KAIRA yrkkh (chapter 13)

So here u go with 13th chapter:
The episode starts with Akshara requesting to start function. Later Naira and Kartik go on the stage.
N: hello everyone, I am Naira
K: and I kartik, we are your host for today evening.
N: so without wasting time we would wish u all
K: so without waisting time I would like to start our function. So today we have skits, dance perfomances and speeches by our dadis.
K: so first of all in your claps I would invite Nanu, Kuhu, Mishti, Luv, Kush and Anmol for a shrt skit.

They came on stage and performed a skit. Kaira were back stage. Naira was missing naksh badly as she wanted Naksh bhai and her Tara bhabi to do a performance along with Yash and Rose. She missed nakshatara as they went for business to Mumbai Kartik consoled her. Later skit was over and every one enjoyed it a lot.
N: Hope so u liked it, now I will enjoyed it, now I would invite yash bhaiya and rose bhabi anlong with….mm no
Suddenly a voice came, V: along with your bhai and bhabi
N: BHAI! Kartik its bhai,
K: Hmm! Go meet him, u hav missed him a lot in 10 years although Rahul was there.
N: yes,
She ran towards the door shouting bhai. And then Naksh and Tara came and Naira and Naksh shared a very long hug. Later naira hugged Tara too.
N: Look Kartik! Look BHAI is here!

Kartik comes near.
N: Bhai he is Kartik my hus..best friend and kartik its bhai..Naksh bhai.
Naksh shared a hand shake with Kartik but kartik wanted to hug his brother in law but stopped.
Nak: so lets continue performance. Tara and I will change and come…tll then all of u clear your tears.
Naira was on cloud nine. She hugged kartik saying kartik bhai’s here, till then naksh came saw kaira hugging and was shocked later he stood next to them, hearing them where naira was saying, I am so happy bhai is hearing and kartik was replying yes jaan yes, its good your bhai is back its very good now you can stay with him as well.
K: Enjoy your days jaan, enjoy. Kyu kay dil wale dulhania lay jaiy gay.
N: ok dulha ji.

Naksh was shocked knowing her sister is in a relationship and was a bit confused about gayu’s and kartik’s proposal. Later kaira went on stage
N: okay okay attension everyone, so bhai and bhabi would be confused about Kartik and di’s proposalso lets clear him and later their performance.
Kartik narrated naksh whole story which made him a litte clear. Later Naksh and Tara, yash and Rose danced on gerua song which was loved by all. Later came kartik gayu Rahul and naira’s turn. Jag ghumiya played in back ground. Kartik gayu were on their position followed by Rahul and Gayu.
The song started the respective couples danced:

Na wo akhiyan ruhani kahin
Na wo chehra noorani kahin
Kahin dil wali baatein bhi na
Na wo sajri jawani kahin
Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koi (x2)
(couples changed; now kaira were together and danced beautifully on whole song)

Na toh hansna rumaani kahin
Na toh khushboo suhani kahin
Na woh rangli adayein dekhin
Na woh pyari si nadani kahin
Jaisi tu hai waisi rehna
Jag ghumeya thaare jaisa na koi (x4)
Baarishon ke mausamon ki bheegi hariyali tu
Sardiyon mein gaalon pe jo aati hai wo lali tu
Raaton ka sukoon..
Raaton ka sukoon bhi hai
Subah ki azaan hai
Chaahaton ki chaadaron mein maine hai sambhali tu
Kahin agg jaisi jalti hai
Bane barkha ka pani kahin

Kabhi mann jaana chupke se
Yun hi apni chalani kahin
Jaisi tu hai waisi rehna
Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koi (x2)
Apne naseebon mein yaa
Hausle ki baaton mein
Sukhon aur dukhon wali
Saari saugaton mein
Sang tujhe rakhna hai..
Sang tujhe rakhna hai, Tune sang rehna
Meri duniya mein bhi
Mere jazbaaton mein
Teri milti nishani kahin

Jo hai sabko dikhani kahin
Tu toh jaanti hai marke bhi
Mujhe aati hai nibhani kahi
Woh hi karna jo hai kehna
Jag ghoomeya thaare jaisa na koi (x4)
Every one clapped a lot for them and loved the performance. Later they spent quality family time and the Goenka’s left for their house. Kaira were excited for the party at night.

Hope so guys liked it. Will post next soon. Plzz comment. n i am very sorry for being late. actually my tough shecdule is going on in studies so can’t post regularly and my exams are also about to start. so sorry for late. will try my best to postt an update all the time when possible but regular from 26th or 28th may. again sorry and also sorry for shrt chapter. will try to make next one longer.

Take care! Keep smiling! Keep reading! Keep watching yrkkh! 

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