KAIRA yrkkh (chp 26)

Here you go with chapter 26:
The episode starts when kartik was a voice of two people came.
V: Take our blessing before leaving kartik.
As kaira turned lights of the room were on and natik and Akshara were standing there. Kaira were shocked. Natik and Akshara did their METHI WALI BEISATI and left. Later kaira were embarrassed and Kartik left.
Next morning naira did a video call to kartik and both said sorry to Akshara and natik. Later Akshara told naira of Naira Tara and Akshara going to shopping as after two days its their engagement. Everyone had breakfast and naira told kartik about shopping and kartik tild her that they will meet at mall.

At mall, the family reached very early then Kartik. Tara Akshara and Naira are shopping and Naira is confused which dress to choose. Akshara sees her confused.
Ak: What happened Naira beta?

N: Wo mumma I’m confused which one to take?
T: Take both of them.(She thinks she is confused between two dresses which usually happen)
N:No bhabi I’m confused which one to take from so many.
Akshara looks at her and sees her seeing all the stocks confusingly.
Akshara(surprised):You are confused which one to buy from all these dresses?
N: Ya mumma.

Ak: You always are confused like this or just today?
N:Wo toh I’m always confused.That’s why Karthik choose for me.
She bits her tongue realising what she said.
Akshara(chuckles):Oh so my daughter wears the dress selected by her husband.That’s why I was thinking how come your choice in clothes became so good. But I must say my damad’s choice is very good.

Naira blushed later she again started to choose the dress. Tara and Akshara went to the next shop. She stood there confused. Suddenly somebody threw a chit towards her.
Naira read it “ Moti! Third one is the best.”
Naira turned and found a man standing behind her. She looked at him confused.
M: Arrey Moti! Don’t u recognized me. I am your bestie Rohan.
N: ROHAN!!! U r so changed now.

RO: u too.
Rohan and Naira hugged eachother, meanwhile kartik entered. He was shocked seeing naira hugging someone else. Kartik went to them and coughed, sfter which they broke the hug.
K: Jaan! Who is this man?
N: Kartik! He is Rohan, my childhood bestie. We were together in cape town.
RO: Moti! Who is this? Your new bf like there in cape town.

N: Shut up Rohan. He is my husband Mr Kartik Goenka.
RO: What??? Tu ne shaadi bhi kar li… meh toh ab aya hun
Kartik felt jealous. Naira noticed it.
N: Haan, ab kya karu, itnay intazar kay baad bhitu nahi aya tu karni pari.
RO: What???
N: Shut up! I love only my husband a lot and tut oh aisay act kar raha hai kay meh propose karti aur tu haan kehta. What about your Nisha?
RO: She left. Btw hi Kartik.
K: Hi

Kartik was very much jealous now.
N: Acha Rohan which one dress were you saying?
R: Mmmm this red one.
N: Its pretty.
Naira saw kartik who was fuming in jealousy. She went to him.
N: Kartik look this is so pretty, should I have it?
Naira knew that answer will be no.

K: Jaan its good, but u have a lot varity of red and pink colour so I think u should have blue one.
N: Okay!! But I like this. See its elegant
Kartik again was to jealous
RO: And dark too, so she can hide he body fat

N: Shut up or
RO: Or what apnay bf, I mean pati ko bataun gi, u were the same in cape town, shakaiti
N: Rohan
RO: Acha Naira, have u stopped wearing those skinny short dress, u looked hot in them
N: Rohan! What rubbish r u saying in front of my husband
RO: Nahi, let me tell, and when u wore those short dresses every boy looked at you. and u were the most famous girl and had a new bf daily and…

N: Now shut up Rohan, its enough
RO: why??? Don’t he trust so u r worring he will be angry
N: no he trusts and loves me very much but u..
RO: No then let me tell, why r u worried

K: she is not worried. There are some mistakes we all do in child hood and and now if we think of them we feel ashamed so this is the problem with her, its okay, no problem, and these rubbish things won’t effect our relationship as we love and trust each other a lot!
RO: okay! I was just joking! Moti, why don’t we go for Udaipur’s Darshan today as the weather is too good.

K(suddenly): No Rohan, actually I and Naira have some very important work and I came here to pick naira. So I am sorry.
RO: its okay. U do your work. We will go some other day. Okay see u soon.
N: But..
K: Bye Rohan. Kartik took Naira towards the café while Rohan left.
N:Why did u lied him?
K: U love to go with him haa. U don’t want to spend time me.
N: Kartik we met after many years. N you were being jealous.

K: Noo! I wasn’t. I know no one in this world can tolerate u except me, so no worries.
N: Kartik! You mean I am so annoying and irritating! I hate u.
K: I didn’t meant it.
N: I know wht u meant and what u not. I won’t talk to u whole wedding and after it too.
K: No! I am sorry jaan. Plzz don’t do it, I can live without talking to u.
K I know you can’t stay without talking to me.

N: So u just wait and watch.
K: PLzz Jaan! Don’t do it.
N: I will
K: I will make u talk to me.

N Will see
Later Naira left and kartik stood there folding his arms.
K: Jaan, You will talk to me surely till tomorrow.
Everyone later left for home and Kartik pkanned something special for his wife. Naira just texted him that tomorrow Rohan is also coming tomorrow.

hope so u liked it. sorry for being late. i was busy yesterday so i am sorry. will post next soon

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