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Next morning…
Pragya wakes up …by hearing sound from outside…she peeps through the door to knew what is happening outside..
Shanker; arey sarla..dont you finished doing that..come ..please help me in this decoration..
Sarla:arey …aap Kya bath karthi hoom..look I have lot of works in kitchen..i don’t knew what abhi will like so I am making everything..
Shanker: where is pragya my Angel..

Pr;at last you both think about me…hello what s going on here. This is my birthday right..why are you giving importance to him..
Sarla:I agree this is your birthday but today we give more importance to abhi..pragya make a pout in her face..
Shanker ;my Angel.. just go and get ready ..they both will come soon..
Pr;Oh baba..they are just opposite to this house..and dadi has seen me many times..
Sarla:dadi have seen you.
But not abhi..
Pr:what is the need of that..

Sarla smilingly..let him see your beauty and fall in it Angel..
Pr:I don’t want to show it In front of him..and goes..
Shanker: my Angel is still a kid right..how fast time files…
After sometimes..
All preparations are over..shanker and sarla are excited to see abhi..here our hero comes…
Shanker and sarla take blessing from dadi..abhi take blessing from them..
Shanker happily hugs abhi..
Shanker ;abhi beta..how are you..we all are waiting for you..come sit..
Sarla:please sit beta..
Abhi and dadi sits..abhi can see the happiness in their face..a satisfaction on Shanker face as his choice was correct..at that time chiku came.. .

Chiku sees abhi..abhi smiles..
Sarla:chiku beta..where were you all this time..we are waiting for you..
Chiku:don’t call me beta…i knew now you all don’t want me…
All other was confused by his reply but abhi knew the reason for that..
Chiku;where is my darling..
Shanker :in her room..looking angrily on abhi ..he moves there..
Screen shifted to pragyas room..
Pragya is walking tensly in her room..like left right left .
Chiku sees this..
Chiku;darling what happened to you..

Pr:chiku you came..and hugs him..chiku is he came..
Pr:that person who came to dadis house..
Chiku;who is that..and how he connected with you..
Pr:he is abhi…

Pr:I don’t knew.. and look at her mangalsutra..
Chiku:is he came here to take you with him..will you go by leaving me alone..he started to cry..
Pragya consoles chiku..
Pr:my  chiku is strong boy hey n.a… why are you crying..
Chiku;you will go with him n.a…
Pr;who told you that..
Chiku:  I knew.. Will you.. .

Suddenly pragyas Heart started to beat fast..he placed her hands near the chest…and turns…
Abhi who enters the room get mesmerized in her beauty…her hairs are flying in air…she is wearing a green saree of one fleet ..which is so nice so that he can see through it…
Chiku:you here…why are you hear..

Pragya suddenly gets up from the bed…
Sarla:chiku..just come with me..and take his hand..pragya signs him to go.. with hesitation he leaves..now abhi and pragya are alone in that room..both are looking each other without other ones notice..there remained silence..
By breaking silence..
Ab:happy birthday pragya..and handover the bouquet..pragya keep it on table.. both want to talk something .but dont knew how to start…
Abhi then look around the room there he sees their MARRAIGE photo and his photos from there to till now..and look at pragya..
Pr;these all are my mother’s work not mine.. Abhi smiles..
Ab;is that much bad to collect my photos..
Pr;no…actually it’s Maa who did this..collect all your photos and hang here..so that..pragya cut off her words..
Ab;so that..

Abhi smiles..as he knew what she going to tell..
Ab;so what are you doing…
Pr:doing means about my job..
Pr;actually I am doing some research works..
Pr:in music…
Ab;Oh…s0 you love music…may be you love music too..
Pr;loving music doesn’t mean  that I love your music..
Ab;so you hate my music..
Pr;I didn’t say so..
Ab ; there is only two answer one you loves it or not .

Pr;is there answer for every questions..
Pr;if so can I ask you a question..
Ab; actually I am not at all that much brilliant…but I will try..
Pr:if there is answer for all questions then tell me what is between us…
Abhi have no answer for that..
Pr;no answer right don’t worry I knew it you can’t that’s not my or your fault..
Abhi smiles..
Pr:why are you smiling..
Ab:how simply you are talking about a great thing..
At that time dadi came..
Pragya …abhi can we cut cake..

Ab;of course..
They both went to dinning hall….cake is ready on table …happy birthday Angel..
Shanker; angel let’s cut cake..
Sarla:this time abhi and pragya together cut cake..
Chiku:what s the need of that..its darlings birthday not him..look so jealous..
Chiku:ha I understand…
Dadi:so you both cut cake..
Abhi holds pragyas hand ..both look at each other and cuts the cake..
Dadi;abhi why are you waiting for ..take a piece and feed the birthday girl…
Abhi takes a piece and look at pragya..both are tensed and shy.. Abhi make her eat and pragya too feed him..abhi moved back..then it’s the  family time..abhi watch their bond and love and smiles..abhi sees pragya as a small girl with her family.. .how they all love her..
Da: abhi why are you smiling..
Ab;nothing dadi..just seeing their love…her smile…
Da;so you are admiring her…
Ab; issi bath nahim dadi..
Da;abhi give her that gift..
Ab;you can n.a…
Da;isse chup it’s your duty..

Da:pragya..abhi want to give you something as gift..
Sarla:pragya beta just go and take the gift..
Abhi  takes something from pocket..and forward hand..
Da;make her wear it…
Abhi open that box it’s  ring inside it..
Da:abhi make  her wear it..pragya show your hand..pragya show her hand ..abhi make her wear a heart shape ring…
All smiles…
Guys how this love happen…is pragya have any feelings for abhi..

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