiku;K darling.. he goes..pragya look room..
Abhi too reach his room..and look through his window to see pragya.. he couldn’t see her feel disappointed.. once again he tried..an unknown smile came his face…as he see pragya..pragya too see him and smiles..
So guys what you are thinking now..if you feel any dragging just tell me frankly

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  1. Wow honey nice n love u lot

  2. Nice episode sissy…..

  3. No ur not dragging….. nice epi…waiting for nxt

  4. Saranya24

    Not at all dear its awesome loved to the core love u darlu??????

  5. Reshma_Pradeep


  6. Sowji

    Nice story….awaiting for next ff..

  7. Vishvaja

    This is so nice di… I love this episode di…I simply love this ff..waiting for abhi’s reply for pragya di…I also loved the scenes where chiku and Abhigya are present…so much love…Good to see abhi getting jealous di…wow…love you so much di

  8. Supr epi…so nice..

  9. Prathi

    Hey Hari it’s so good… I love Chiku in this??

  10. It’s nice. Countinue. And give double updates once in a while. Can’t wait for their silly fights. Make Abhi relize his love faster.

  11. Amazing dii…i loved it to the core dii…all scene are awesome…
    Eagerly waiting for nxt part dii..

  12. Aditiroy

    Super ji…wow liked it…continue soon yaar

  13. So great ya…but plz translate for Hindi plz….

  14. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr…………. Really very fabulous…… I loved it……..

  15. nice update dear.keep rocking

  16. Superbbbbb yarrrrr…… I loved it <3………….. Please make abhi to love <3 <3 pragya yarrrr…… It will be fabulous

  17. Its not dragging dear… Its really interesting and awesome chotti…. Pls continue
    today abhigya scence and chiku scence awesome….

  18. Fantastic dii…its not at all dragging or boring….a fresh story line… abhigya conversation is really superb…in quite period of time pragya understand abhi well…superb update… want abhi to realize his feelings….waiting for the next one dii….

  19. sooo nice and no dragging at all just proceed,,,,bt I think today’s update is somehow short

  20. so sweet episode sis waiting for next episode

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