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Episode starts with abhis house…
Neil; RAGINI…why are you getting this much tensed…look now your son is at Jaipur.. there he will be a gentleman..
Ragini: Neil..why can’t you understand…dont you feel something when may call abhi there..
Neil:Maa.want to see him..
Ragini; no Neil…she called him to bring pragya to this house along with him…
Both get shocked…
Neil: RAGINI what are you saying..

Ragini: yes Neil.. .i don’t knew how will abhi react to this fact . .i made him marry to pragya for my advantage..for getting acceptance from mom…i still remember those days..when we both married secretly and come In front of your mom..she didn’t accept us..later it’s abhi.. your moms love for abhi make her to accept our relationship…but at that time she didn’t accept me as her bahu..once she asked me that can I do  this for her…that is abhis MARRAIGE with pragya..if I make that happen she will accept me .at that time I don’t have any other way so I said a big lie…its all a drama..a competition..the one which he thought is a competition may be now become real drama In front of him…i don’t knew what he will do now.. .

Neil;RAGINI….i knew abhi well..he can go any extend to make us in pain..but he can go any extend for his dadis happiness..so he will not create any issue..
Ragini; may be you are right he will not create any issue there..but what about that girl..who is going to sacrifice her life…i knew abhi will not accept her as his wife.may be he behave good In front of dadi..but when he came here then…
Neil; RAGINI….be hopeful…

Screen shifted to pragyas house..
Sarla and Shanker are knocking the door..
Sarla:pragya what happened to you why are you not opening door..
Shanker :pragya beti..open your door..
At last she opened..
Sarla; is this the age to play games pragya why are you looking yourself in this room..what happens to you when you return from dadis house itself you are feeling worried…
Pr;Maa.. he came back..
Sarla:who ?

Sarla: what my damanji aagayi..
Shanker ;oh beti..why you hide this from us..what will be he thinking about us.. we don’t reach there to welcome him..
Pr:ohoo..so you are worried about him..not for me..as your beti hero is going away from you.. away from this home..(emotionally)
Sarla;pragya…all girls have Same fate in their life..once they want to leave from the house which they thought as their own..and to make the home which they go as theirs..

Shanker; beti..do you knew when parents get happiness.. they get happiness when seeing their daughter with her husband and Family In happiness..
Pr;but.. how can I leave you both..
Sarla ; who told you that you are leaving us..you are not leaving us..this home is yours you can come here whenever you want…
Pragya hugs sarla and Shanker…

Screen shifted to dadis house
Little boy ; look mr. I knew you are a rockstar.. you have many powers than me..but pragya is mine..and will be mine..if you haven’t reached here..then within 16 years I will be settled and marry her..
Abhi smiles seeing his innocence..
Ab;so you love pragya that much..
Little boy;yes..i will give my life for her..
Ab;k..can I ask you one thing..

Little boy;haa bolo..
Ab;how you met your pragya..
Little boy:do you mean how I met my love.. he smiles romantically…its a huge story..one day I was sitting on a bench near park..i was crying there…as that time one hand touch my shoulder..i turned and see my Angel pragya…(tuje Dekha…(Kajol-srk song plays )
She sit beside me..wipe my tears ..
Pr:chiku why are you crying…
Chiku:my teacher beat me with scale..and shows the mark at his hand..pragya holding his hand and kissed on it..
Pr;now this mark will gone soon and will not get pain anymore..
Chiku:sach mein..
Pr:sach Moch mein..and pulls his cheek..

Chiku:can I call you as my darling..
Pr:haa..you can …as I am your darling right..
Chiku:Will you always be with me like this whenever teacher beat me..
Pr;haa..but I want to ask you one thing..will you beaten by teacher everyday..
Chiku;haa..darling because I dont like maths..
Pr:acha.. .i have solution for that..
Chiku:what solution..

Pr; from todayonwards I will teach you maths..they both hug each other..
Fb ends..
Chiku:do you knew.. after that for impressing my darling I score good Scores….sometimes I myself beat with sticks in my hands so that she will miss me..
Ab;(in mind ) a boy studying in 1st standard who is in love with her…
Chiku;what are you thinking off..will you take her with you..
Ab;not decided..
Chiku; If you tried to do so you first want to see my dead body..angrily he goes..
Abhi smiles at his innocence..

He opens the window..and look through it ..at that time his eyes falls on pragya who is living just opposite of his house who is in her room writing something…
Abhi admires her..(tu meri jaan plays)
It was this time pragya sees abhi looking through window…they both share eyelock..pragya who came in sense goes away from there..
Da;abhi..what are you doing there..come let’s have dinner…
Ab:haa dadi..

Abhi sits with dadi..
Da;abhi beta…tomorrow we need to go to pragyas house..do you buy any gift for her..abhi remain silent..yes ..how you knew that right.. don’t worry..i made an online purchase for it…but it’s your duty to give it to her..
Ab;but dadi..how can I..
Da;abhi..she is your wife right..
Ab;(in mind ) how can I make dadi..understand all this..no I can’t.. it’s better to make pragya convinced about it….k dadi..i will..is tomorrow’s function so grand..
Da;no abhi..only us..why you ask so..
Ab;dadi..i need to talk with her…

Dadi smilingly…i knew you need to talk her..as you both are going to start a new life..and seeing her after this much gap..
Abhi smiles ..
Screen shift to pragyas house..
Sar;we need to do all arrangements too good…i don’t knew abhis like and dislike..
Shanker; sarla..why are you taking tension..i will make everything perfect…
Sarla smiles..
Pr;how can I face him tomorrow.. what will I talk to him..
Abhi on other side..

Ab;how can I gave her …how will I convince her..how will I talk her..
So what will happen next.. will abhi able to make her understand..what will pragyas reaction..drop your views

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