Kaira~She Loved A Monster (54~The Return Of Happiness)

Keerthi smiled seeing Manish’s eyes moving.

Kr: papa u moved ur eyes, papa wake up na, I have no one besides u, whoever is there is only fake, papa I need u, they have made me weak, I just want u, no one else papa, if u go then I will be a walking dead, I will completely change.

She cried holding Manish’s hand and rested her head on his chest. Naira heard all this and called Karthik. He received the call.

N: hallo Karthik? Where are u? Is this the way u leave ur family like this to rot and die?

K: so what should I do Naira? She doesn’t even want to see my face, she hates me.

N: no Karthik, she doesn’t hates u, plz come over here, for uncle, she needs u Karthik, please

K: Naira I..

N: Karthik come na yaar

K: Naira..

N: Karthik u will have to come, u will regret your whole life about this, I m telling u

K: OK m coming

He disconnected the call and just then he received another call.

K: yes speak up Yash?

Y: did u forget that today is the performance of our band? Come right away else we will lose

K: you will not lose as I am here only on phone

The people of the band group began singing and he drove off to hospital rashly.

Aditya began:
Roothe khwaabon ko mana lenge
Kati patango ko thaamenge
Haa haa hai jazba
Ho ho hai jazba
Suljha lenge uljhe rishton ka manjha
Ha manjha, ha manjha, ha manjha..

Yash continued:
Soyi taqdire jaga denge
Kal ko ambar bhi jhuka denge
Haa haa, hai jazba
Ho ho, hai jazba
Suljha lenge uljhe rishton ka manjha
Ha manjha, ha manjha, ha manjha..

Karthik ran inside the hospital during the instrumental break and entered inside Manish’s ward while singing and wiped Keerthi’s tears:
Rishte pankho ko hawa denge
Rishte dard ko dawa denge
Jeet kabhi haar kabhi
Ghum to yaaro honge do pal ke mehmaan

Yash sang:

Riste dehleeze bhi langege
Rishte laahu bhi to mangege
Aansu kabhi, moti kabhi
Jaan bhi mange yaaro kardenge kurbaan

Aditya sang:
Bisre yaaro ko bulalege
Soi umeede jagade ge
Ha ha, hai jazba
Ho ho, hai jazba
Suljha lenge uljhe rishton ka manjha
Haa aa manjha..

Manish woke up and Karthik sat by his side and sang as if addressing him and expressing his anger for taking such big step:
Ho ho barfeeli, aankhon mein
Pighla sa dekhenge hum kal ka chehra
Ho ho pathreele, seene mein
Ubla sa dekhenge hum lawa gehra
Agan lagi, lagan lagi
Toote na, toote na jazba ye toote na
Magan lagi, lagan lagi
Kal hoga kya keh do
Kis ko hai parwah
Parwah parwah..

O o roothe khaabon ko mana lenge
Kati patango ko thaamenge
Haa haa hai jazba
Ho ho hai jazba
Suljha lenge uljhe rishton ka manjha
Hmm manja, hmm manja hmm manja…

K: papa.. Why did u do this? Do u even know how Keerthi di had become like mad praying and crying? Did u think about her?

Kr: enough! Don’t do this drama, I know very well that u don’t love papa, only he loves u, stay away!

K: Keerthi di I..

Kr: bhaar mein gayi Keerthi di.. Marrgai teri Keerthi di

K: Keerthi di please, I m not your neither papa’s enemy, and I m not mad to sing a song in this situation, the thing is only that my friend called me as the concert was going on, but I couldn’t go so I sung on phone that’s it.

KR: that doesn’t matters..

MN: Keerthi beta please

KR: what plz? Today because of him and his stupid doings, I would’ve lost u forever.

MN: but u didn’t lose me so what’s the problem? Forgive him, he’s also my child.

KR: not so easy

MN: it’s my mistake, I took this stupid step, being an elderly person, I should’ve thought of both of u but I took this drastic step, I was so hurt, now plz u both reconcile.

KR: no Papa, he will again do something like that.

MN: he is ur brother after all, forgive him beta

KR: no, if you would’ve been in my place, would you have forgiven him? No right? Then I will also think just like u.

MN: when u did mistakes in it childhood, did I turn my face away from u or did I tried explaining u? He’s also a child in front of u.

KR: Papa if something would’ve happened to u then I would’ve lost myself too.

MN: plz don’t break down, I m fine. Come here Karthik.

Karthik came forward with baby steps.

Pitah se hai naam tera
Pitah pehchaan teri
Jiye jis sahaare pe tu
Pitah se woh saans mili
Hai pitah, rab tera

Ho Ishwar Allah, Jitne bhi Rab hain
Noor tera tujh mein hi sab hai (x2)

The trio had a happy hug.

MN: promise me that u both won’t ever fight again?

Kr: promise

K: I also promise

Karthik phoned Suwarna and Naira.

K: hello it’s a good news, Papa got conscious and I and Keerthi Di also reconciled, we can even take him after sometime.

N: thank God.

S: thank God nothing happened.

K: mom we are coming with him but in morning, right now he needs rest.

S: OK then, let him rest.

Call disconnected.

Later in morning, they brought Manish home and took him to his room. Everyone came out of the room except Suwarna. Keerthi went to rest in her room. Naira and Karthik went to their room.

N: Karthik, what have u thought of enlightening the environment?

K: that will also be done.

N: but how?

K: why are you tensed for that? I have to do it, now let’s sleep, we were awake for whole night, let’s just sleep, please?

N: OK.

They laid to sleep.

N: by the way Karthik, we need a room for the triplets.

K: sure, now sleep.

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