(KaiRa)(ff)Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu Epi 13

KaiRa Mujhme Rawa Hai Tu
Episode 13
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Hey guys firstly thanks to all who r commenting n following my FF n i want to ANNOUNCE that my FF has 3 Parts

1: KaiRa Friendship n Love Story
2: KaiRa Married Life n Seperation
3: KaiRa Reunites or get Divorced???

So this is LAST Episode of 1st Part n till now i didn’t reply to comments but i do read every comment But i will REPLY to each comment on This Episode

SECONDLY I wont b able to UPDATE any Epi this week as from 23-30 JANUARY as i have my FINAL EXAMS of my 1st semester n after that i will again start to Upload DAILY …THANKS THATS ALL N PLEASE DO COMMENTS
Recap: Negi ne bnadi Jodi…KaiRa engaged

So now our happily engaged KaiRa were on cloud nine n their excitement was increasing as thier marriage day was coming near n then their wait was going to over the rituals of their wedding starts from sangeet to haldi to mehndi everything went good n next day they were going to be officially one
Kartik calls naira to hill where they used to meet every time at evening before wedding
Naira: uff why u call me here u know na its too tough for a bride to go outside on her marriage
Kartik: yeah i know…but its our special place n i want to give u a precious thing here only
Naira: n what is that?

Kartik gives a red duppatta to naira with simple golden embroided patch smilingly
Naira: wow its beautiful n she also happily smiles
Kartik: so u like it
Naira: obviously after all u give this but what is special in this
Kartik: its my mom’s dupatta that i gift her by saving my pocket money on my last diwali with her when i was 10 years old … He become teary eyed
Naira: hugs him … U r missing her…pls don’t be emotional be happy its our marriage today n she will b also happy for u
Kartik: wipes tears n breaks hug… I m OK actually i want to give it to u so that in some way we get her blessing n i want that
Naira:cuts him…u want me to wear this on our marriage na
Kartik: yes..if its ok wd u
Naira: i will b very happy n blessed .. But now lets leave its getting late
N they leave n reach venue
Both get ready n sits on
mndp n gets married

Now naira was eagerly waiting 4 kartik in room n he was stuck between ashram kids who were not letting him to go inside room n finally he comes Naira’s heart was beating fastly n Kartik’s beat were stopped looking at her wife he comes n sit on bed near her n holds her hands n kiss one by one
Kartik: i still can’t believe that my dream comes true… We r finally married
Naira: yes we r one finally..she becomes teary eyed n hugs him
Kartik: hey what happened? Why r u crying?

Naira: since morning i m stopping my tears n trying to not miss my family but…i wish they would have been present there on biggest day of my life …
Kartik: relax naira … U r far from them but their blessings r WD u na that is why u r happy n fine n pls don’t spoil my suhagrat let me do for what i wait too much
Naira: gives him angry look..u.married me for love or what?…here i am crying n u r .. Huh?
Kartik: my wifey pls don’t fight on our 1st night after marriage yeah i forget 2 things
Naira:rude tone..what?
Kartik:shows him a silver chain with a heart shaped gold pendant WD KaiRa written on it
Naira: its lovely .. She becomes happy now..but what is second thing ?
Kartik: o ha i want to tell u smthng
Kartik: I lv U
Naira: smiles..I lv U too

N then kartik comes close to her n holds her face n kiss on her forehead she close her eyes now they began to kiss after some time they break now kartik started to remove her jewellery one by one naira shies n gets up from bed n went towards window He comes n back hugs her n removes her dupatta n starts opening knots of dori of her blouse her heart was beating fast as he was kissing her bare back then he lift her in bridal attire n make her lie on bed he comes on top of her both were ready to discover each other n make out love both of them remove each other clothes n cover up themselves with quilt he was kissing sucking every part of her body with passion n she was mourning in pleasure dugging her nails on his back forcing him on her then she turn n comes on top n kiss on his bare chest both were reciprocating love for each other n finally he enter into her initially he was soft but then he started to b hard n she was screaming his name she was in pain but this pain was giving her pleasure realising her condition he stops but she ask him to continue n after becoming tired they both stop they were nude under quilt n were hugging each other like she was resting her head on his chest

Kartik: was i too much hard is it paining?
Naira: nope i m ok … Its my first time na so…
Kartik: hey mine also 1st time
Naira smiles : I’m happy to know that…well tomorrow there will b a new morning for us
Kartik: yes ofcourse our new journey will start we will shift to Delhi tomorrow
Naira: hmm i m sad about leaving but also very happy n excited about our new life journey
Kartik:hmm…me too …we will make our own world of our love
Both smiles kiss n slept in each other embrace

Precap: KaiRa in Delhi a new beginning

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